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Until now, only a handful of professional fishermen and hand-picked amateurs have been allowed to learn these amazing "trophy inshore fish" secrets that practically guarantee you will catch MORE and BIGGER inshore fish in less time than you ever imagined possible (and even be able to seriously compete in every inshore fishing tournament you enter... even if it's your first one).

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By Joe Simonds
Dear Friend,

Are you an inshore fisherman who struggles to catch as many trophy redfish, speckled trout, flounder, snook, tarpon, black drum, and other inshore fish as you want to?

Do you feel like you're lacking consistency (some days you are ON FIRE while the very next trip you get SKUNKED?)

Are you struggling to find feeding zones as quickly as you want?

Do you find yourself spending way too much time trying to find live bait?

If you've ever wanted to "crack the code" on the secret skills that keep the best fishing guides and locals at the top of the tournament leaderboard year after year... and do it fast, so you can start catching trophy inshore fish like a pro almost immediately... then this will be the most exciting thing you ever read.

Here's the story:

Every good inshore fisherman knows there are just THREE basic things behind catching world record fish using live bait.
  •  Finding the feeding fish (most important)
  •  Finding the best bait (and knowing exactly which type of live bait the big, world-record fish are most likely to eat based on the area, season, tides, current, wind, depth, etc -- this is actually very important -- especially when targeting the picky, world-record fish)
  •  Having the right equipment... (least important)
What's funny is that some anglers think they cay buy their way into catching trophy fish...

You've seen them...

Top of the line gear, mega-nice $100K+ inshore boat, most expensive rods and reels money can buy... the works.

But those types of fishermen rarely ever catch fish like you think they are...

In fact, most of these "flashy fishermen" end up frustrated and incredibly inconsistent. 


Other guys black out their livewells and have to chum hundreds of bait fish just to catch a single fish...

Still others scour the fishing magazines and TV shows for any hint they can find to start catching more (and bigger) fish.

Well guess what?

The top inshore fishing pros (and big named fishing manufacturing companies) are keeping a nasty secret from you.

Because there's something all of the tournament pros, big named fishing manufacturing companies, and advertisers don't want you to know: 

When you finally learn the REAL secrets of blending fish biology and pro-level active live bait fishing skills...
You Can Start Catching The BIGGEST Inshore Fish You've Ever Landed With A Kid's Rod While Fishing Out Of A Jon Boat!
Best of all...
It's EASY...
Once You Know The Inside Short-Cut Secrets!
Here's what we've got for you today: 

You might not have heard of Capt. Peter Deeks... 

But top professional inshore fishermen sure have. 

Although he's a very modest and under the radar kind of guy when it comes to social media, he's been one of the most sought-after "secret weapon" for trophy inshore fish for over 10 years now.

Even the LEGENDS like Bill Dance hire him out when they want to catch trophy redfish, snook, speckled trout, black drum, and tarpon.

In fact, Peter is known in many circles as...
The Captain The LEGENDS Hire When They Want To Catch The TROPHY Fish Of Their Life...
Capt. Peter Deeks sharing the day's trophy fish gameplan with Bill Dance
One of many trophy snook Bill Dance caught with Peter as his guide.
A big Gator Trout Bill landed with Peter as his guide.
Bill Dance and his personal best snook that he caught while fishing with Capt. Peter Deeks 
(one of the only mounted fish in Bill Dance's personal office)
And they come to Peter despite the fact that he NEVER advertises his services. 

It's all word-of-mouth... one person and one pro whispering to another.

Why do legends like Bill Dance seek Peter out?

It's simple.

He's the ONLY live bait expert who has taken real on the water experience and combined it with cutting-edge fish science... to create the first hyper-effective biological approach to catching MASSIVE fish using ACTIVE live bait management.

Yeah, I know that's a mouthful.

Here's what it means:
  •  Peter grew up fishing his entire life and had a special gift of finding fish. But upon going to college, he was actually training to become a medical doctor... majoring in Biology and doing all of the pre-med work that medical doctors must go through....
  • It was actually one of his biology professors (an avid fly fisherman) who taught Peter all about the importance of lateral lines on a fish (the system of organs in a fish used to detect movement, vibration, and pressure changes in the water)... and how you can use the fish's lateral lines to PREDICT where they will be and how they will react in any given situation. And those "fish biology secrets" his professor taught Peter was the catalyst to create the system that he's used to outfish people around him ever since he discovered it...
  •  You see, Peter has taken what he knows about lateral lines combined with the biology of fish to predict where the BIG TROPHY FISH will be at any given time (even after nasty cold fronts, windy days, etc).
  •  He's one of the few pro inshore fishermen who truly understands why fish move due to their biology... here' proof...
  •  Against some of the best inshore professionals in the entire South, Peter has won over THIRTY 1st place tournament finishes. He's still a major threat to WIN any tournament he enters today, and he's even gone on to help some of his students and fishing partners win tournament prize money as well.
  •  One thing that has separated Peter from the pack is his unique "active live bait fishing" technique... instead of just setting the rod in the rod holder (risking your live bait not looking natural at all to most fish -- especially a trophy fish), Peter guides his private clients and students on actively fishing the live bait -- it's really the ONLY way to target the world record fish.
  •  He's also guided clients to numerous IGFA World Records for redfish, snook, and trout... including the current All-Tackle Length Spotted Seatrout (pic below).
And an endless amount of trophy fish for his private clients and students... such as this...
And this...
And this...
And yet... he's still a mystery man to most inshore fishermen.

The reason: The professional fishermen simply do not want him to share these live bait secrets with you or anyone else.


Because these are the exact same tactics Peter uses to win tournaments, to catch world-record fish, and to consistently put his private clients on the biggest fish of their lives!

So the pros really, really, really want these secrets to stay secret.

And for years, Peter has declined to give seminars, write a book, or share his best tips publically...
Until Today...
He now believes it's time to share his best kept live bait secrets with every serious inshore fisherman who will take the time to learn it the right way.

He feels like it's finally his turn to give back and share his knowledge like many pros before him have done once they reach a certain level.

It's his way of "giving back" to the fishing community that has treated him so well over the years.

And don't be intimidated by the fact these are pro-level tactics.

The bottom line is, you can learn these live bait secret skills and techniques almost immediately...
  •  No matter if you've never thrown a perfect pancake with a cast net before...
  •  No matter what your current skill level is (in fact, it's almost better if you're a newbie, because you won't have to un-learn any of your bad habits)...
  •   No matter if you have a boat, skiff,  kayak, or even fish from shore!
  •  And no matter what kind of waters you fish in (crystal clear waters in south Florida, murky water up in the Carolinas, bayou waters in Louisiana and parts of Texas, or anywhere in between).
It's astonishingly easy... these live bait secrets are simple to "get"... and, best of all...
You Can See Everything 
For FREE If You Choose!
Here's the deal:

We recently took Capt. Deeks and a two professional videographers out on the East Coast of Florida for a super-secret video shoot.

While there, we shot 3 entire days worth of video -- capturing nearly every single detail of Peter's "professional lessons" on becoming a more consistent and trophy catching inshore fisherman.

Peter explains it into the camera, and then you SEE it as he rigs the bait his special way and then demonstrates the RIGHT way to ACTIVELY fish your live bait for trophy fish.

It's the ONLY way to really learn fast.

After 3 days (and over a TERABYTE  - that's 1,000 GB's of footage), we headed home and "condsensed" those 3 days of video into one killer online fishing course that is already sending some shock waves through the professional fishing circuit.

Because what Peter reveals in this online course will instantly make you a more consistent inshore fisherman -- even giving you the tools to go out and land world-record trophy fish just like the pros.

This means you'll suddently be able to find the big fish faster than before... you'll know exactly which live bait to use for any scenerio... and even have the skills to compete (and WIN) in inshore fishing tournaments.

Yes, even against salty, more experienced and better equiped pros who've been doing it much longer.

Here's a quick taste of what you're about to learn:
  •  Exactly what to look for in the water when you are targeting trophy fish -- so you find the big breeders quicker than your friends and don't waste your valuable time looking for spots (This is almost an unfair advantage... because you'll get Peter's exact blueprint for finding trophy fish FASTER than ever before).
  •  How to "read" the water, flats, and structure just like a pro! (Stop finding yourself stuck in dead zones where there aren't feeding fish)
  •  What certain baits are best during certain seasons (HINT: the best baits in the spring are completely different than the best baits in the summer)
  •  Peter's little known "twist" to freelining your live bait (If you don't know this, you double or TRIPLE the risk of losing a trophy fish!)
  •  The BEST way to rig your live bait depending on the current and type of fish you are targeting (Plus -- the ONE simple rigging tactic you must use for catching world record speckled trout).
  •  How to use your live bait to your advantage (a cool trick to have them swimming right into the feeding zones so you can stay farther away and land more fish).
  •  Why "chumming" can actually hurt your chances of landing a world-record fish (HINT: the world-record fish are rarely hanging around with the slot fish -- you must know this one secret in order to target the world record inshore fish correctly)
  •  Instantly eliminate your live baits from not looking natural! (The most common mistake newbies make... which murders your chances of catching a trophy fish. Easy fix.)
  •  How to ACTIVELY fish your live bait for more strikes (This is the one of the Biggest Mistakes that most live bait fishermen make when it comes to targeting the trophy fish -- even many full-time guides don't know how to do this properly!... but you will)
That's only a small sample of the jealously guarded "insiders only" live bait methods you'll discover.

You'll also get to peak over Peter's shoulder and discover these top live bait tactics...
  • Positioning your boat or kayak for maximum strikes (even in the worst conditions)! Most newbies simply guess on where they should position themselves, and they pay dearly. Pro's know how to always be in the perfect spot to attract a strike... and now you will, too!
  •  How to perfectly size your hook and leader to skyrocket your chances of landing a trophy fish (this ONE mistake COULD cost you landing the fish of a lifetime).
  •  Why a live bait close to the top of the water line is killing your chances of landing a trophy fish. Crucial stuff for serious inshore fishermen (explained in such simple terms you will understand instantly -- and be able to use tomorrow!)
  •  How to DECREASE your chances of catching slimy CATFISH!
  •  Depending on the depth and time of year, you'll know INSTANTLY which live bait to choose in order to maximize your strikes (this will save you tons of time from being stuck sitting there, watching your bait swim in circles... attracting nothing but birds eyeing it from above).
  •  How to find the perfect live baits no one told you about! (Instantly increase your chances of finding the perfect bait just like the full-time captains do... and how you can keep it lively and healthy all day long).
  •  A fast, simple, and cheap way to get live bait like the pros (This allows you to save tons of time not having to find bait on tough days -- this is the same trick full-time charter captains use)
  •  How to find the honey holes that hold the biggest trophy fish (the spots your friends pass over because they don't know what to look for).
And a ton more!

You already know that being able to consistently find and catch the big inshore fish is one of toughest things to do as an inshore fisherman.

Well... here, finally, are the pro-level secrets that will instantly help you find the feeding trophy fish, know exactly which bait to use in any situation, know precisely how to rig it... while you use your new skills and tactics to shock your friends and fishing buddies with your new personal best fish!

Legends, famous anglers, and private clients have paid Peter outrageous fees to learn this exact information.

In fact, he would charge you upwards of $2,500 for a single day if you wanted a private lesson where he would teach you his best tournament tips for the day.

And you don't get a recording of it, either.

You either remember it or you don't.

But as I mentioned, we filmed ALL of his best secrets for THREE FULL DAYS and then condensed his tactics into one amazing online fishing course called...
The course contains everything you need to know to MASTER live bait fishing for trophy inshore fish.

It's over 50 step-by-step (never before seen) videos revealing every single detail Peter uses to find the perfect bait for every situation, how to find the trophy fish on any given day, and exactly how to rig, present, and get your bait bait right in front of a feeding fish's mouth.

It's literally his entire blueprint to replicate his success (including how he wins tournaments).

And not only do you get Peter's entire BLUEPRINT to catching trophy fish using live bait, but you also get access to ask him questions (and get quick answers).


The entire Live Bait Mastery course is...
An Interactive Online Fishing Course!
So if you have a specific question on any video, you simply ask it below in the interactive comments, and Peter gets back to you personally with an answer.

In some cases, going back out on the water and filming an entirely new video to answer your question.

This is something no book, seminar, workshop, or even a full-day out on the water could do!

So do you want to see this amazing course yourself?

You can... without risking a penny.

Here's what to do now:

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Yes, you get LIFETIME access to this incredibly valuable information all for less than the cost of one tank of boat gas!

But you have to act now.

The crazy-low price of $67 won't be around long! (a fraction of what Peter would charge you if you wanted to hire him for a single day to learn just some of the secrets contained in this course).

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Here's how it works:

Order the course right now.

Watch it, use it, put it to the test on the water, treat it as your own.

If you are not completely blown away by what you've learned, then anytime in the first 365 days (plenty of time to check out everything for yourself on the water)... then I INSIST you send us an email at fish@saltstrong and get a fast refund for the full amount of your purchase price.

No questions.

No hassles, either.

We've been in the fishing education business for over three years now (and helped THOUSANDS of inshore fisherman catch more fish in less time).

We guard our reputation like a bulldog guards his home.

If you're not happy, we're not happy.

And if you want to speak to use in person, call our toll-free number here (855)888-6494.

We'd love to help answer any questions you might have.

You must order right away, however.

This is the FIRST TIME in the history of inshore fishing that anyone has tried to share this type of insider information like this.

It's a risk for Peter -- if he catches too much "heat" for revealing his secrets, he risks ticking off some of the other tournament pros.

Therefore, Peter has placed a strict number of courses that can be sold in this launch.

In fact...
Only 400 Copies Of Live Bait Mastery Are Available Before We Take The Entire Course Away!!!
When they sell out -- which should happen almost immediately -- we'll see where we stand with Peter in regards to getting any more copies out.

This round of 400 might be the ONLY copies of the course that ever get distributed.

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That's how confident I am of Peter's course.

I think you are going to flip when you see eveything that you discover.

I think it's going to change your fishing game, for life... almost overnight.

Listen, you've probably spent a small fortune on tackle, rods, reels, boats, kayaks, and other equipment already.

Why not invest just a few dollars more for the insider secrets of how to catch world-record inshore fish that will skyrocket your enjoyment of the sport you love so much... and help you OUTFISH all of your friends.

This is how you become the HERO... the go-to angler everyone is talking about and respects.

Invest in the course now.

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And start catching trophy fish this weekend just like the pro's.

P.S. - I almost forgot -- Peter also recorded six special FREE BONUS videos that only you and 399 other lucky fishermen will receive when you order today.

They are special videos where he spills the beans on targeted world-record species (tips he's NEVER shared publically before).

It's an amazing peek into how top pros like Peter think when it comes to targeting these fish.

Here are the six different FREE BONUS videos:

1) Trophy Redfish Tactics
2) Trophy Snook Tactics
3) Trophy Gator Trout Tactics
4) Trophy Tarpon Tactics
5) The Truth about Fresh Bait vs Frozen Bait
6) How To Win Inshore Tournaments

The value of these six videos alone are worth more than the special deal you get today.

Yet, they are all yours free (but you have to order today).

See you inside the course!
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