Would You Like To Learn How To Catch Big Tarpon Like The Pros… All Year Long... Without Having To Spend Hours And Hours On The Water?
Have You Experienced The Drag-Screaming, Rod-Bending, Acrobatic Battle With A Tarpon?
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Dear Friend,

I'm going to be frank here.

Catching tarpon can be HARD.

Sometimes it feels like they're impossible to find...

And then when you do find them, they're easily spooked...

But if you're lucky enough to find them and not spook them...

All too often they seem to have lockjaw!

Many times they run right over your bait without even batting an eye...

If you feel like you're never going to land a trophy tarpon, or feel like the one tarpon you did catch was a fluke...

Listen to this...
You Can Catch Massive Tarpon Consistently.
The fishing magazines will tell you that you need the newest boat, trolling motor or lure...

The fishing guides will tell you that you need them to put you on the fish...

And the keyboard police in fishing Facebook groups will tell you that you just need to spend more time on the water...

But it's just not true.

If you've ever thought that tarpon are the most difficult gamefish to catch, you're probably right.

But there are people who catch them consistently...

Some people catch hundreds per year!

Do you wish you could catch tarpon on demand like that?

Maybe if you only knew what what the pros knew, right?

Well guess what?

We're going to share their secrets with you.
We Want To Show You How The Pros Catch Hundreds Of Tarpon Per Year.
If you've never caught a tarpon before, my goal is to put you on your first one.

From someone who's caught more than their fair share of slob snook and bull redfish...

Trust me, catching tarpon is a feeling like no other.

And if you have caught tarpon before, but want to be more consistent...

These secrets come from some of the most consistent tarpon anglers in the world, and they held nothing back, so that you can be a consistent tarpon angler, too.
Introducing The Only Online Tarpon Course Guaranteed To Help You Catch More Tarpon
Here Are Just A Few Things You'll Discover Inside This Proven Online Course:
  •  Learn how the pros catch monster tarpon all year long
  •  Become a master at finding tarpon (even when nobody else can) and become the "go-to tarpon guy"
  •  Get them to bite your bait (even when they seem to have lockjaw)
  •  Catch tarpon every season...and OUT-FISH your friends
  •  See how the pros find, hook, and fight 130 lb+ tarpon
  •  Present your bait perfectly every time (and stop getting skunked)
  •  Learn how to choose the best baits for every scenario so you can catch monster tarpon FAST
Meet The Tarpon Masters
As a kid I grew up watching fishing shows every Saturday morning.

I wasn't watching sports, or cartoons, or movies.

It was all about fishing, and the guys on the fishing shows were my early childhood heroes.

Fast forward to today, and here I am working with Peter Miller, the host of Bass 2 Billfish and Unchartered Waters, getting him to spill all of his best-kept secrets to catching tarpon!

In addition to hosting those two shows, Peter Miller is a three-time World Sailfish Championship winner, professional angler, and has caught tarpon all over Florida.

Peter also brings on his buddy, Capt. Russell Kleppinger, who caught 814 tarpon in 2018 alone!!

Not to mention the roughly 1500 tarpon he jumped, too.

So to sum it up: these guys know how to catch tarpon.

And you can get instant access to ALL of the best-kept tarpon secrets... TODAY!
Why Tarpon Mastery?
If you're like me, you're a busy guy.

You don't have time to waste on the water, trying the latest trick that you saw from some YouTube video about how to catch tarpon, praying that it will work.

You need proven techniques and tactics that catch big tarpon fast.

Since I'm primarily an inshore guy, I wanted to learn tarpon fishing as quick as possible, and from the best tarpon anglers out there.

So I went fishing with Peter Miller and Capt. Kleppinger.

We caught tons of tarpon (in January...which people think is not "tarpon season") and I convinced them to share all of their secrets with me.

And instead of just keeping all of this knowledge to myself, we created Tarpon Mastery to share with you.

If you're used to spending hours consuming the latest blog posts and YouTube videos...

Trying to piece together what bait to use and where to fish...

Just to waste more time out on the water to find out it's not working...

Then you'll love the proven techniques in Tarpon Mastery.
Will This Work For You?
See that tarpon above?

That was no accident.

Now, Joe and I have caught tarpon in the past where we got lucky...

But this wasn't the case.

I took the principles Peter teaches in Tarpon Mastery, applied it to my home waters of Tampa Bay, and caught tarpon.

If you are:
  •  Coachable
  •  Love catching tarpon
  •  Willing to follow directions
  •  Capable of taking action
Then Tarpon Mastery will help you catch more tarpon.
"What If I Only Fish Once A Month?"
I was talking to an Insider member the other day about fishing with a busy schedule.

He was telling me how tough it is to get on the water with a full-time job and kids...

And how he typically only gets out there about once a month (if he's lucky)...

He said before he started listening to what we were teaching, he was out there using his precious time to experiment.

Each time he would try a new tip he read in a magazine...

Or a new spot from his Spots map...

Or a new lure he saw on YouTube...

But guess what?

He rarely had the chance to apply what he learned from his experiments because he fished so infrequently.

After taking one of our courses, he was confident in where he was fishing, what baits he was using, and how to find fish... and his results skyrocketed!

He couldn't believe how much time he wasted before he came to us!

Are you in the same boat?

Are you using your precious time on the water to experiment with new tips and tactics?

Do you wish you had a "shortcut" to learning how to catch tarpon?

Well here it is!
Join Us In Tarpon Mastery Today!
Tarpon Mastery has everything you need to go out and catch huge tarpon.

In nearly 40 step-by-step (never before seen) videos, Peter Miller reveals everything you need to catch big tarpon all year long, including how to find them, which baits to use and when, how to get them to bite and more!

Plus, it's interactive!

If you have any questions about how to catch tarpon, you can just ask and we'll get back to you personally with an answer.

No seminar, guided trip (which could cost 20x more than this course), or workshop can provide this level of information and personal support.

If you were to go out with a professional guide in South Florida to catch tarpon you could be paying up to $1,000 for a full day trip.

That's one day of fishing...

A day where you can't rewatch, rewind, pause, or ask a question specific to your situation...
PLUS... There's Also 3 FREE BONUS VIDEOS To Help You Catch Even More Tarpon This Year...
1. High Traffic Fishing: How To Fish Crowded Tarpon Hot Spots Like Boca Grande

2. Tarpon Mistakes: The Biggest Mistakes Tarpon Fishermen Make That Keep Them From Catching Monster Tarpon On Demand

3. Juvenile Backwater Tarpon: Catching Loads Of Feisty Juvenile Tarpon From 5-20 Pounds From A Kayak, Paddleboard Or Even From Shore
Here's Everything You Get:
  •  Tarpon Mastery Interactive Video Course ($297 Value)
  •  Tarpon Mastery Interactive Video Course Audio Files ($147 Value)
  •  High Traffic Fishing Bonus Video ($47 Value)
  •  Tarpon Mistakes Bonus Video ($47 Value)
  •  Juvenile Backwater Tarpon ($47 Value)
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS (Priceless)
Retail Value: $538
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