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"Capt. C.A. Richardson's Interactive Snook Blueprint"

Over 50 high-quality never before seen videos revealing Capt. CA Richardson's secrets to finding (and catching) snook all year long
  •  You'll receive instant access to all of the never before seen, super high-quality videos that walk you through Capt. CA's entire proven formula for locating feeding snook, any time... anywhere (50+ total videos).
  •  Discover WHERE to find slot and upper slot snook, WHEN they will be most likely to feed, WHAT lure or bait they will most likely attack, and HOW to best use that bait to get strikes.
  •  This course is truly interactive so you can ask questions, share ideas, and get quick feedback directly from Capt. CA himself (it's like having a full-time fishing guide in your back pocket!)
  •  This private online fishing course is available from your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone (anywhere you have Internet access).
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS: Not only will you receive lifetime access with no other charges, but you'll also receive all new video additions, updates, and new tips once you are in.
  •  Out-fish and IMPRESS your fishing friends! Our ultimate goal with this snook course is for YOU to catch more snook than you ever imagined and start having your friends wondering how you became such an amazing angler... overnight!

The Exact Methods To Consistently Find & Locate Snook

You'll discover WHERE to finding snook all year long (including the snook's biology, habitat, and feeding habits).
  •  Discover how to "Read The Water" like a pro and locate new snook spots quicker than ever before.
  •  Find hidden snook "honey holes" using Capt. CA's special pre-trip planning strategy, making it a blast to explore new areas.
  •  You'll learn how to find feeding snook even if you don't have a boat or kayak.

The Best Times To Find Slot (And Upper Slot) Snook

You'll discover WHEN to find feeding snook all year long (including the best tides, depths, moon phases, temperatures, and times of day to catch snook).
  •  You'll receive advanced tips on how to read the tides and find the ideal water movement to catch loads of snook.
  •  Discover Capt. CA's formula for knowing exactly when the snook will be biting (best times, tides, and depths).
  •  You'll learn how catch snook even if you have to fish a bad tide.

The Best Baits & Lures To Catch Snook In Every Season

You'll discover WHAT lures and baits will attract the most snook strikes for all of the different depths and snook habitats (exactly what lures to use on grass flats, docks, bridges, beaches, etc.)... including the best retrieval technique for each one.
  •  You'll be able to quickly simplify your tackle by only using the lures and baits that truly work for snook. No more having to carry around a massive tackle box.
  •  Discover how to out-fish live bait anglers with just a handful of artificial lures!
  •  You'll learn how to pick the perfect color lure for every situation (even murky water).

Unheard Of 365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You'll catch more snook over the next 365 days or the entire course is FREE. Period. 
  •  Over the next year, you are going to see your snook fishing game completely transform.
  •  We are so confident that this course will work for you (and that you will be THRILLED with the value), that we've put a full year (365 day) money-back guarantee on it.
  •  If for any reason you aren't completely happy with your investment, simply send us an email to fish@saltstrong.com and get a quick, no questions asked full refund.
  •  You Will Be Able To Get In Front Of Feeding Snook Year-Round (Even After Fronts)
  •  You'll Discover The "ONE Must-Know Thing" About Finding Slot (And Upper Slot) Snook (knowing this could be the difference between you getting skunked and catching your new personal best snook on your next trip out)
  •  You'll Know Exactly How To Identify The Snook's Peak Feeding Times
  •  You'll QUICKLY Know Exactly Which Lure Or Bait To Use In Every Situation
  •  You'll Be Able To Understand The Snook's Behaviors & Habitats In Order To Find Successful Locations To Catch Them... just like a PRO
  •  You Will Be Able To Locate Snook On A Consistent Basis (Even If You Don't Have A Boat)
  •  You'll Be Able To Find Snook During All Of The Different Tides, Seasons, And Weather Patterns
  •  You Will Know WHERE To Fish With The Correct Lure/Bait For More Snook Strikes
  •  You'll Always Know Exactly WHAT Lure To Use Along With HOW To Use It
  •  And So Much More...
Free Bonus Videos (If You Act Today)
  •  Bonus Video #1: Targeting Trophy Snook
  •  Bonus Video #2: Dock Fishing Tips
  •  Bonus Video #3: Snook On Demand ("SOD") - Tricks on catching lots of small snook when you just want to get a tight line on a linesider
  •  Bonus Video #4: Finding Snook Using Side-Imaging
  •  Bonus Video #5: How To Position Yourself On Troughs & Potholes To Catch Snook
  •  Bonus Video #6: How To Position Yourself On Points To Catch Snook
  •  Bonus Video #7: Bridge Positioning Tactics
  •  Bonus Video #8: How To "Extend" The Tide (and give you more time in the strike zone)
  •  Bonus Video #9: How To Upgrade Your Lure Hardware
  •  Bonus Video #10: Capt. CA's All-Time Favorite Hard Bait
  •  Bonus Video #11: Capt. CA's All-Time Favorite Soft Plastic
  •  Detailed PDF Course Notes: You'll receive "What You Really Need To Know" Summaries for every module so you can print out all of the best tips and reference them anytime... anywhere. It's like having your own mini-book version of the entire course at your fingertips.
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No Worries. The Snook Mastery Course Comes With A
365-Day Money Back Guarantee
365-Day Money Back Guarantee. 
We've taken all of the risk off of you and put it on us. You'll catch more snook and become a more consistent fisherman because of this course or you don't pay.
Is this course focused mainly on catching snook with live bait or artificial lures?
A: The Snook Mastery Course is focused mainly on helping you FIND the feeding snook. That's why the first 3 modules don't even mention baits or lures. It's all about locating the feeding snook. Once you find them, you can toss whatever you want at them. 

Of course, Capt. CA does spend more time going over tried and true lures in Module 4, but he also goes over live bait tactics as well. 

The ultimate goal is for you to come out of this class with the CONFIDENCE to find and catch snook quicker than ever using either live bait or artificial lures.
What if it doesn't work for me? What if I don't catch more snook after going through this course?
A: No worries. You have an entire year (365 days) to go through the course, put all of these snook secrets and shortcuts to the test, and make sure you are 100% THRILLED before you officially "own" it and have to keep it. 

If at any time, for any reason, you don't believe you received value from the course, simply email us at fish@saltstrong.com (or call us toll-free 855-888-6494) and we'll issue you a full refund.

Long story short - You'll catch more snook than you ever imagined or it's free.
It says the course is "Interactive." What does that mean?
A: That means you can actually ask Capt. CA questions below every single video in every single module. Capt. CA usually gets in at least once per week and personally answers every single question, sometimes even going back out on the water and filming a video to explain things even more.
Where (and how often) can I access the course?
A: As soon as you invest in the online course today, you will receive instant access (via email) with a link that you can use to get in the course from any device, tablet, or computer that has Internet access. We've even had many students tell us they watch the videos while out on the water when they need a quick reminder about a specific tactic. Also, once you invest in the course today, you have unlimited access for LIFE!
How long is the course?
A: The main course is just over 50 videos and each video is anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes. All in all, it will take you a little over 4 hours to go through the entire course (not including the bonus videos). The best news is that we combined 30 years of snook fishing secrets into 4 hours of "Everything you really need to know about catching snook," and there are NO commercials or fluff. All snook business.
How much does it cost? Are there any other fees or charges?
A: The lowest price we've ever sold this course is $135 (you can see it currently on our Courses page on www.SaltStrong.com/courses), but if you invest in the course TODAY, you can be one of the lucky few to get the entire course for just ONE PAYMENT of $135 (as a thank you for taking the Skunk Factor analysis tool). 

And even though a full-day of private instruction with someone like Capt. CA Richardson would cost you upwards of $1,200, there are NO OTHER CHARGES or FEES (and you get unlimited access for life).

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