ATTENTION: Boat-based or Land-Based Redfish Anglers who want to consistently catch MONSTER REDS, all year long…here are:
Jealously-Guarded Secrets For Instantly Catching Redfish Revealed By Top Redfish Experts From Texas to Virginia!
PLUS: expert planning tactics and pro tricks for using artificial lures or bait to catch GIANT redfish that very few people know exist (until now!)
In this NEW Interactive Online Redfish Masterclass hosted by Legendary Captain Peter Deeks, and 8 other redfish experts from Florida, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama, you’ll discover…
  •  How to instantly predict WHERE redfish will be on any given tide, water temperature or time of day - so you can avoid getting SKUNKED!
  •  How to quickly identify the best locations to target big redfish (even if you’ve never caught a redfish before in your life)
  •  How to attract redfish strikes FAST so you can maximize your time on the water (even if you only have an hour to fish!)
  •  The very best lure colors and sizes to attract redfish strikes FAST, in all water clarities - from crystal clear to murky!
  •  If you’re using LIVE or DEAD BAIT - how to choose the best bait for the situation, and how to rig it perfectly for maximum strikes.
  •  How to read water like a pro - and uncover the ONE thing that’s a dead giveaway that feeding redfish are nearby!
  •  The strange trick that tells you exactly which water temp and tide will be the BEST for catching big reds where you live!
  •  Gain the uncanny ability to know where redfish travel to feed during the day, so you can show up and get tight lines FAST.
  •  How to know the second you’re in a DEAD ZONE (and where to go next, so you don’t waste time fishing empty water).
  •  How to catch slot & overslot reds even in the blistering heat of summer - when no one else can buy a strike!
All of this (and MUCH more) when you test-out The ULTIMATE Redfish Course TODAY…so you can start catching redfish like THIS (as soon as this week!)...
And this...
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Introducing The ONLY Redfish Course That Guarantees You’ll Be Consistently Catching MORE Redfish Faster Than You Ever Imagined (Even if You’ve Had a Tough Time Finding Redfish In the Past)
27 Ways The Ultimate Redfish Course Will Help You Catch More Redfish In Less Time
1. For less than the cost of a tank of gas, your entire redfish catching game will change FOREVER. No more getting skunked, wondering why redfish always seem to elude you. Instead, you’ll have the exact blueprint used by TOP PROS from Texas to Virginia.

2. Get the inside scoop on how these redfish masters use online maps and other tools to find redfish honey holes that other anglers have NO CLUE even exist (hint: this ONE tip is worth the entire cost of admission!)

3. MORE redfish pics to make your friends jealous…MORE big reds in the fish box…MORE confidence every time you hit the water that you WILL dominate redfish every time.

4. The ultimate pre-trip planning formula the pros use to make SURE they put their paying clients on big reds every single time (because their livelihoods depend on it!)

5. Imagine you had your own private fishing charter for multiple days with the #1 redfish expert in your area, and you could record the whole trip, ask any question you wanted, and watch the recordings over and over. This is EVEN BETTER!

6. No more redfish skunk days for you! Discover how top pros magically get reds to bite - even on tough days when it seems the bite has shut down for everyone else.

7. How to quickly identify redfish hot spots and honey holes (on and off the water).

8. Maximize your redfish catches every trip (and avoid the trap of fishing dead zones like most weekend warriors do).

9. Discover how pros position themselves and anchor their boats or kayaks for maximum strikes (even from spooky reds that most anglers would scare away in a heartbeat).

10. Secrets to dramatically increasing the numbers of reds you actually get in the boat - so you can have a lot more FUN every trip!

11. Discover the perfect lure for getting those BIG reds to bite - all while avoiding the junk fish.

12. Are you fishing the best redfish spot for the season? After completing the course, you’ll know for sure (so you stop wasting time in dead zones).

13. Seasonal Bait Secrets: discover how to use the right bait or lures for every season, so the reds can’t resist what you’re offering.

14. Tackle hacks from the pros that will show you the exact size tackle to use for what size redfish (so you don’t lose your prize catch to the wrong gear).

15. What every angler should know about using gold spoons to catch monster redfish.

16. The truth about fish scents. What's the best, and how to use it for maximum redfish strikes!

17. A simple technique for using spinner baits to CRUSH redfish!

18. How to avoid the worst artificial lure mistakes most anglers make (WARNING: these could be costing you COUNTLESS redfish strikes!)

19. The correct way to use topwater lures for massive on-the-water blow-ups!

20. The no-lose way to sight fish big reds with live bait (only the pros do this).

21. Killer cut bait tactics that work (most anglers have no clues these exist).

22. A simple technique for using live mullet to catch monster reds like clockwork.

23. The correct way to use crab (do this the right way or lose your prize red!)

24. Shore Fishing Tricks that will keep you on the bite all day long

25. How to fish inlets and passes to catch MONSTER reds (without a boat).

26. Are you using the WRONG GEAR? Here are the rods, reels and tackle that serious redfish anglers use.

27. More Redfish. Less time. Period (or you don't pay)
Your Coaches & Contributors To The Ultimate Redfish Course

Florida East: Capt. Peter Deeks

Multiple IGFA WORLD RECORD fish caught on his boat. Filmed over a dozen shows with Bill Dance Saltwater, as well as Sport Fishing TV and In-Fisherman TV. 

Alabama: Captain Jay O’Brien

Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Champion. 3-time Alabama Coastal Fisherman's Association Big Fish Champion. Set 3 different Alabama Coastal Fisherman's Association all-time records.

Florida Gulf:
Luke Simonds

Chief Fishing Addict (and co-founder) of Salt Strong. World-Record holder for catching snook from 3rd floor balcony. Helped coach hundreds of thousands of inshore anglers. 

Capt. Tony Gaskin

Professional Tournament Angler with over forty years experience. His guide service has won several Angler Choice Awards. Cast in the 2021 Elite Fishing League tour on the Discovery Channel.

Ray Chagnard

Has won over $190,000 in 17 months in redfish tournaments. Has appeared on several television shows, and has been featured in national magazines. Two-time FLW Redfish Tournament Winner.

Matthew Mitchell

An “underground” redfish-catching machine based out of Mississippi, recommended by charter captains in the area as an authority on redfishing!

North Carolina:
Capt. Noah Lynk

Been putting North Carolina anglers on a hot redfish bite for over 27 years! He’s taught fishing seminars, been featured in articles for fishing magazines, attended global conventions, and guest hosted on TV and radio shows.

South Carolina:
Capt. Tanya Dowdy

Captain Tanya Dowdy is a native of Charleston, SC with over 30 years fishing the Lowcountry. She fished competitively with the IFA Redfish Tour and the Southern Redfish Cup.

Capt. Chad Peterek

Baffin Bay/Laguna Madre Fishing Guide With 27 Years Of Guiding Experience Targeting Trophy Redfish While Wade Fishing

Capt. Austin Hayne

Specializes in catching GIANT bull reds. Has received many Virginia Trophy Fish Awards for redfish and other species. 5-year recipient of  Virginia Expert Saltwater Angler Title.

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  • THE ULTIMATE REDFISH VIDEO MASTERCLASS - 16 hours of never before seen redfish training ($197 Value)
  •  The Ultimate Redfish Cheat Sheet eBook - Texas ($57 Value)
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  •  The Ultimate RedfishCheat Sheet eBook - Alabama ($57 Value)
  •  The Ultimate Redfish Cheat Sheet eBook - Florida West Coast ($57 Value)
  •  The Ultimate RedfishCheat Sheet eBook - Florida East Coast ($57 Value)
  •  The Ultimate RedfishCheat Sheet eBook - South Carolina ($57 Value)
  • ​The Ultimate RedfishCheat Sheet eBook - North Carolina ($57 Value)
  • The Ultimate RedfishCheat Sheet eBook - Georgia ($57 Value)
  • The Ultimate RedfishCheat Sheet eBook - Virginia ($57 Value)
  • The Ultimate RedfishCheat Sheet eBook - Mississippi ($57 Value)
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  • ​Pro Secrets for Locating Redfish FAST! With Redfish Cup Champion Ryan Rickard: In this special bonus module, Bassmaster Redfish Cup Champion & 20+ year full-time guide Ryan Rickard divulges his ultimate tips for finding tournament-winning reds in record time ($97 value)
  • ​First 100 Anglers To Invest In The Ultimate Redfish Course Receive All 8 Original Audio (.MP3) Files. Over 16 Hours Of Exclusive Redfish Tips That You Can Listen In Your Car, Truck, Phone, Etc (PRICELESS)
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We are so confident that you will be 100% THRILLED with The Ultimate Redfish Course that we have an unheard of 365-day money-back guarantee on the course.

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Q. What if I'm brand new to inshore fishing? Will this redfish course still work for me?

A. Yes and no. The truth is that we cover some pretty advanced redfish tactics (the same ones that full-time charter captains use on a daily basis), and many times throughout this training we made assumptions that everyone investing in this course would have some inshore fishing experience.

Long story short, if you are completely brand-new and you have never caught a single inshore fish, some of the content in this course might be over your head.
Q. Who are the coaches teaching this redfish course?

A. We got some of the best redfish experts from Texas up to Virginia to help share their best tips for catching redfish all year long (we cover the exact tactics to target big reds in all four seasons for the following states):

Florida (East Coast) - Capt. Peter Deeks
Florida (West Coast) - Luke Simonds
Texas - Capt. Chad Peterek
Virginia - Capt. Austin Hayne
Georgia - Capt. Tony Gaskin
North Carolina - Capt. Noah Lynk
South Carolina/Georgia - Capt. Tanya Dowdy
Alabama - Capt. Jay O’Brien
Louisiana - Ray Chagnard
Mississippi - Matthew Mitchell
Q. Is there really a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee? How do I get my money back if it doesn't work for me?

A. Yes. We treat you exactly how we wish other companies treated us...

If you aren't 100% THRILLED (for any reason) anytime in the first 365 days, you can simply email us or call us and get a full (and prompt) refund with no questions asked.

We've taken all of the risk off of you and put it on to make sure this is an amazing investment for you.
Q. Will this redfish course help me catch more reds if I don't down a nice boat?

A. Yes. we cover BOTH boat-based and shore-based fishing tips in this course.

The biggest focus is on finding the feeding redfish throughout all four seasons and 90% of the time that means inshore (accessible by all craft - including kayaks).
Q. Do I get lifetime access? How do I access the material?

A. Yes. You get access to ALL of The Ultimate Redfish Course material for life.

As soon as you complete your order today, you'll receive an email with a custom link that takes you directly into the private online portal. Everything (videos, e-Books, downloads, etc) are in this private portal. And the best news is that you can access the portal from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone - anything with Internet access).
Q. Is this course 100% online?

A. Yes. When you sign up today, you will get instant access to everything in a private online portal (and you can save and print off all eBooks, cheat sheets, PDFs, etc.)

One of the biggest reasons so many of our fishing students love the online only version is that unlike a DVD, the online version is interactive (so you can ask questions), PLUS you receive any all updates to the course for FREE!
Q. What exactly is in the course?

A. Over 16 hours of redfish secrets (broken out and organized by state). 10 different e-book cheat sheets (the top secrets from each state broken down into easy to use bullet points). An entire video module dedicated to the must-know flounder rigs.
Q. Are there any other charges or fees?

A. No. You only have to pay a one-time fee to get unlimited access for life. 

It's an amazing deal!
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