If you fish on the beach (or want to learn how), this new discovery will give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over pompano, whiting, redfish, spanish mackerel, bluefish, bonita, jacks, flounder, speckled trout and MORE!
Youtube’s #1 Beach Fishing Expert Reveals His “Beach Zone Awareness” System For DOMINATING Fish On ANY Beach!
Bama Beach Bum (Matthew Isbell) finally reveals the amazing - yet super easy - beach fishing system that enabled him to go from failing insurance salesman to one of the World’s Reigning Authorities on Beach Fishing
Discover how you can quickly & easily put his jealously-guarded secrets to use IMMEDIATELY to see ENDLESS ACTION from BIG fish in the surf - even if you’re a rank beginner!
I quit my job, Matthew Isbell told his wife.
“You WHAT?” she answered in disbelief.

“I’m gonna be a beach fishing guide and take people fishing on the beach for a living,” he declared. It was 2018. 

Just a few years before, Matthew and his wife had moved to Gulf Shores, Alabama, hoping that Matthew’s struggling 10-year career as a life insurance salesman would pick up steam.

It didn’t. 

As a couple, they had seen dark days, barely able to make ends meet as Matthew struggled to put food on the table as a commission-only salesperson. 

But at least he had a job. Until now.

Up until that point, when he wasn’t making sales calls, Matthew spent every waking hour fishing the world famous Gulf Shores beaches. 

At first, he fished just to escape the daily grind…

But after a couple years of trial and error, he got good. 

Really good.
Matthew Isbell a.k.a. Bama Beach Bum with one of countless bull redfish he's caught on the beach
People Would Gather on the Beach to Watch Him Catch Pompano After Pompano…Whiting After Whiting…BIG Bull Redfish
like it was nothing.
Tourists would take pictures and videos of this “beach bum” and his amazing catches, and post it on their own social media. 

They would ask, “hey are you on Youtube?” 

So that’s when the Bama Beach Bum Youtube Channel was born.

Before long, people from all over the country - and eventually the world - started paying attention to this young beach angler from Alabama.

Some reached out and asked, “can I PAY you to take me fishing with you?”

That’s all he needed to hear.

After 10 years as a Life Insurance salesman, his career wasn’t really going anywhere. In fact, he openly admits he was failing. 

All he really wanted to do was FISH for a living. 

And that’s when he made the decision that would change his life forever.

But it wouldn’t be easy.
He Had To Catch Fish On The Beach…or Else!
There was only ONE BIG problem with this decision.

He HAD to catch fish! 

As a fishing guide, you LIVE or DIE by whether you can put people on fish or not. 

BUT…as a BEACH fishing guide…you don’t have the luxury of picking up and moving to a spot that’s miles away when the fish aren’t biting…
As a Full-Time Beach Fishing Guide He Was Forced To Put His Clients On Fish Within Walking Distance On ANY Beach!
His friends and family thought he was nuts!

Why risk everything, leave his 10-year insurance job to make a “career” out of taking people fishing on the beach??

ESPECIALLY if there’s no guarantee he would be able to find and catch fish?

To everyone around him, it all seemed like a huge mistake. 

They wondered, what made him SO CONFIDENT that he would risk his career, his reputation, possibly even his marriage for such a “fool’s errand”??

But they didn’t know his secret…
Bama Beach Bum Had Secretly Developed “Zone Awareness Mastery” For DOMINATING Pompano, Whiting & Redfish On ANY Beach 
After countless hours reading hundreds of beaches, testing every lure, bait, time of day, depth, rod, reel, weather pattern, current, tides, and every other factor you can imagine…he had distilled down beach fishing success (or failure) to this ONE CRITICAL factor…

He calls it “Zone Awareness."

When you master Zone Awareness, it gives you the almost supernatural ability to:
  •  Easily limit-out on BIG Pompano on every trip
  • ​Take so many Whiting home that you could be accused of using a drift net!
  • Enjoy action-packed days watching your rods getting bent over by Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Bonita, Jacks, Flounder and more!
  • ​Reel in Trophy Bull Redfish so BIG that tourists will ask to take photos with you!
  • ​Bring home a delicious dinner for the family AND have TONS of great pics to make your friends jealous!
In fact, Bama Beach Bum’s “Zone Awareness System” was SO effective at predictably and reliably getting his clients on fish, that something unexpected happened
In Just 2 Short Years, Bama Beach Bum 
Became The #1 Beach Fishing Channel On Youtube 
With Over 100,000 Subscribers!
It didn’t take long for word of Matthew’s beach fishing expertise to spread like wildfire all over the WORLD! In less than 2 years, beach anglers in multiple countries were asking him for advice. 

Surf anglers around the globe were eager to crack his code, desperate to figure out HOW Bama Beach Bum could magically get ANYONE to catch fish at ANY beach.

And even though he’s released hundreds of Youtube videos, Bama Beach Bum says that only 30% of what he knows about his Zone Awareness System is revealed on his Youtube channel. 

The other 70% he’s kept to himself…

That is, until NOW.
One of Matthew's Clients who traveled all the way from Guam to fish the beach with him
He’s Agreed To Partner With Salt Strong To Release His Zone Awareness System For Beach Fishing Mastery…BUT We Had To Agree To These NON-Negotiable Conditions:
  •  We had to send one of our BEST fishing coaches to Alabama to fish with him for an entire week - or longer - to make sure we got absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to effortlessly catch pompano, whiting, redfish and other beach species from any beach.
  • We agreed to not only get on-the-water footage of EVERY possible beach fishing scenario, but we would ALSO get DRONE footage so you can see the secrets to his success from every angle.
  • We would edit down the MASSIVE amount of footage and distill it down to only the most important, actionable nuggets that will enable ANYONE to become a “Zone Awareness Master” after applying what they’ve learned…in just a few trips to the beach.
  • He would have the FINAL SAY on when this course is NO LONGER available to the public. At any time, he can pull the plug and this course will disappear - no questions asked.
  • ​We must reveal 100% of his Zone Awareness System. Nothing can be left out as he wants the lucky few who get their hands on this course to have every advantage possible.
Of course, we eagerly agreed to all of his conditions, because we believed that Bama Beach Bum’s Zone Awareness System was unlike anything we had ever seen, and the results for his clients were simply undeniable.

And now that we’ve created the course, we can say, without a hint of doubt that this is the SINGLE GREATEST RESOURCE for Mastering Beach Fishing Ever Developed
Salt Strong and Bama Beach Bum are SUPER Excited to Announce…
Beach Fishing Mastery: The Zone Awareness System For Dominating ANY Species of Fish On ANY Beach
New Course Reveals Bama Beach Bum’s Fool-Proof Method For Catching Fish Quickly & Easily On ANY Beach…WITHOUT Spending Tons of Money on Tackle or Special Gear
Are you a total beach fishing beginner and you’re overwhelmed because the beach all looks the same? Not sure where to start? 

Maybe you’re a novice angler and you’ve tried beach fishing before, but with limited success. You found yourself frustrated after hours and hours of casting, staring at your spread & waiting for bent rods - only to catch a few little fish, if anything at all. 

Or maybe you’re a beach fishing veteran and you’ve had some success - but you want to be more consistent. You want to be that guy or girl who always has bent-over rods, who other anglers start asking for advice, who brings home a FEAST - every trip like clockwork. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beach fishing beginner, novice or veteran - this amazing course will allow you to bypass the long learning curve and put you on the fast track to beach fishing mastery faster than you dreamed possible!

You’ll discover:
  • How To Pre-Plan your trip like a Pro so you avoid walking the beach aimlessly, or staring at your rods - wondering why nothing is biting
  • Seasonal Migration Secrets that Matthew uses to magically predict where the really BIG fish are going to be (even on tough weather days)
  • Spring/ Summer/Fall Winter Gameplans to keep you on fish all year long - regardless of what beach you’re fishing
  • ​The Very Best Tides for generating maximum strikes (and the ONE BAD tide you’d be better off staying home!)
  • 3 Dead-Simple Ways to Read Any Beach that will put you on a hot bite FAST
  • ​4 “Fish Magnet” Spots you can find on any beach - and how to fish them like a Pro.
  • ​A Spread Strategy So Perfect that pompano, whiting, redfish, spanish mackerel, bluefish, bonita, jacks, flounder and MORE are practically DEFENSELESS against you!
  • #1 Sight Fishing Secret: Yes you CAN sight fish for bonita, black drum and more on the beach (just use this simple trick)!
  • The Essential Retrieval Technique You MUST use to catch bonita, spanish mackerel and bluefish.
  • ​Schools of hungry Spanish Mackerel still not eating your bait? Here’s a super-easy fix.
  • ​Secrets to Catching BIG BRUISER JACKS that will give you the FIGHT of their LIFE.
  • ​And do it without having to invest in any new equipment - you can be catching fish from the beach with pretty much any inshore saltwater setup!
"Hands Down...The BEST Outdoor Educational Content I've Ever Seen!"

"I ordered yesterday, watched ALMOST every minute of content. Every question was answered. This is hands down, no question the best outdoor educational content I've ever seen - not just for beach fishing, or fishing - I mean the entire genre of outdoors. Outstanding job to everyone involved! ~ Simon Porter
PLUS - You’ll also get…
The Ultimate Video Guide To Beach Fishing Rigs, Tackle, Lures & Baits
This is the FINAL authority on the gear and setups you need to catch ANYTHING on ANY beach. 

This short video glossary provides everything you need to know (and NOTHING that you don’t!) - for the perfect beach setup.
  •  How to Tie The Best Whiting Rig 
  • How To Tie The Ultimate Pompano Rig
  • How to Tie the Improved Cut Bait Rig
  • ​Should you use Mono or Braid?
  •  The Ideal Casting Setup
  • ​Set Rig Standard Setup
  • Do You Need A Shock Leader?
  • ​How To Size & Rig Shrimp
  • ​Clams - What You Need To Know
  • ​How To Rig Sand Fleas
  • ​How To Rig And Cast Cut Bait
  • ​Choosing The Best Floats & Beads 
  • Choosing Weights - The Best Sizes & Types
  • How To Fish Pompano Jigs
  • The Secret To Using Poppers
  • Should You Use Swim Baits?
  • ​Spoons That Fish Can't Resist
  • ​Best Synthetic Baits
Your Go-To Beach Fishing Tackle Reference For Years To Come
This easy-to-use video guide is like having a pro fishing guide in your pocket! Need a refresher on tying a particular rig? Just pull up the short video! Suggestions on the best weights for rough conditions? It’s as easy as pulling up the video on your phone.

So to recap - you get EVERYTHING Bama Beach Bum knows about catching massive amounts of pompano, whiting, redfish, bonita, jacks, spanish mackerel, bluefish, seatrout and MORE from the beach. 

All in one easy-to-understand, “paint by numbers” system that anyone can plug-and-play right away to get INSTANT results on ANY beach!

Like this...
And This...
And this...
Why Is Bama Beach Bum Revealing ALL His Beach Fishing Secrets?
If you’re unfamiliar with Matthew, one thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that he’s a VERY friendly, positive guy who loves life! 

He took a big chance by leaving his secure job and pursuing beach fishing full-time, and it’s made him very successful as a result. 

Matthew firmly believes that it’s a BIG OCEAN with plenty of beautiful beaches for everyone to enjoy. He’s on a mission to demystify beach fishing and encourages ALL anglers to get out there and get some tight lines… AND some sand between their toes!
Bama Beach Bum is a big believer that beach fishing keeps families together!
People of all ages LOVE the beach. From the beginning of time, it’s always been the place where people all over the world come together to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. 

What BETTER place to make beautiful memories with the people you love? From toddlers to teenagers, every kid gets excited when those rods get bent over, and they get to reel it in, and see what surprise waits for them on the end of the hook!

Have a spouse who doesn’t love the idea of fishing in the hot sun from a boat or a pier? You’ll be AMAZED at how much more receptive they’ll be to the idea of taking it easy, with their toes in the sand, drink-in-hand - catching a delicious DINNER at the same time!

The best part is - 
ANYONE Can Learn These Timeless, Proven Beach Fishing Techniques Almost Immediately:
  • Even if you’ve never fished on the beach before (or never fished at all)
  • No matter what your level of skill is - anyone can watch these short videos and become a “Zone Awareness Master” in no time (in fact, you’ll never look at the beach the same way again!)
  • No matter WHERE you are - if it’s a beach, and it’s on the ocean, you WILL catch fish!
Like Matthew's Wife Courtney...
Beach fishing is one of the easiest forms of fishing there is. That is - once you “get” Bama Beach Bum’s simple, but proven methods. And even better...
You Can Try It For FREE!
As with every Salt Strong product, there is absolutely ZERO risk.

Get this Beach Fishing Course. Watch all the training videos. Try the techniques yourself. 

If you’re not COMPLETELY satisfied for ANY reason (or no reason at all), just shoot us an email at support@saltstrong.com and we’ll give you a 100% refund on the spot, no questions asked, no hard feelings. 

We firmly believe that this is the BEST beach fishing course ever developed, and we’re super excited for you to try it. 

And now you can do so without any hesitation, because you know you’re 100% covered if you don’t agree it’s all it’s cracked up to be. 

On that note, you’re probably wondering…
So How Much Does It Cost?
Bama Beach Bum is no longer a Beach Fishing Guide. But when he was, he would charge $300 per day, and his schedule was booked months in advance.

…but that was BEFORE he was Youtube’s Most Popular Beach Fishing Channel at over 110,000 subscribers!

His Youtube followers around the WORLD now regularly offer him $2000 a day or MORE to fish with them. People from other countries are willing to fly to Gulf Shores, Alabama just to spend a day with this fishing legend.

...and the truth is, you wouldn’t learn as much in a day of fishing one-on-one as you’ll learn by repeatedly watching the short lessons in this course.

We would have every reason to charge at least $2000, and some hardcore anglers would buy it.

But that was never Matthew’s goal with agreeing with us to develop this course. He didn’t want this to be only for “elite” beach anglers (even though there are many advanced tactics & techniques presented in the training).

He wanted to make it accessible for ANYONE who had the desire to get out there and enjoy the beach and get some tight lines.

So that’s why you don’t have to pay $2000…

You don’t have to pay $1000

You don’t even have to pay $250
When You Buy TODAY You Get
60% OFF 
The Regular $247 Price 
And You Pay ONLY $97!
For less than the cost of a cheap reel, you can have instant, FOREVER access to the only Beach Fishing Training you’ll ever need.

BUT...Matthew can decide any ANY time to pull the plug on new customers gaining access to this course.

So don't wait, or you risk missing this opportunity for good.

Just click on the link below and use your credit card or Paypal to be given instant access.

PLUS we’ll throw in this added bonus module worth $97 when you act today!
FREE BONUS ($97 Value)
MASTER The Big Surf 3: Pompano, Whiting & Redfish
You can catch LOTS of different fun species on the beach using the proven techniques taught in this course. But in this special bonus module, Bama Beach Bum reveals ALL his deepest secrets, hacks & tricks for catching the most popular beach species, we call the Big Surf 3: Pompano, Whiting & Redfish!

This is the kind of hush-hush, behind-the-scenes intel that experienced anglers would GLADLY pay at least $97 for access…but you get it for FREE when you invest in this course today!

You’ll Discover: 
  • The MAJOR Differences between “Copper” and “Blonde” Redfish - don’t miss this or you may never catch a redfish on the beach!g
  • The #1 Bait that Bull Redfish LOVE (and where to cast it to find GIANTS)!
  • The Perfect Rod, Reel, Rig and MORE for Non-Stop Whiting action
  • ​The Only Pompano Rig you need for all-day-long results (this is Bama Beach Bum’s Go-To Rig, and he’s tried them all)
  • ​How To Crush Pompano even in super-rough conditions
  • ​The Magic Bait COMBO that drives Pompano wild…(you must have BOTH of these baits at the same time if you want to limit out on pomps FAST!)
  • ​How To Dial Into a Pattern so you can double up - even triple up on whiting & pompano - while other anglers look on in amazement
  • …and MUCH MORE.
But that’s not all…Matthew also threw in some additional bonus tips on other great species, like spanish mackerel, bluefish, bonita, jack crevalle & flounder!
And remember, at no time are you at ever at any risk, because you’re covered by our:
365-Day 100% Money-Back 
“Step On a Jellyfish” Guarantee!
Here’s how it works: 

Buy the Beach Fishing course right now. Use it for an entire YEAR. Put it to the test on the beach.

If at any time in the next 365 days, if you’re not BLOWN AWAY by what you’ve learned, I want you to immediately send us an email at support@saltstrong and get a fast refund for the full amount of your purchase price.

We call it our “Step On a Jellyfish” guarantee because we want you to be so thrilled that you’d rather Step On a Jellyfish than give up access to this course!

It’s decision time. 

If you’re ready to start catching ridiculous amounts of pompano, whiting, redfish and other super-fun beach fish - in a shorter time than you thought possible…
Now’s the time to lock-in lifetime access, before this course goes away.

You’ve probably spent way MORE than you care to admit on tackle, bait, rods, reels - and you’ve done it without a second thought. 

Why not drop a few bucks to learn how to MASTER beach fishing, and add YEARS of enjoyment to your life, and create some great memories with your family? 

(Not to mention make your friends jealous with all the awesome fish pics you post…of you living your BEST LIFE!)

If you’ve tried beach fishing before without success, it’s easy to get WAY better, practically overnight. 

And even if you’ve never cast a line in your life, you too can become a beach angler faster than you ever dreamed possible. 

You just need the right coach to show you how. 

…and Bama Beach Bum is the ULTIMATE Beach Fishing Coach. 

His course will change your beach fishing game forever, I guarantee it.

Invest in this course now, before it disappears.

Tight Lines!

Joe Simonds

Salt Strong, LLC @ 2022

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