How It Works:

Referring your friends to the Salt Strong Insider Club is easy as 1-2-3:
  • Click here to access your referral dashboard and track your referrals (make sure you're logged in as an Insider first).
  • From here you can instantly send an email, post on Facebook, or copy a tracking link to share via text, Twitter, etc.
  • When your friend joins the Insider Club, we'll notify you and ship your reward!

Check Out These Rewards!

Earn Custom Decals For Your First 10 Referrals

Collect All 10 And You Earn...

A $209 Daiwa BG MQ!

A $200+ Daiwa BG MQ!

  • You read that right. All it takes is 10 referrals to earn this awesome reel!
  • Your choice of 2500 or 3000 series
  • A Staff Favorite: all our coaches love this reel. You will too!

But The Awesomeness Doesn't Stop There! 
We're Just Getting Started...

20 Referrals Earns: A $500 Daiwa Certate!

  • Sets the standard for corrosion-resistance. Runs smooth even in the roughest of conditions.
  • Glides like butter. Strong as an ox. And this reel will pretty much last forever.
  • Perfect drag. Line lay is perfect. Wind knots will only exist in your memories.

30 Referrals Earns: A Super Limited Edition Salt Strong T-Shirt

  • You'll be one of the few anglers on the planet who will own this shirt.
  • Proven to cause envious stares, especially at Salt Strong Chapter Meetings.

40 Referrals Earns: A Personalized Engraved Salt Strong Glass

  • Your friends may outdrink you, but they'll never outclass you when you're drinking out of THIS.
  • Proven to make all drinks taste better. Or at least LOOK better.

50 Referrals Earns: A $900 Daiwa Exist!!

  • Daiwa's flagship reel. The Big Kahuna. The Crème de la crème of all things fishing. 
  • It's the reel every angler secretly wants but can't afford (and even if they could, their wife wouldn't let them buy it anyway) - but YOU will OWN it.
  • Comes with a white-glove service plan, where you can ship Daiwa your reel, they'll clean it, service it and ship it back to you in 1 business day. Because that's the kind of service you get with a $900 reel. BOOM!

TOP PRIZE for the #1 Referral Champion
A Fishing Trip With Joe & Luke Simonds!

  • From now until 12/31/23, ONE Insider who has the MOST REFERRALS wins a fishing trip with Joe and Luke!
  •  Value: Priceless! Joe & Luke don't "sell" fishing trips to anyone. But they WILL roll out the red carpet and fish with YOU...if you're the #1 Referral Champion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How will I know if someone I referred has become an Insider?"

You'll get an automatically-generated email from our system the moment your referral purchases an Insider Membership. Plus you can check your dashboard and see how many friends have purchased, and how many times you've shared the link.

Q: "Is this only for referrals who sign up as Insiders? Or does it count when a referral buys tackle too?"

Right now we're only counting when someone refers a new Insider. But in the future, we may do tackle too. Stay tuned!

Q: "Do I have to use technology to refer someone? What if I just tell them about Salt Strong and they sign up? Do I still get credit?"

To keep it fair, we need to use technology to track referrals. The good news is, we've made it super easy to tell friends in person using the QR code that's printed on your Referral ID card (mailed to you after you make your first referral). Just have them scan the code with their phone, and BOOM, you get credit when they sign up!

Q: "I've referred friends in the past. Does that count towards this?

No. Every referral we track from this point forward will be counted towards your totals. Remember, if you refer the MOST referrals of any Insider by the end of 2023, you'll win a fishing trip with Joe & Luke! So get crackin'!