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Here's How The Salt Strong Fishing SUPER-Community Helps You Catch 5 Times More Saltwater Fish Over The Next 12 Months
  •  Fishing Coaches: If you want to master any sport or hobby, you invest in a coach, right? Same here at Salt Strong. And we've got some of the best fishing coaches in the industry to help you 5X your game.
  • Focus On TRENDS (Not Spots): Guess what? Fishing spots don't move... but you know what does? Fish! Fish move every day, every tide cycle, and certainly every season. So we teach you the process to start PREDICTING where the feeding fish will be based on tides (not spots).
  • Powerful Fishing Network: Inside the SUPER-Community, you will find the most helpful group of fellow anglers who all want you to succeed. There's a reason we call it, "Anglers Helping Anglers" inside because you can get quick answers to your fishing questions from thousands of like-minded anglers just like you.
  •  What's Working Now Tips: What's the worst thing about fishing magazines (besides the 30 to 1 advertisement to tip ratio)? It's the fact that by time the magazine hits your doorstep, the tips are 60 days old! We put out Real-Time On-Demand tips that are working right now in your area.
  •  Interactive: One of the coolest benefits to being a member is that the entire community, mastery courses, and daily tips are interactive! Meaning, you can ask questions to the fishing coach and get real answers... fast!
  •  Daily Fishing Reports: Inside the SUPER-Community you'll see new fishing reports getting posted literally every single day. We even do some really detailed reports on the water once per week as well.
  •  Discounts: One other perk are all of the amazing discounts. From 30-40% off all Salt Strong gear to big discounts on popular rods, reels, line, lures, pliers, and even cast nets, you can save enough to pay for your entire membership really quick!
  • "Fishing Guide In Your Back Pocket" - One of our members explained the SUPER-Community like having a "Fishing guides in your back pocket." But we kind of disagree... it's more like having 1,000 fishing guides on speed dial!
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A big reason this Salt Strong community has exploded is because we are just like you... 

We love fishing, but we're constantly trying to get better... we've had amazing days that we'll never forget and we've had frustrating days that we wish we could forget... 

But at the end of the day we believe that the world would be a better place if every man, woman, and child had the opportunity to fish...

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"So much info on LOCATING FISH"
"I love the weekly fishing reports..."
"I was catching trout on every cast!"
"What an Awesome tribe of anglers!"
"The community is extremely helpful..."
"Meeting great people who share a common interest"
"I got my first slam because of the club!"
"Access to new fishing knowledge"
"From newbie to PRO fisherman in 2 years!"
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