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The Secret-Weapon Paddletail That Will Help You Attract More Strikes Than Any Other Lure On The Market!
  • Custom "Slam Shady" Color (not available in stores)
  •  Pearl White Lure Loaded With BOTH Silver & Gold Flakes (so it mimics most bait fish and has two different shades of glitter to attract more strikes)
  •  3-Inch MinnowZ (the perfect size bait for any predator fish)
  •  This Slam Shady Color Has Landed Almost 40 Different Species Already (on our way to set a new record)
  •  Made out of the proprietary Z-Man ElaZtech (10X tough so it always catches more fish per bait) - SIX (6) Total Baits In Your FREE Pack!
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Why Are We Doing This?
We've heard from some anglers who think we're crazy (and that we are going to put ourselves out of business by giving away these custom Slam Shady baits for free...) 

Here's the truth... 

We've personally been using these same Slam Shady paddletails for the majority of our recent fishing trips and we are blown away by how much they can do. 

And quite honestly, we built this custom bait to catch more Redfish, Speckled Trout, Snook, Tarpon, and Flounder... but the craziest thing happened!

In just the last few months alone, over THIRTY-EIGHT different species of fish have been caught using this Slam Shady lure.


That's where you come in...

Our goal is to set a record of total species caught with one lure and turn the Slam Shady color into one of the most popular lure colors on the market.

So all we ask in return is that you cover the small shipping fee (and we send everything FIRST CLASS USPS with tracking so you're guaranteed to get your free lures quick), put them to use, and send us PICS of the fish you catch (plus give us your honest feedback so we can make any needed improvements).

And if you LOVE them as much as everyone else, then consider joining us in the private Insider Club (the only place you can currently purchase Slam Shady lures - plus you get 20% off for being a member).

Tight lines and we can't wait to hear how many different fish you catch with your new Slam Shady lures.
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