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  •  Best Spots To Catch Redfish In Each Season: A big portion of the book focuses in on the best types of spots (and structure) to find feeding redfish. You'll learn more about the 90/10 zone and the types of structure that always seem to hold reds.
  •  Best Tides To Catch Redfish: Tides and current play one of the most important roles in getting redfish to bite. You'll learn the #1 mistake most inshore anglers make when it comes to fishing tides.
  •  What Lures Work Best For Every Depth:  The one thing that every Pro Redfish Angler agrees on is that you MUST master artificial lures if you're truly going to be a consistent redfish angler. So we break down (and simplify) the 3 must-have lures for catching redfish anywhere from Texas to Florida to Virginia (and everywhere in between).
  •  The ONE THING That Always Means Redfish Are Nearby: Over the past 20 years of targeting redfish, I've found that there is one thing, that if present, will almost always mean there are redfish nearby (giving you an unfair advantage to find them). 
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