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Dear Friend,

Are you an Inshore fisherman?



Then can I ask you a personal question?

Have you ever had a frustrating day on the water?

You know, one of those days when nothing seems to work.

A day when nothing is biting...

A day when you get skunked...

Or perhaps, just as worse, a day when the only thing you seem to catch are slimy catfish...

I know I sure have...

In fact, my brother Luke and I were pretty frustrated anglers for many years. 

Looking back, it shouldn't have been such a surprise...

We did a lot of things wrong... 

For one, we blindly depended on the exact same fishing spots over and over and over again... 

You should have seen us when some other boat or kayak was in one of (if not all three) of our spots... 

We were like a lost kid at Disney!

I vividly remember the feelings of helplessness as we wasted the day blindly trying to find new spots... all while being angry at the other fishermen who had "taken our spots..." 

But some days we actually did ok.

I recall a few days when we would limit out on fish like redfish, speckled trout, snook, or flounder...

It felt pretty amazing.

Yet, the very next day we couldn't buy a strike!



It was like the fish from the day before had completely left the area. 

It was like our fish catching skills from the day before had completely disappeared...



Which sadly meant Zero Consistency for us.

Zero Consistency = FRUSTRATION 

Off the water, we made even more mistakes...

We bought every bright shiny object out there.... 

We bought countless spot maps hoping that would be the trick...  

We invested in nice boats and kayaks... 

We even invested in pretty much every nice reel, rod, latest fluoro and braided lines, and every hot new lure we could find... just hoping and praying it would magically help us catch more inshore fish. 

But you know what?

None of that "STUFF" got us any closer to becoming consistent fishermen

Long story short, we wasted a ton of TIME and MONEY trying to figure it all out the hard way...

Would you like to know what we finally realized after 15 years of inshore fishing?

That only ONE THING can truly help you become consistent & confident on the water all year long...

Only ONE THING can give you the ability to PREDICT where feeding inshore fish will be all year long... 

Want to know that it is?

Understand The Trends. 

That's it.

Because once you understand the trends (aka the feeding patterns and the biology of these fish...)

Then, and only then, will you become consistent at catching Redfish, Snook, Speckled Trout, Black drum & Flounder all year long. 

That's true regardless if you fish from a nice boat, a kayak, paddleboard, wade fish, or fish from shore... 

Knowing the trends and understanding the biology of these inshore fish is what separates the pros from the frustrated weekend warriors. 

And that’s exactly why my brother and I created the Insider Fishing Club

To help YOU avoid the costly mistakes that we made.

To help YOU avoid more frustrating days out on the water...

To help YOU find more feeding zones (and avoid the dead zones).

To help YOU save TIME and MONEY...

Most importantly, to reveal the trends that are working every single week (from Texas to Florida all the way up past the Carolinas). 

And although the club is mostly focused on inshore fishing mastery, we also give exclusive tips on other species like grouper, cobia, tarpon, mahi, etc because we want all of our members to be "complete anglers." 

We want YOU to be able to find and catch fish anywhere you go. 

Finally, we’ve made it affordable for anyone. 

And although we’ve already raised the price THREE times, if you get in today, you’ll get unlimited access for way less than the most affordable cup of coffee per day... 

Keep reading down below to learn more.

I hope to see you in the Insider family today.

Tight lines,

Joe Simonds
Salt Strong Co-Founder
Here's What The Insider Club Will Do For You:
  • You'll discover new inshore fishing SPOTS & TRENDS every single week so that you'll always know exactly where the fish are, what they are hitting at any given time throughout the year, and the latest tactics to catch them... helping you AVOID the Dead Zones...
  • You'll receive our very best inshore fishing tips reserved only for Insiders (so that you can take your game to a new level and start out-fishing your friends). If you think our free tips on Salt Strong are good, wait until you see how much better of an angler you become after watching our Insider tips. You'll receive 3-4 new exclusive tips every single week of the year. These tips are from pros such as Capt. C.A. Richardson (from FlatsClass TV), Capt. Peter Deeks, Peter Miller from Bass2Billfish, and other top experts and TV pros).
  • You'll get instant access to see our unfiltered reviews on popular fishing products (so that you can know which fishing products you can avoid spending your money on).
  •  Amazing DISCOUNTS: You'll receive discounts on popular fishing gear such as rods, reels, line, lures, and Salt Strong apparel
  • Tight-Knit Interactive Fishing Community: You'll receive instant access to the private Insider community (Regardless if you are logged into our private online Insider community on the Salt Strong site or the completely exclusive Insider only Facebook group, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can get an answer to your fishing questions, to get advice on a new area to fish, or even to meet up with a fellow Insider for a day of fishing).
  • 365 Day Risk-Free Trial (You have a full 365 days to get in, enjoy the membership benefits, and make sure it's an awesome fit for you) 
Are You Ready...
  • ​Are you ready to start catching more redfish, trout, black drum, snook, tarpon, and flounder over the next 12 months than you ever have before in your life?
  • ​Are you ready to take your fishing game up a level?
  • Are you ready to start OUT-FISHING all of your friends?
  • Are you ready to start saving time and money when it comes to fishing?
  • ​Are you ready to start catching more fish in less time (even if you don't own a boat)?
  • ​Are you ready to start predicting EXACTLY where the feeding fish will be every time you hit the water?
  • ​Are you ready to know the TRENDS of feeding fish (so you can PREDICT the feeding zones quicker than ever before)?
  • ​And are you ready to catch inshore fish YEAR-ROUND regardless of the temperature, tides, wind, or moon?
Don't Take Our Word For It...
Here's PROOF The Insider Fishing Club Works!
"So much info on LOCATING FISH"
"I love the weekly fishing reports..."
"I was catching trout on every cast!"
"Awesome tribe of anglers!"
"The community is extremely helpful..."
"Meeting great people who share a common interest"
"I got my first slam because of the club!"
"Access to new fishing knowledge"
"From newbie to PRO fisherman in 2 years!"
You Ready To Start Catching More Fish In Less Time?
Still On The Fence?
Here Are 11 Amazing Reasons You Should Join This Exclusive Fishing Club... So You Can Catch MASSIVE Amounts Of Redfish, Snook, Flounder, And Speckled Trout... Even During "Bad" Tides and Weather Conditions.
1. How to PREDICT exactly where redfish, trout, snook, and flounder will be feeding for any given temperature and tidal cycle... always knowing the TRENDS... so you can always avoid getting skunked!

2. How to quickly identify the best locations to fish (even if you don't own a boat).

3. How to make the most out of every fishing trip... helping you attract strikes even if you only have an hour to fish!

4. Exactly how to match the perfect bait sizes and colors to the situation you are fishing... even in murky water!

5. How to eliminate the need for live bait... and actually out-fish your friends who are held hostage to live bait!

6. How to read a new body of water... and discover the ONE thing that will instantly tell you if there are feeding fish nearby!

7. An amazing secret to always know precisely which water temp, tides, barometric pressure, and moon phases will be the best for you catching inshore fish where you live!

8. Understanding where the fish are feeding during different times of day... so you can start predicting the travel patterns of inshore fish just like a PRO.

9. How to know the instant you are stuck in a dead zone... and what spot you should go to next!

10. How to catch inshore fish anywhere from Texas all the way up to North Carolina... regardless of the temperature... even during cold days and super hot days when no one else can buy a strike!

11. The TWO RIGS you should ALWAYS have available at all time... plus which rigs you should avoid!
All of this (plus new fishing spots & TRENDS sent to you every single week) 
INSTANTLY... just for testing out the Insider Fishing Club today!

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