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Referring your friends to the Salt Strong Insider Club is easy as 1-2-3:
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  • From here you can instantly send an email, post on Facebook, or copy a tracking link to share via text, Twitter, etc.
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Each Referral Earns One Decal...

Collect All 10 And You Earn...

A $209 Daiwa BG MQ!

A $200+ Daiwa BG MQ!

  • You read that right. All it takes is 10 referrals to earn this awesome reel!
  • Your choice of 2500 or 3000 series
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But The Awesomeness Doesn't Stop There! 
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20 Referrals Earns: A $500 Daiwa Certate!

  • Sets the standard for corrosion-resistance. Runs smooth even in the roughest of conditions.
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30 Referrals Earns: A Super Limited Edition Salt Strong T-Shirt

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40 Referrals Earns: A Personalized Engraved Salt Strong Glass