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In This Exclusive Online Video-Based Red Drum Masterclass, Jeff & Kristi Anderson of 1Fish2Fish (Plus Some Top Red Drum Experts From Georgia To The Carolinas To Virginia) Show You...
  • ​How to predict exactly where red drum will be feeding for any given temperature and tide... so you can avoid getting skunked on your next trip out!
  • ​How to quickly identify the best locations to target upper slot redfish (even if you're used to catching smally puppy drum).
  • ​How to make the most out of every fishing trip... helping you attract red drum strikes even if you only have an hour to fish!
  • ​Exactly how to match the perfect bait sizes and colors to attract redfish strikes fast... even in super murky water!
  • ​How to eliminate the need for live bait when it comes to catching red drum... and actually outfish your friends who are held hostage to live bait!
  • ​How to read a new body of water... and discover the ONE thing that will instantly tell you if there are feeding red drum nearby!
  • ​An amazing secret to always know precisely which structure, water temp, and tide will be the best for you catching drum where you live!
  • ​Understanding where red drum are feeding during different times of day... so you can start predicting the travel patterns of redfish just like a PRO.
  •  How to know the instant you are stuck in a dead zone... and what type of spot you should go to next!
  •  How to catch slot red drum regardless of the temperature... even during cold days and super hot days when no one else can buy a strike!
  •  The TWO RED DRUM RIGS you should ALWAYS have available at all time... plus which rigs you should avoid!
All of this (plus much more) revealed to you INSTANTLY... just for testing out Red Drum Mastery today... so you can start catching more red drum like these (on your very next fishing trip)...
And this...
And this...
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Introducing The ONLY Red Drum Online Course That Guarantees You'll Be Consistently Catching MORE Red Drum Faster Than You Ever Imagined (Even If You've Had A Tough Time Finding Nice Reds In The Past)
You'll Discover The "Where"
  • Follow along as the pros use satellite maps to show exactly how they find good redfish spots (off the water).
  • You'll know exactly where to fish for any season and tide after going through this course!
  • Never feel lost again when you hit the water! You'll have the confidence to know which spots to hit (even on tough days).
You'll Discover The "When"
  • Discover the best tides, moon phases, and time of day to increase your chances of catching loads of redfish!
  • You'll know exactly when to fish in all four seasons!
  • Finally put an end to the days when you are stuck in a dead zone with nothing biting.
You'll Discover The "What"
  • You save a ton of time and MONEY by simplifying your red drum tackle after you go through the course!
  • Discover exactly what the pros use (and what to avoid)
  • You'll know exactly what lure or bait to use every situation (plus the best rigs, knots, and more).
You'll Discover The "How"
  • Discover how the rig every type of bait and lure for targeting red drum in the Atlantic (plus some secret baits that work every time).
  • You'll know exactly what lure or live bait to use for every scenario.
  • Never miss another red drum strike again because you have the wrong bait on your line!
Your Coaches & Contributors To Red Drum Mastery

Jeff & Kristi Anderson

Jeff and Kristi Anderson are the co-creators of the popular saltwater fishing YouTube channel, "1Fish2Fish" and they are frequent contributors for regional fishing reports and magazines.

Capt. John Ward

Capt. John is a well-known captain in Charleston, South Carolina who has multiple IGFA world records on his boat and his fishing reports are some of the best in the area. He's the owner of Affinity Charters in South Carolina.

Capt. Mitchell Blake

Capt Blake is a well-known fishing guide in North Carolina. His reports and tips have been featured on numerous national platforms including many magazines. He is the owner of FISH IBX Charters.

Capt. Aaron Beatson

 Capt. Aaron is a go-to expert on fishing the Outer Banks. He is the owner of Carolina Sunrise Inshore Fishing Specialists and is loaded with knowledge on catching red drum year round in the Carolinas. 
Here's Everything You Get Today (Instantly)
  • THE RED DRUM MASTERY VIDEO MASTERCLASS - 3 hours of never before seen red drum training & shortcuts ($127 Value)
  • Where to locate the feeding reds year round
  • ​On the water assessment
  • ​Best rod, reel, lures, bait, and rigs
  • And much much more!
Plus These FREE BONUSES (If You Act Today):
  • How To Target Bull Reds. (PRICELESS INFORMATION)
  •  Pro Tips With Capt. John Ward (You'll Love These!)
  • Pro Tips With Capt. Mitchell Blake (Amazing Carolina Tips!)
  • Filet & Cook Redfish (Delicious!)
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS (Unlimited Access For One Low Price - Never Pay Another Dollar)
  •  Interactive (You Can Ask Questions Within The Course And Get Quick Answers From A Real Coach - FREE)
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Q. What if I'm brand new to inshore fishing? Will this red drum course still work for me?

A. Yes and no. The truth is that we cover some pretty advanced red drum tactics (the same ones that full-time charter captains use on a daily basis), and many times throughout this training we made assumptions that everyone investing in this course would have some inshore fishing experience.

Long story short, if you are completely brand-new and you have never caught a single inshore fish, some of the content in this course might be over your head.
Q. Is there really a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee? How do I get my money back if it doesn't work for me?

A. Yes. We treat you exactly how we wish other companies treated us...

If you aren't 100% THRILLED (for any reason) anytime in the first 365 days, you can simply email us or call us and get a full (and prompt) refund with no questions asked.

We've taken all of the risk off of you and put it on to make sure this is an amazing investment for you.
Q. What exactly is in the course?

A. It's almost 3 hours of red drum secrets (broken out and organized by topic). We made it so that each video has one big lesson that can make a HUGE difference in your red drum game.
Q. Will this red drum course help me catch more redfish if I don't down a nice boat?

A. Yes. Even thought this course was designed for boaters, we cover kayak tips and beach tips for red drum as well. 

The biggest focus is on finding the feeding drum throughout all four seasons and 95% of the time that means inshore (accessible by all craft - including kayaks).
Q. Do I get lifetime access? How do I access the material?

A. Yes. You get access to ALL of the Red Drum Mastery material for life.

As soon as you complete your order today, you'll receive an email with a custom link that takes you directly into the private online portal. And the best news is that you can access the portal from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone - anything with Internet access).
Q. Is this course 100% online?

A. Yes. When you sign up today, you will get instant access to everything in a private online portal (and you can rewatch everything as much as you want)!

One of the biggest reasons so many of our fishing students love the online only version is that unlike a DVD, the online version is interactive (so you can ask questions), PLUS you receive any all updates to the course for FREE!
Q. Are there any other charges or fees?

A. No. You only have to pay a one-time fee to get unlimited access for life. 

It's an amazing deal!
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