Attention Aspiring & Experienced PIER Anglers: 
If you’ve ever struggled to consistently catch King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Whiting & Pompano from the pier, you MUST see this!
Top Pier Fishing Expert Reveals How To Consistently Catch HUGE Fish From Any Pier!
YouTube Fishing Legend (and Son of the Angler Who Literally Wrote THE Book on Pier Fishing) Brant Peacher Exposes Jealously-Guarded Pier Fishing Secrets You Can Use THIS WEEKEND To Skyrocket Your Pier Fishing Success!!
Dear Saltwater Angler,

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to have the ability to head out to ANY pier and consistently hook into giant gamefish like King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Tarpon, Bonita and MORE?

What if you didn’t need a boat or a kayak to catch HUGE game fish…and instead you could just roll a small cart onto ANY pier, and in less than 30 minutes have bent-over rods & screaming drag…

Imagine the looks of amazement from onlookers and tourists as they watch you battle hard-fighting sea monsters and land them right on the deck like a pro!

How incredible would it be to have the ability to take your kids or grandkids out on the pier and put them on fish FAST…creating amazing family memories, seeing your kids fall in LOVE with fishing…and give them the confidence that THEY too can fish from the pier!

If you’ve ever tried pier fishing without much success…or if you’ve always wanted to try it (but were too intimidated to start), keep reading, because…
Pier Fishing Legend Brant Peacher Has Peeled Back The Veil To Reveal The Hidden Strategies, Hacks & Tactics That Only A Few Grizzled Veteran Anglers Know For Consistently Catching BIG Game Fish From The Pier… 
(And Would Prefer To Take To Their Graves!) 
Go to any busy fishing pier, and you’ll see tons of tourists and pier fishing beginners with dejected looks on their faces, scratching their heads, wondering why they aren’t getting any bites and their coolers are empty. 

Maybe you’ve felt that way yourself.

…BUT on the same pier, you’ll see the grizzled veteran anglers - the ones who look like they literally live on the pier, whose rods seem to be constantly bent over, screaming drag - while the tourists and other anglers look on with envy.

These pier fishing masters seem to pull up King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Whiting & Pompano all day long with ease… 

What’s their secret? 

Why do only a “chosen few” seem to catch all the BIG fish on the pier, while so many others get skunked?
NEWS FLASH: They Don’t WANT You To Know!!
Pier fishing is COMPETITIVE. Think about it - there’s limited space, and everyone’s competing to get their bait in front of the same fish.

The “chosen few” aren’t going to share their secrets with you.

But now, for the first time available anywhere, Brant Peacher (of the super-popular “Angler Up With Brant” YouTube Channel) is going to reveal ALL the secrets of catching TONS of HUGE saltwater game fish from ANY pier.

Unlike the unapproachable, intimidating “keep to myself” fishing pros you might see on the pier, Brant LOVES to show people like YOU how to catch big saltwater fish from the pier (a trait he gets from his dad)…
Brant’s Dad (Literally) Wrote The Book on Pier Fishing!
Mike Peacher (Brant’s dad) has been a fishing legend on the Navarre and Pensacola piers since the 1970’s. So many people asked Mike for his pier fishing secrets that he wrote a book on the topic 20 years ago. 

His book was so good that pier offices would sell copies and encourage all pier anglers to read it!

In the meantime, Mike was bringing up the next generation of pier fishing legends…his son Brant.
Young Brant Was The 8-Year Old “Pier Rat” Who Outfished Everyone!
From the time his son was old enough to hold a rod, Mike would take Brant down to the pier any chance he got.  

By the time Brant was 8, he could catch more fish off the pier in one day than most men could catch in a week! 

Tourists would ask to take pictures with “that little kid who catches those giant fish!”

Eventually when Brant was old enough to fish the pier alone, he would spend every waking moment crushing King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Whiting & Pompano…
Fast Forward 20 Years….
After college, Brant went into the fishing industry, working for Penn fishing reels. But it didn’t take long for him to figure that corporate life didn’t suit him. 

He needed to be ON the water, every day.
So he got his captain’s license, and for the next 10 years, Captain Brant Peacher took clients out to catch fish from his boat, logging over 2000 trips.
...and Brant Is Now A YouTube Fishing Legend
When he started featuring his client’s trips on his “Angler Up With Brant” YouTube channel, things really blew up for him.

Things were going great - he was newly married, with a thriving fishing business, a popular YouTube channel…

But everything was put at risk when he decided to tell his young wife Melanie…
“I’m Selling My Charter Boat and Heading Back To the Pier!”
“WHAT??” she responded in disbelief. “But you’re a charter captain! How can you run charters without a boat??”

I’m going back to the Pier. That’s where it all began with my dad, and it’s where I belong” he responded.  

By walking away from his charter business, he was not only losing the charter income…but he was risking losing his YouTube viewers as well.
Why Risk Losing It All…Just To Fish From The PIER Again??
People thought he was crazy. 

His friends and fellow YouTubers tried to convince him he was making a mistake.

But Brant (like his dad before him) felt a strong desire to help “demystify” pier fishing. He knew that…
People WANTED To Learn HOW To Fish The Pier
Brant’s charter clients would constantly say: “I’d really like to take my kids out on the pier to do some more fishing while we’re here on vacation…BUT there’s so many people fishing on the pier, it’s intimidating.  

They would ask questions like:
- Is there special “pier etiquette” I should know?

- What if I need to go around someone to keep the fish on the line?

- What if someone needs to go around ME? How do I keep another angler from getting tangled up in my line?

- What if the fish wraps me around the pylons?

- Am I “allowed” to go to the end of the pier, where all the "serious" fisherman are?
And those are the questions they had before they even got started!

…Not to mention all the questions about how to actually catch King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Whiting & Pompano consistently from the pier.

He needed to create the ultimate resource to answer ALL of their burning pier fishing questions, once and for all. 

But rather than write a book like his dad, Brant knew the BEST way to show people how to MASTER pier fishing would be through a VIDEO course. 

But how?

That’s when he called his friends at Salt Strong, who have produced over 50 saltwater fishing courses!

So we’re SUPER excited to introduce…
Pier Fishing MASTERY:
The Ultimate Video Training Course To Help You Consistently Catch King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Whiting or Pompano From ANY Fishing Pier!
This incredible resource leaves NO stone unturned and gives you EVERY pier fishing secret you could possibly ask for…all in one easy-to-understand video course that you can watch and put to use right away!

Brant covers EVERYTHING: tackle, positioning, approach, conditions, pier fishing etiquette, seasonal considerations, as well as species-specific tricks, techniques & tactics. It’s all there!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover:

Solutions To Common Pier Fishing Challenges

  • The #1 mistake almost all anglers make when fishing the pier that costs them tons of fish
  • What’s the “Pier Fishing Hotline”...and should you use it?
  • The exact setups you need to have on-hand for each species (so you don’t blow your opportunity when your dream fish swims by!)
  • ​The 3 Zones of the Pier every angler should master (and how to know when you’re in the wrong zone)
  • ​Why tides are NOT the most important factor to pier fishing (and what is)

How To Target Specific Species


  • The best time of year, time of day, positioning, bait and MORE to catch tarpon
  • The ONLY artificial lure I would ever use for tarpon (including the best size & color)
  • 3 secrets to keep tarpon from shaking off the hook
  • ​How to land a tarpon from a pier without removing them from the water
  • ​What NOT to do when you see a school of tarpon from their pier (or you’ll BLOW your chances!)


  • The best pier zone to find redfish most of the year
  • Where and when to find BIG BULL reds from the pier
  • The biggest factors that determine WHEN the redfish bite will be HOT on the pier
  • ​3 tricks for spotting big schools of reds from the pier
  • ​The best baits to use for schooling reds
  • ​The best setup & approach to use for those big reds that live under the pier (do this or you’ll never catch one!)
  • ​Redfish landing secrets - how to avoid getting broke off by a big red on the pilings
  • ​The only 2 methods for landing big reds from the pier
  • ​Don’t leave home without this critical tool for landing big reds!
  • ​The best release method for big reds from the pier (it’s not what you think)

King Mackerel

  • The best time of year, time of day, conditions, approach, bait & setup to catch king mackerel from the pier
  • The only spot on the pier you should be fishing for king mackerel
  • A simple way to know if your pier is a good candidate for catching king mackerel
  • ​If you don’t do THIS, you are virtually guaranteed to get cut off by a king!
  • ​The ONLY artificial lure I would ever use to catch kings from the pier
  • ​The best approach (and time of day) to catch kings with artificial lures
  • ​How to retrieve artificial lures to trigger maximum king mackerel strikes
  • ​The best live bait to use for kings
  • ​If you’re going to use live bait for mackerel, make sure you use THIS rig type or you’ll blow your hookup ratio!
  • ​How to avoid pulled hooks with king mackerel (important!)
  • ​WARNING - use this to land a king or risk destroying your equipment!
  • ​Do THIS or you risk your king mackerel taking you under the pier, into the pylons, or into a another angler’s lines
  • ​BONUS TIP: how to be ready for when a king mackerel run happens while you’re on the pier

COBIA (Ling)

  • The #1 RULE you MUST know before pier fishing for cobia…or risk being yelled at by fellow pier fisherman!
  • The best time of year, zone, live bait, artificial lures, approach & retrieve to catch cobia
  • When you spot schooling cobia, don’t do THIS, or you’ll blow your chances!
  • ​The trick to rigging your cobia lures for maximum strikes
  • ​The trick to maximizing your cobia hookup ratio (it’s VERY tough to catch them if you miss this step)
  • ​The LAST thing you want to do if you hook a cobia is…
  • ​You MUST do this if you ever have any hope of catching a cobia from under the pier
  • Don’t EVER do this if you land a cobia (or risk being fined!)
  • ​BONUS TIP - if you see THIS at the pier, chances are good that cobia are nearby. 


  • The best time of year to get into a bonita fishing frenzy (constant action for hours!)
  • If you don’t see THIS at the pier, you won’t see bonita either
  • Where to position yourself on the pier to catch bonita
  • ​A dead giveaway to look for on the water that indicates bonita are nearby
  • ​The only 2 lures I use to catch bonita
  • ​How to retrieve your lures to attract maximum bonita strikes
  • ​The biggest rookie mistake that will cause you NOT to catch bonita

Whiting, Spanish Mackerel, & Pompano

  • The absolute best season, time of day, zone, water clarity, setup and approach to catch whiting
  • Pro Whiting setup secrets you won’t find on YouTube
  • The #1 factor that will determine whether you’ll see any Spanish mackerel from the pier
  • ​The sneaky trick for knowing when the Spanish bite will be hot
  • ​The best size & type of bait to use for Spanish mackerel 
  • ​If you don’t use THIS retrieval style, you’ll never catch Spanish mackerel
  • ​Where (and where NOT) to fish for pompano from the pier
  • ​The #1 season to catch big, FAT pompano from the pier
  • ​The best time of day and conditions to catch pomps (and what to avoid)
  • ​Easy trick for knowing when you should use a Set Rig vs Sight Fish for Pompano
  • ​Where you should place yourself on the pier to catch the most pompano (and when to move)
  • ​Where to cast your lure for pompano (do this or you’ll never catch one!)
  • ​How to know where to put your set rig for maximum pompano strikes
  • ​The absolute best bait for pompano that VERY few anglers use
PLUS - You’ll also get…
The Ultimate Video Guide To Pier Fishing Rigs, Tackle, Lures & Baits
This is the FINAL authority on the gear and setups you need to catch ANYTHING on ANY pier. 

This short video glossary provides everything you need to know (and NOTHING that you don’t!) - for the perfect pier setup.
  • Pier Cart Setups
  • Landing Nets
  • Gaff Hooks
  • Bait Rigs
  •  Tackle, Lures, and Common Baits 
  • ​Small Game Fishing Setups
  • ​Big Game Fishing Setups
  • ​Rods
  • ​Main Line (Braid vs. Mono)
  • ​Weight Selection (Type and Size)
  • ​Poppers
  • Spoons
  • Pompano Jigs
  • Bait Rigs
  • Swimbaits
  • ​Bubble Rigs
  • ​Hooks (natural baits)
  • Rigs
  • Whiting Rigs
  • Pompano Rigs
  • Cut Bait Rigs
  • ​Artificial lures 
  • ​Sizing Natural Baits
  • ​Rigging Shrimp
  • ​Rigging Sand Fleas
  • ​Rigging Cut Baits
  • ​Rigging Live Baits
  • ​Mullet
  • ​Hardtails
  • ​Sardines
  • ​Synthetic Baits
  • ​Shock Leaders
Your Go-To Pier Fishing Tackle Reference For Years To Come
This easy-to-use video guide is like having a pro fishing guide in your pocket! Need a refresher on tying a particular rig? Just pull up the short video! Suggestions on the best artificials for a particular species? It’s as easy as pulling up the video on your phone.

So to recap - you get EVERYTHING Brant knows about catching massive amounts of King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Whiting or Pompano and MORE from the pier. 

All in one easy-to-understand, “paint by numbers” system that anyone can plug-and-play right away to get INSTANT results on ANY pier!
ANYONE Can Learn These Timeless, Proven Pier Fishing Techniques Almost Immediately:
  • Even if you’ve never fished the pier before (or never fished at all)
  • No matter what your level of skill is - anyone can watch these short videos and start catching King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Whiting or Pompano (in fact, you’ll never look at the pier the same way again!)
  • No matter WHERE you are - if it’s a pier, and it’s on the ocean, you WILL catch fish!
Pier fishing can be super-fun and action-packed for the entire family, and isn’t necessarily difficult, that is, once you “get” Brant’s simple, but proven methods. And even better…
You Can Try It For FREE!
As with every Salt Strong product, there is absolutely ZERO risk.

Get this Pier Fishing Course. Watch all the training videos. Try the techniques yourself.

If you’re not COMPLETELY satisfied for ANY reason (or no reason at all), just shoot us an email at and we’ll give you a 100% refund on the spot, no questions asked, no hard feelings. 

We firmly believe that this is the BEST pier fishing course ever developed, and we’re super excited for you to try it. 

And now you can do so without any hesitation, because you know you’re 100% covered if you don’t agree it’s all it’s cracked up to be. 

On that note, you’re probably wondering…
So How Much Does It Cost?
Brant is no longer a fishing guide. But when he was, he would charge $700 per day, and his schedule was booked months in advance.

…but that was BEFORE “Angler Up With Brant” was one of YouTube’s Most Popular Fishing Channels with over 225,000 subscribers!

His YouTube followers around the WORLD now regularly offer him $2000 a day or MORE to fish with them. People from other countries are willing to fly to Florida just to spend a day with this fishing legend.

...but the truth is, you wouldn’t learn as much in a day of fishing one-on-one as you’ll learn by repeatedly watching the short lessons in this course!

We would have every reason to charge at least $2000, and some hardcore anglers would buy it.
But that was never Brant’s goal with agreeing with us to develop this course. He didn’t want this to be only for “elite” pier anglers (even though there are many advanced tactics & techniques presented in the training).

He wanted to make it accessible for ANYONE who had the desire to get out there and enjoy the pier and get some tight lines.

So that’s why you don’t have to pay $2000…

You don’t have to pay $1000

You don’t even have to pay $250
When You Buy TODAY You Get
80% OFF 
The Regular $247 Price 
And You Pay ONLY $47!
For less than the cost of a cheap reel, you can have instant, FOREVER access to the only Pier Fishing Training you’ll ever need. won't be available forever at this price.

So just click on the link below and use your credit card or Paypal to be given instant access.

PLUS we’ll throw in this added bonus module worth $97 when you act today!
FREE BONUS: LIVE Bait Secrets For Pier Fishing

You can absolutely catch fish from the pier using artificial lures. increase your chances of catching a MULTITUDE of different species on any given day at the pier, you should definitely also use LIVE BAIT.

In this BONUS Module, Brant shares all his secrets for using LIVE bait to catch HUGE fish on the pier, including:

- The Easiest Way To Catch Your Own Bait from the Pier

- How To Store Your Bait and Keep It Alive (especially on long, hot days)

- What Bait You Absolutely MUST Have If you Want to Catch Those Super-Picky Redfish Under the Pier

- How To Rig Your Live Bait to Keep It Alive and Active in the Water

- How To Know What Bait To Use To Catch Certain Species

- The #1 BEST Bait To Catch Practially Anything & Everything On The Pier (HINT: it's not shrimp)
And remember, at no time are you at ever at any risk, because you’re covered by our:
365-Day 100% Money-Back 
“Step On a Jellyfish” Guarantee!
Here’s how it works: 

Buy the Pier Fishing course right now. Use it for an entire YEAR. Put it to the test on any pier.

If at any time in the next 365 days, if you’re not BLOWN AWAY by what you’ve learned, I want you to immediately send us an email at support@saltstrong and get a fast refund for the full amount of your purchase price.

We call it our “Step On a Jellyfish” guarantee because we want you to be so thrilled that you’d rather Step On a Jellyfish than give up access to this course!

It’s decision time. 

If you’re ready to start catching ridiculous amounts of King Mackerel, Cobia, Redfish, Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Whiting & Pompano and other super-fun pier fish - in a shorter time than you thought possible…

Now’s the time to lock-in lifetime access, before this course goes away.

You’ve probably spent way MORE than you care to admit on tackle, bait, rods, reels - and you’ve done it without a second thought. 

Why not drop a few bucks to learn how to MASTER pier fishing, and add YEARS of enjoyment to your life, and create some great memories with your family? 

(Not to mention make your friends jealous with all the awesome fish pics you post…of you living your BEST LIFE!)

If you’ve tried pier fishing before without success, it’s easy to get WAY better, practically overnight. 

And even if you’ve never cast a line in your life, you too can become a pier angler faster than you ever dreamed possible. 

You just need the right coach to show you how. 

…and Brant Peacher is the ULTIMATE Pier Fishing Coach. 

His course will change your pier fishing game forever, I guarantee it.

Invest in this course now, before this low price disappears.

Tight Lines!

Joe Simonds
Salt Strong, LLC @ 2023

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