"New Fishing Book Reveals How To Catch Massive Amounts Of Speckled Trout Without Needing Live Bait (Faster Than You Ever Imagined)"
... Even Potential World Record Speckled Trout"
Dear Friend,

If you'd like to catch your personal best trophy trout (and become way more consistent at predicting trout feeding zones all year long), then this will be the most important book you'll ever read.
But First, A Warning:
Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:

This is NOT one of those "magic pill" books that promises you'll catch a world-record trout without any work.

And this book is NOT about some magical lure that guarantees a strike every time (because those kind of lures don't exist)...

Here's the deal:

The speckled trout system outlined in this book is the same system Capt. C.A. Richardson from FlatsClass TV has used to win countless tournaments, put his clients on personal best trout, and help thousands of serious inshore anglers become incredibly consistent at catching trout fast (and we believe it can help you too).

But I've got to be clear... in no way am I suggesting that every fisherman who reads this book is going to catch trout like Capt. C.A. Richardson and somehow land your own TV fishing show tomorrow...

I have no idea how big of a transformation this book will have for the anglers who take the time to read it - it's even likely that many of them will not catch more trout (especially if they don't follow the directions and actually implement what they learn from this proven book).

With that being said... let me jump right in and show you...
Exactly What You're Getting Today
First of all, this isn't like any other fishing book you've ever read...

There's NO FLUFF or FILLER - only battle-tested speckled trout tactics that are working right now.

And it's super easy to read.

It's purposely only 47 pages, so you can read the entire book in an afternoon (even better news is that will get it as a PDF e-Book so you can read it today)!

And you'll immediately "get" the entire trout system that Capt. C.A. Richardson uses to catch trophy trout (and guide his clients to their personal best trout) for the past 30 years... 

And even though C.A. uses this same system to catch trout when the cameras are rolling (for his popular fishing TV show FlatsClass), and he uses this same system to make a really nice living as a charter captain...
This Book Is MORE Than Just Catching Big Trout.
You can use the same "trout system" in this book to catch all sizes of trout (and other inshore fish that live near trout honey holes - like the ones you'll be able to start finding faster after you read this book). 

For example, one of our fishing club members currently uses C.A. "Rule Of Thirds" system from this book to catch upper slot fish when he can't get the BIG redfish, snook, and flounder to hit his artificial lures.

One of our customers in Florida (who invested in this book and the online video course version) used the tactics to place (and win money) in a highly-competitive inshore fishing tournament.

A customer in Texas has been using the secrets in this book to catch his personal best speckled trout.

Finally, one of our customers is using what he learned to make spending time with his wife and kids on the boat more enjoyable for everyone (they were all catching fish faster than ever before after going through the course).

So like I said, there's more to this little book than "just" catching a boatload of trout.

Here's a fraction of what you're getting today...
  • Exactly what to look for in the water when you are targeting trout -- so you find the big schools of speckled trout quicker than your friends and don't waste your valuable time in dead zones (This is almost an unfair advantage... because you'll get Capt. C.A.'s exact blueprint for finding trophy trout FASTER than ever before) - Page 7
  •  How to "read" the water, flats, and structure just like a pro! (Stop finding yourself stuck in dead zones where there aren't feeding fish) - Page 9
  •  Which lures are best during certain seasons (HINT: the best baits in the spring are completely different than the best baits in the summer) - Page 26
  •  C.A.'s little known "twist" to catching loads of trout on tough days (If you don't know this, you double or TRIPLE the risk of getting skunked!) - Page 41
  •  The BEST way to rig your soft plastic lure depending on the current and depth (Plus -- the ONE simple rigging tactic you must use for catching your personal best speckled trout). - See Page 25
  •  How to present your lure in every depth (a cool trick to have your lure swimming right into the feeding zones so you can land more fish) - Page 15
  •  Why fishing in holes with a bunch of small trout can actually hurt your chances of landing a world-record fish (HINT: the world-record trout are rarely hanging around with the slot fish -- you must know this one secret in order to target gator trout correctly) - Page 38
  •  Instantly eliminate your lures from not looking natural! (The most common mistake newbies make... which murders your chances of catching a trophy fish. Easy fix.) - Page 34
  •  How to PREDICT where feeding trout will be in every tide cycle (This is the one of the Biggest Mistakes that most live bait fishermen make when it comes to targeting trout -- even many full-time guides don't know how to do this properly!... but you will) - See Page 18
  •  When it's OK to target trout in deeper zones (and when to NEVER fish deep) - Page 38
  •  A proven way to get BIG trout to practically swim across oyster bars or sandbars to attack your bait. Forget all the traditional sit it and forget it stuff. This special approach works much better and makes you look like a hero - See Page 17
Plus, You'll Also Get To Peak Over Capt. C.A.'s Shoulder And Discover These Exclusive Trout Tactics...
  • Positioning your boat or kayak for maximum trout strikes (even in the worst conditions)! Most newbies simply guess on where they should position themselves, and they pay dearly. Pro's know how to always be in the perfect spot to attract a strike... and now you will, too!
  •  How to perfectly size your hook and leader to skyrocket your chances of landing a trophy trout (this ONE mistake COULD cost you landing the fish of a lifetime).
  •  Why a lure close to the bottom of the water column is killing your chances of landing a trophy trout. Crucial stuff for serious inshore fishermen (explained in such simple terms you will understand instantly -- and be able to use tomorrow!)
  •  How to DECREASE your chances of catching slimy CATFISH!
  •  Depending on the depth, tide, and time of year, you'll know INSTANTLY which lure to choose in order to maximize your strikes (this will save you tons of time from being stuck sitting there, watching your lure do nothing but attract small bait fish... wondering why you can't buy a real strike).
  •  How to find the trout honey holes no one told you about! (Instantly increase your chances of finding the perfect trout spot just like the full-time captains do...)
  •  A fast, simple, and cheap way to out-fish your live bait friends (This allows you to save tons of time not having to find bait on tough days -- this is the same trick full-time charter captains use)
  •  How to find the honey holes that hold the Big ol' Gator Trout (the spots your friends pass over because they don't know what to look for).
Yes... you're right... that is a TON of battle-tested trout strategies and tactics.

And it's stuff that nobody else is sharing (because not that many people even know it - and very few are doing it).

But it gets better because you are also getting...
An Advanced System For BIG GATOR Speckled Trout (Year-Round)!
At the end of this book, you're getting a complete blueprint of the most powerful gator trout strategy ever used in any state trout are found.

You'll discover how to consistently catch BIG trout - without having to invest in a bunch of new gear.

This simple but effective method has helped Capt. C.A. put his customers on MASSIVE trout in all four seasons... year after year...

The best part of this speckled trout blueprint is that it's...
Specifically Designed For Anglers Who Aren't As Consistent As They Want To Be At Catching Slot And Big Old Gator Trout...

We've all been there...

Frustrated that we can't catch the BIG trophy fish that we see posted on social media.

Confused on how some days we seem to be on fire while the very next trip we catch nothing but catfish... or even worse... getting skunked...

That's why we are giving you this book... to end the frustrating days once and for all.

And when you use what you learn in this Speckled Trout Blueprint, two things will happen to you:

First, you'll be saving tons of time (and money) on ALL of your future fishing trips.

You'll know exactly WHAT baits you should be using along with exactly WHERE you should be fishing (all year long... PLUS WHEN to use each lure for maximum strikes...

This is incredibly important because it sets you up to be "angler that everyone admires and looks up" in your area... because he or she who can find the big fish the fastest wins.

Nothing else (like fancy boats, top of the line equipment, or even the liveliest live bait) matters if you are in a dead zone.

So that's goal #1 for you - put YOU in the feeding zone FAST.

The next thing you will notice is this:
The Amount Of Trout You Catch Will Increase Drastically!
And you'll do it without having to invest in a ton of new equipment, you won't have to travel long distances to find the bigger trout, and you won't need a million new spots to start catching fish the way you want to!

That's because of the way Capt. C.A. Richardson's speckled trout blueprint works.

C.A. has created it using a combination of feeding pattern habits and trends along with a proven approach to studying the biology of trout that actually helps you PREDICT where and when the feeding specks will be.

Yes, you heard that right.

You will be able to start predicting where and when the feeding trout will be all year long (even after nasty fronts).
Here's What To Do Next
The "cost" of this book is only $5.60, and you get it instantly as an e-Book PDF download.

As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated receipt with a link to download the book directly in your email.

You can access it anywhere, immediately, without having to wait for the mail man.

It's yours to keep forever (no expiration date)

You can even print out a copy to take notes in, etc.

Oh, in case you're wondering...
I realize this book is very inexpensive... in fact, to hire C.A. for a full week to get this kind of information would cost you thousands of dollars...

So you might wonder what the "catch" is.

And I know that there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then stick you in some program that charges your card every month (without your permission).

This isn't one of them.

There's NO "hidden program" you have to try or anything remotely like that.

I'm literally giving you this entire book for just $5.95 as a means of "putting our best foot forward" and demonstrating real value to you.

My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a great relationship for years to come where you join us in our exclusive fishing club family...

But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:
You've Got To Act Now
Here's the deal:

We take a loss when giving the book away at this price.

Besides the fact we had to hire Capt. C.A. Richardson for multiple days to film and capture all of these amazing trout tips, but we also have advertising costs.

In many cases, we have to spend well over $21 just to sell one copy of this PDF (and the actual cost of the physical copy of this book is $21.95 on our website).

So why would we do that?


We're making this offer with the idea that you'll be THRILLED with what we are giving you today, and you'll want to invest in our exclusive online video-based fishing courses and join our private Fishing Club in the future.

Don't worry - we're not going to come knocking on your front door or anything like that.

It's actually the opposite. We truly want to earn your business, serve you well, and hope that you'll eventually call us or look us up to do business with us again.

Anyway - with all of that said, this is a limited time offer (because we won't keep taking a loss forever).
You're Also Getting An Amazing 4-Part Trout Video
Training, Free
During this 4-part video training, Capt. C.A. and I will walk you through exactly what's working to get trout to strike using artificial lures right now.

You'll see an actual spot we are fishing.

You'll see the lure he's using.

C.A. will even share with you the best times (and tides) for catching trout right now.

And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the book.

Oh. And in case you're wondering ...


Of course there's a money-back guarantee.

In fact, I think it's ...
The Boldest Guarantee In The World
Here it is:

We guarantee that you'll be 100% THRILLED with this book or we'll return your $5.95 and let you keep the book anyway.

That's right.

You don't even have to send anything back.

Just email us (fish@saltstrong.com) or call the number on the receipt (855)888-6494 and we'll issue a full refund with no questions asked.

How's that for fair!
This Is Truly A Limited Time Offer To Claim Your Copy Now Before It's Over
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing about the transformation in your inshore trout fishing game soon.

Tight lines!

Joe Simonds
Salt Strong

P.S. - In case you're one of those people (like me when I'm in a hurry) who just skip down to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm offering you a 47 page book that outlines how to catch speckled trout year-round (the exact same blueprint responsible for countless personal best trout, tournament wins, and more).

All you have to do is pay the small $5.95 special offer rate and you'll get instant access to the PDF download.

I'm also giving you a gator trout blueprint (the same one that Capt. C.A. Richardson uses to catch monster trout all year long).

You'll also receive instant access to four exclusive speckled trout fishing videos with C.A. Richardson.

There is no "catch" to this offer. 

In fact, if you don't like the book (for any reason) let me know and I'll promptly send your $5.95 back. You don't even need to send the book back.

Click here to claim your copy now. You won't regret it.

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