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If you love offshore fishing, you're gonna flip out over these never before seen trolling and kite fishing "tournament secrets"!
The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read Before Your Next Offshore Fishing Trip!
From: Joe Simonds
Co-founder, Salt Strong

Dear Friend,

Did you know that there are four tournament secrets among professional offshore fishermen... secrets that no weekend warrior ever learns on their own...

Would you like to know them?

Well, the great news is that these four pro secrets are incredibly simple to master (once they have been revealed to you)...

And they INSTANTLY allow you to start bagging more offshore fish than you've ever caught (no matter how new you are to trolling, kite fishing, or offshore fishing in general).

Which means you will, on your very next offshore trip:
  •  Find the feeding fish without having to go out as far as you thought you did...
  •  Know instantly if you are in a dead zone (and where to go next)...
  •  Have the confidence to know exactly which trolling plug or bait to use for every scenerio, species, and depth
  •  Add more (and BIGGER) fish to your cooler... 
  •  Save money on gas and equipment (by not wasting it on stuff you don't need)
The best part is, you don't need a super expensive sport fishing boat or center console with quad engines...

In fact, you most likely don't even need to go out as far as you think you do...

All you need... is to know what these four tournaments secrets to amazing offshore trolling and kite fishing are.

What's funny is that many offshore anglers waste their money on the WRONG things...

You've seen them...

Top of the line gear, mega-nice boat, most expensive rods, reels, and lures that money can buy... the works.

But those types of fishermen rarely ever catch fish like you think they do...

In fact, most of these "flashy fishermen" end up frustrated and incredibly inconsistent. 


Other guys have to head out 100 miles just to catch a single fish...

Still others scour the fishing magazines and TV shows for any hint they can find to start catching more (and bigger) fish.

Well guess what?

The top offshore fishing tournament pros are keeping a nasty secret from you.

Because there's something all of the tournament pros and full-time offshore charter captains don't want you to know: 

When you finally learn the FOUR REAL SECRETS of blending fish biology and pro-level trolling and kite fishing skills...
You Can Start Catching MASSIVE Offshore Fish 
Even While Fishing Out Of A Kayak!
Nope, you really don't need all the fancy stuff.

Best of all...
It's EASY... Once You Know These 4 Insider Short-Cut Secrets!
Here's what we've got for you today: 

You've probably heard of Peter Miller... 

He's a 3-time world sailfish champion, host of the award winning television show Bass 2 Billfish, and he has won or placed in more than 120 high profile billfish tournaments.

If you've ever seen him on TV, you know he's a very modest and under the radar kind of guy when it comes to his accomplishments, but he's been one of the most sought-after "secret weapons" for targeting trophy offshore fish for over 20 years now.

Even celebrities such as pro baseball players, football players, and actors hire him out when they want to catch trophy sailfish, mahi, kingfish, wahoo, and tuna.

Why do they flock to Peter?
Because He Knows The FOUR SECRETS To Consistently Catching BIG Offshore Fish... All Year Long.
And he uses those secrets to do things like this... (landing 274 marlin in three days)...
Correct, that's no typo... Peter and his team caught 274 Marlin and 3 Sailfish in THREE DAYS (all on dead bait trolling)
Peter Miller releasing a sailfish (one of many for the day).
A stud mahi caught with Peter's help.
Big smiles back at the dock after a day of fishing with Peter.
NY Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was all smiles while recently fishing with Peter.
The truth is... most offshore fishermen are incredibly inconsistent... 

They burn through countless gallons of gas, waste tons of money on bait and equipment they don't use properly, and come back home frustrated and empty-handed...

On the other hand, Peter has proven time and time again that he can flat out catch fish... even under all the stress of high-stakes tournaments where hundreds of thousands of dollars (and sometimes even millions) are on the line.

How does he do it?

Well, professionals like Peter do something DIFFERENT than you do out on the water.

While many amateurs and weekend warriors run-and-gun to their favorite offshore spot (passing right over hidden honey holes for pelagics - not to mention, burning more gas than they need to), pros like Peter are plucking off fish while you blow by...

Yep, once you know exactly what to look for (based on the biology of the fish combined with the water flow), you'll never look at the water the same way again.

That's what seperates the professionals from the amateurs...

It's being able to read the water...

To read the fish finder...

To be able to PREDICT where the feeding fish will be schooling every time you hit the water...

And to know...
  •  Secret #1 - How To Quickly Find Offshore Feeding Zones Year Round (Even During Bad Fronts And Windy Days)
  • Secret #2 - Exactly What Baits And Plugs To Use For Every Species, For Any Given Day... At Any Given Depth... In Any Given Area...
  • Secret #3 - The Best Speed And Spread When You've Got To Get A Quick Strike
  •  Secret #4 - How To Read The Water Like A Pro
The bad news is that Peter has never shared all of his trolling and kite fishing secrets (the tactics he has used to win millions of dollars in high-stakes fishing tournaments) with anyone...
Until Today...
YES...  that's right... you can have instant access to ALL of his best tactics and secrets... today!

Let me explain.

When Peter finally agreed to reveal his best-kept trolling and kite fishing SECRETS... we were PUMPED!

Not only that, he called up one of his old tournament partners to share his best trolling and kite fishing tips in these videos (Captain Quenton "aka Captain Q" of the Cutting Edge - who guides his clients to some of the best fish off Miami almost every day of the year).

These two pros have spent countless hours studying and hunting these offshore fish... scientifically studying their feeding patterns and biology so they predict where they will be during all weather and wind patterns.

And using this knowledge to actually compete at the professional level for many years (beating some of the very best offshore fishermen in the world)...

And they are finally ready to reavel the tactics behind these four secrets...

The same dirty little secrets that will change your offshore fishing game forever... 
And Do It Literally Overnight!
If I could just explain it all to you, I would right here.

But you have to SEE these four secrets to truly "get" them.

So we went out and filmed for a full three days...

Capturing every single tip, tactic, shortcut, and secret...

And then we spent a full month breaking down the countless hours of tips down into an entire "interactive" online course with Peter Miller  that reveals everything... literally everything... that you need to know.

Peter and his trusted fishing partner (and full-time offshore captain and tournament pro) Captain "Q" share every single one of their very best tips in this course... the ones they use to win money... and the ones Captain Q uses to put his clients on trophy offshore fish every single day...
Here's the deal:

It will take you a few hours to watch the entire course, and every tip is broken down into it's own video so that you can quickly absorb each tactic (while having the ability to go back and reference it whenever you need to... instantly).

Once you've gone through it just once, you will know these "dirty little secrets" that allow the full-time professionals to catch offshore fish as consistently as they do while trolling and kite fishing.

And you will be able to do the same exact thing yourself, the very next trip you take.

It really is that simple.

Your trolling and kite fishing game will be changed forever... just like that.

Here are just a few things you will discover in this Trolling Mastery course.
  •  How to find feeding offshore fish in your area for each season (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall)
  •  How to target Sailfish (and the ideal conditions to find them)
  •  How to target Wahoo
  •  How to target Mahi
  •  How to target Kingfish
  •  How to target Tuna
  •  How to PREDICT where the bait will be in any given situation. 
  •  The ONE thing you must know about temperature breaks and thermoclines
  •  How the tournament pros go TROLLING for winning fish.
  •  The EXACT rods, reels, leader, hooks, and terminal tackle you really need for trolling and kite fishing (and which equiptment you should avoid)
  •  Everything you need to know about BAITS... from rigging ballyhoo like the pros, choosing the right size bait based on what fish you want to target... choosing the right color lure... and more
  •  How to use a PLANER for more strikes.
  •  How to properly do high speed trolling like the tournament pros (this could be the difference between you getting or missing that monster wahoo)
  •  How to troll for shallow water Gag Grouper
  •   How to use your electronics to find fish (nearshore and offshore)
  •  How to access a new area (and what to do if you don't see this ONE thing)...
  •  And much, much, more...
  •  This is your ONLY CHANCE to get all of Peter and Captain Q's best kept trolling and kite fishing secrets so you can start catching MORE fish than you ever imagined...
Like this...
And this...
And this...
And this...
As I mentioned earlier... this is the first time in Peter's career that he's putting all his best strategies, tactics, shortcuts, and secrets into one easy to understand and interactive online course.

Trust me, many professional fishermen simply do not want him to share these trolling and kite fishing secrets with you or anyone else.


Because these are the exact same tactics Peter uses to win tournaments, to catch massive amounts of offshore fish, and to consistently put his private clients on the biggest fish of their lives!

So as you can imagine...
Other Pros Really, Really, Really Want These Offshore Fishing Secrets To Stay Secret...
Thus the bad news...

To protect Peter and Capt Q's best secrets from thousands of anglers (and potentially upsetting many of their pro friends), we have agreed that ONLY 200 anglers can get their hands on this priceless information...


Only 200 copies are available.

First come... first serve.

And once they're gone, they're gone for good.

So... you might be wondering...
Why Is Peter Finally Sharing These Secrets?
He believes it's time to share his best kept secrets with every serious fisherman who will take the time to learn it the right way.

He feels like it's finally his turn to give back and share his knowledge like many pros before him have done once they reach a certain level.

It's his way of "giving back" to the fishing community that has treated him so well over the years.

And don't be intimidated by the fact these are pro-level tactics.

The bottom line is, you can learn these trolling and kite fishing secret skills and techniques almost immediately...
  •  Even if you've never trolled before... (and you certainly don't need outriggers or a seven-figure sport fishing boat)...
  •  No matter what your current skill level is (in fact, it's almost better if you're a newbie, because you won't have to un-learn any of your bad habits)...
  •   No matter if you fish on the east coast or the Gulf of Mexico!
  •  And even if you've flown a kite in your life!
It's astonishingly easy... these trolling and kite fishing secrets are simple to "get"... and, best of all...
You Can See Everything 
For FREE If You Choose!
Here's the deal:

You probably already know our policy here at Salt Strong has always been NO RISK, with a complete, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee of your satisfaction.

If you are not happy for any reason (or for NO reason at all), just email us at fish@saltstrong.com and you'll get a prompt, cheerful refund.

Any time in the first 365 days!

Yep, a FULL YEAR to go through the course and make sure it's transforming your fishing game before you are locked in.

It's the only way we want to do business...

It's the way I wish other companies treated ME.

No risk.

No nonsense.

Either you get tremendous value and catch more fish or you don't pay...


And we added in one more special gift for you (to make it a complete no-brainer)...

Guaranteed today only... you'll also receive...
The special bonus course contains everything you need to know to MASTER kite fishing.

It's over 18 step-by-step (never before seen) videos revealing every single detail Peter uses to catch offshore fish using kites for every situation.

He covers everything from the top kite fishing mistakes, rigging the kite for maximum effectiveness, boat positioning, bait presentation, and more...

It's literally his entire blueprint for catching everything from sailfish to mahi to wahoo to kingfish on the kite (so you can replicate his success).

And not only do you get Peter's entire BLUEPRINT to catching trophy fish using live bait... but you also get to ask him questions (and get quick answers).

Yes, this kite fishing module is also interactive.

So if you made it this far, you might be wondering...
How Much Does It Cost?
Well, it's important you know that Peter has been paid as high as $20,000 for a SINGLE DAY out on the boat to see and learn all of his best tips and techniques...

That's no typo... $20,000.

And even though that may seem like a crazy amount of money for one day of fishing, it's not all that crazy when you consider the 25+ years of knowledge that you instantly gain (that could help you win much more in just one tournament).

But we don't want to charge you that kind of money for this (even though many of you lucky enough to get the course will agree it's worth it).

So no, you don't have to pay $20,000...

You don't even have to pay $10,000...

You don't even have to pay $5,000 (which is the cost of his typical 1-day charter)

You don't even have to pay $1,000...

In fact, you don't even have to pay $500...

Because TODAY ONLY, you can get instant access to his ENTIRE Trolling Mastery Course (plus his Kite Fishing Bonus Course) for just $297!

Yes, you get LIFETIME access to this incredibly valuable information all for less than the cost of one tank of boat gas!

But you have to act now.

The crazy-low price for these TWO never-before-seen courses won't be around long! (a fraction of what Peter would charge you if you wanted to hire him for a single day to learn just some of the secrets contained in this course).

And you can pay using your credit card or PayPal.

Click below now.
As soon as you click the button on the order form, you will have INSTANT ACCESS.

And remember, you do not risk a penny by ordering now.


Because you are covered by our super-generous...
365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
Here's how it works:

Order the course right now.

Watch it, use it, put it to the test on the water, treat it as your own.

If you are not completely blown away by what you've learned, then anytime in the first 365 days (plenty of time to check out everything for yourself on the water)... then I INSIST you send us an email at fish@saltstrong and get a fast refund for the full amount of your purchase price.

No questions.

No hassles, either.

We've been in the fishing education business for over three years now (and helped THOUSANDS of fisherman catch more fish in less time).

We guard our reputation like a bulldog guards his home.

If you're not happy, we're not happy.

And if you want to speak to use in person, call our toll-free number here (855)888-6494.

We'd love to help answer any questions you might have.

You must order right away, however.

This is the FIRST TIME in the history of offshore fishing that anyone has tried to share this type of insider information like this.

It's a risk for Peter -- if he catches too much "heat" for revealing his secrets, he risks ticking off some of the other tournament pros.

Therefore, Peter has placed a strict number of courses that can be sold in this launch.

As I mentioned earlier...
Only 200 Copies Of Live Bait Mastery Are Available Before We Take The Entire Course Away!!!
When they sell out -- which should happen almost immediately -- we'll see where we stand with Peter in regards to getting any more copies out.

This round of 200 might be the ONLY copies of the course that ever get distributed.

So don't delay!

Click below now to get your copy, while it's on your mind.
Remember -- you do not risk a penny.

If you decide to return the course for a fast refund within your 1-year (365 day) "check it out" period, you will have seen ALL of Peter's secrets for FREE!

That's how confident I am of Peter's course.

I think you are going to flip when you see everything that you discover.

I think it's going to change your fishing game, for life... almost overnight.

Listen, you've probably spent a small fortune on tackle, rods, reels, boats, gas, and other equipment already.

Why not invest just a few dollars more for the insider secrets of how to catch offshore fish trolling and kite fishing that will skyrocket your enjoyment of the sport you love so much... and help you OUTFISH all of your friends.

This is how you become the HERO... the go-to angler everyone is talking about and respects.

Simple. Easy. Change your fishing game literally overnight.

Invest in the course now.

Don't miss out.

And start catching trophy fish this weekend just like the pro's.

Tight Lines!

Joe Simonds
P.S. - I almost forgot -- I'm going to mail out a Mann's Stretch 25 Trolling Lure to the first 100 anglers who invest in this course.

It's yours for FREE... just for trying out the course (but you have to order today).

See you inside the course!
Salt Strong, LLC @ 2018

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