New Fishing Spots & Trends Revealed To You Every Single Week...
How To Find The Best New Inshore Fishing Feeding Spots INSTANTLY... 365 Days Per Year (Even If You Don't Own A Boat)...
How an "ex-bass fisherman" from Orlando, Florida who had never caught a single saltwater fish in his entire life started catching record inshore grand slams almost overnight... without ever owning a boat... even going PRO and getting paid to fish full-time in less than TWO years... all by using this little-known fishing strategy...

And how YOU can do it, too!

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Dear Friend,

Are you an inshore fisherman who wants to catch more redfish, speckled trout, flounder, snook, tarpon, and black drum per hour of fishing across ALL seasons and weather conditions?

Do you feel like you're lacking consistency in your catching (some days you're on fire while other days are very slow... or even worse, you get SKUNKED)?

Are you struggling to find feeding zones as quickly as you want?

Do you find yourself going back to the same old spots over and over again?

Has the never ending assortment of different lures, baits, colors, sizes, and rigs have you confused on exactly what bait you should use in every single situation?

If so, then I've got good news (and this message will be crucial to your future fishing game).

Because you are about to discover how to LEAPFROG over the painfully long "finding feeding fish" curve... 

So that you can start OUTFISHING YOUR FRIENDS and having more FUN out on the water than ever before... as FAST as possible.

And TODAY... you'll have the opportunity to discover those secrets.

You'll get the very best... most predictable... most reliable and PROVEN ways to...
Catch As Many FISH As You Can Handle!
Even better... you can do it with as little risk as possible... almost overnight.

Just imagine the reaction on your fishing friend's faces as they watch you catching two, three, or even four times as many fish as them!

Imagine how shocked they are going to be when you can instantly predict where the feeding fish will be (faster than any of them)!

But first, let's get something very important out in the open... something that makes certain anglers uncomfortable...
This Is A Letter About INVESTING In Yourself To Drastically Improve Your Fishing Game (Forever).

Only keep reading if you understand the importance of getting shortcuts from people who have cut their teeth and spent decades sharpening their skills and learning things the hard way so that you don't have to.

Most importantly, only keep reading if you are excited about improving your fishing game for the rest of your life.

Oh, and one more warning:

What you are about to discover will be completely different than all of the fishing magazines, shows, and free YouTube videos claim you should do.

And differently than most of the inshore fisherman around you who continue to struggle and have frustrating days out on the water say it should be done...

Because here's what happens if you keep doing it the way you've always done it... 

The accepted "norm" of learning how to catch fish the hard way becomes a BAD HABIT and you'll eventually be conditioned into believing that it's the only way... and your fishing game will always be out of your control.

In other words, if you follow the traditional ways of slowly learning how to become a more consistent fisherman the hard way, you'll spend the majority of your time...
Your days out on the water will be a blend of highs and lows... mostly lows... struggling to stay out of dead zones and wondering why you can't find feeding fish...

For the rest of your life.

Or... you can pay attention to me for the next few minutes and discover how to become a MASTER OF FINDING PRODUCTIVE FISHING SPOTS... quicker than you ever imagined possible.

Here's how:

Instead of focusing on just "spots" or heaven forbid, just focusing on the equipment (and wasting tons of your valuable time and money), you're about to discover a proven method for finding FEEDING ZONES just like the pros do.

And today... you can get INSTANT ACCESS to this proven system FREE.

Here's what it's all about:

I'm Joe Simonds, one of the co-founders here at Salt Strong.

As someone who helps fishermen take their game up a level and catch more fish in less time for a living, I get to meet a lot of amazing fishermen.

It's a great opportunity because I get to learn things from every single one of them (including many of our students who have gone on to do some BIG things in the fishing world).

One of the most exciting discoveries I've ever made came from one of our very first students to join our Insider Fishing Club (our private inner circle membership).

His name is Tony Acevedo and he's one of the sharpest and most successful fishermen I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

What's really interesting about Tony is that:
  • He lives in Orlando, Florida (not exactly the saltwater capital of Florida... it's dead in the middle of the state with no saltwater to be found within an hour of his house)
  • He doesn't own a boat (just a kayak)
  •  Shortly before joining our Insider Fishing Club, he had NEVER caught a single inshore saltwater fish (except one slimy catfish while fishing with his dad from a pier).
Yet, out of nowhere, he started catching fish like this (hundreds of them):
And this...
And this...
And this...
And this...
As you can imagine, we were curious on how he was doing it.

I mean, how was an inshore fishing newbie who lives in Central Florida with NO BOAT catching inshore slam after inshore slam...

Many days catching FIVE DIFFERENT SPECIES (redfish, snook, trout, tarpon, flounder) in a single afternoon...

So we reached out to Tony and asked him.

What he revealed shocked us.

Here's what he was doing:

He was simply watching our exclusive "Insider Fishing Reports" every week, making notes of the trends that were highlighted, and then adding in some unique tactics from his bass fishing experience into his inshore saltwater trips.

And this overall system worked so well... so FAST... that Tony used it to conisently catch quality redfish, seatrout, flounder, tarpon, black drum, & snook even while he lived an hour from saltwater and was just fishing from his kayak.

Even more astonishing is the fact that he catches most of his fish with artificial lures because was able to fine-tune his skills for consistently locating the best feeding zones and presenting the right lures at the right time.

The best news is that my brother Luke and I teamed up with Tony to document this entire proven system for finding the best feeding zones in ANY AREA based on the BIOLOGY of fish and how they react to the ever-changing conditions (tides, currents, weather, season, etc.)...

And we call it...
Finding Spots Mastery!
And as a special gift for you taking the time to read this, you now have the opportunity to get your own copy of Finding Spots Mastery... today... for FREE!

I'll tell you how in just a minute.

First, let me share a few of the feeding fish finding tactics you'll soon discover...
  •  A little known -- and rarely used -- online map secret that lets you find the underwater structure that most anglers miss.
  •  The very FIRST thing you must do if you find yourself in a dead zone (If you don't know THIS, you risk wasting what COULD be one of your best days on the water)
  •  How to become more consistent at finding feeding inshore fish and break out of the "norm" of going back to the same old spots over and over again...
  •  How to PREDICT where the fish will be based on their biology, so you can CONFIDENTLY track them all year long (even right after a nasty cold front or during bad tides).
  •  Tony's little known "twist" to finding productive fishing spots in murky water (If you don't know this, you double or even TRIPLE your chances of being stuck in a dead zone!)
  •  Exactly what to look for on the water when you try out a new spot (and what clues will let you know if there are feeding fish around).
  •  While other fishermen (not privy to these secrets) struggle to find feeding zones, become frustrated with their lack of consistency, and waste tons of time and money chasing the wrong things (like some magical lure or bait that doesn't exist)... YOU will be CATCHING MORE FISH... without all of the hard work.
These are spot finding tips, tricks, and tactics you can only discover by working with a "proven in the trenches" inshore expert like Tony and my brother Luke.

And you're going to get a bird's eye view (over the shoulder) of ALL of their spot finding secrets in the Finding Spots Mastery online course.

A few more proven tactics you'll discover are:
  •  The best way to do pre-trip planning for a successful inshore fishing trip (If you don't know THIS, you'll have a MUCH higher risk of wasting a big chunk of your day in dead zones... either paddling or motoring around frustrated).
  •  Why you MUST know how the weather and temperature play a role in the spots you pick for any given day (Knowing this could be mean the difference between an incredibly successful day on the water and a skunked day that leaves you destitute, disheartened, and depressed).
  •  Why this one simple, yet little-known tactic is CRUCIAL during your initial spot dissection phase (It keeps your risk of picking a bad spot as low as possible... AND gives you the best chance of getting in a feeding zone).
  •  Tony and Luke's proven "Water Science" tactic that allows you to "Think Like A Fish" and accurately predict where the fish will be looking for their next meal.
Heck, if that's all you got from this free course it would STILL be worth a king's ransom.
But That's Not All...
Not by a long shot.

You'll also soon understand...
  •  Exactly how to find Proven, Time-Tested, And Highly Effective Spots That WORK Based On Seasonal Trends!
  •  The best online maps to use for your area.
  • How you can go "back in time" and find hidden structure from old images (You're probably cruising right over hidden structure that holds tons of fish).
  •  The BEST way to use Bing maps. (HINT: it's not the same as using Google maps, Google Earth, or Mapquest).
  •  The two things that MUST be present on the water to bring lots of strikes (If your spot doesn't have one of these two things, it's probably going to be a dead zone).
These are the finding "honey hole" new spot secrets that are completely off the radar for most weekend warrior fishermen.

Because the ONLY way to learn this stuff is from YEARS of trial and error... failing 9 times out of 10... and practically going insane studying over trends, spots, and the biology of fish.

I can tell you from personal "and very frustrating" experience, the learning curve is BRUTAL when it comes to becoming a truly consistent fisherman.

99% never make it to that level because the time commitment and emotional toll it takes on you can be utterly, heartbreakingly demoralizing.

There's A BETTER Way!
A smarter way.

A way where you don't have to endure all of those frustrating trips out on the water.

You can learn it from grizzled inshore fishing vets who HAVE gone through it.

And that's exactly what my brother Luke, Tony, and the rest of our proven fishing coach faculty have already done for you.

These are the time-tested, proven strategies and tactics I wish I'd had at my fingertips when I first started getting serious with inshore fishing... (it would have saved me valuable time, money, and years of frustrating trips).

Because what you'll discover in this proven finding new fishing spots system can take you from feeling stuck, frustrated, confused... feeling like you keep going back to the same spots over and over and over again... to...
Finding Better Spots And Catching Fish So Darn Fast... It Will Blow Your Mind!
That's exactly what it has done for Tony, for me, for my brother, for our private fishing clients... and can do for YOU, too.

WITHOUT the decades-long learning curve and countless thousands of dollars needed to learn it the hard way.

And if that's ALL you got from Finding Spots Mastery it would be worth a fortune to any serious fisherman.

But there's more.

MUCH more.

Take me up on this ONE-TIME-ONLY offer today and here's what you'll get:
IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Finding Spots Mastery Online Fishing Course

Finding Spots Mastery $297 (Yours FREE today)

This is the EXACT system that Tony uses to predict where the feeding fish will be at any given time of the year. My brother Luke and Tony built it after testing out every variable possible on and off the water. Some people paid a lot of money for this course when we offered it for a limited time. Yet YOU are going to get it FREE when you take me up on this one-time offer today.
Listen, I've been a hard-core inshore angler for more than two decades, and I've been fishing all over the world with many top pros and charter captains.

Based on that experience, I can look you in the eye and without one single, solitary shred of doubt, tell you this:

Once you're armed with the insanely effective spot finding secrets you'll get in Finding Spots Mastery...
Your Entire Fishing Game 
Will Be Transformed For LIFE!
I can promise you that because I've seen it happen to the fortunate clients we've shared it with (You'll hear from a few of them in just a minute).

Now, you might be wondering, if all this stuff is as good as I say it is... why am I offering to give it to you FREE?

Because of ONE main reason:

Our Mission here at Salt Strong is to help fishermen catch more fish in less time.

Our driving force is that we want to help fisherman like you create as many amazing memories out on the water as possible...
And This Finding Spots Course Will Help You Create More Amazing Memories Out On The Water!
You see, as soon as you click the "YES! Let Me In" button below you'll have instant access to our very best, private, proprietary intellectual fishing property, systems, and shortcuts that we've only shared with our very best customers.

It's the kind of information that we've seen transform countless anglers while creating memories on the water with their loved ones... memories and experiences that can never be taken away from them.

Make sense?


Let's continue with what I bet is your most pressing question:

I've teased you about all of the awesome things that'll happen in your fishing game once you get your hands on these PROVEN INSIDER secrets...

But I still haven't answered your burning question...
"How Do I Get All Of This For FREE?"
Listen... because guys like Tony and my brother Luke have spent 15+ years (and who knows how much money) discovering all of these finding spot strategies...

We should be charging a small FORTUNE for all of this.

After all, I'm handing you a PROVEN system to find as many productive new fishing spots as you desire (without losing tens of thousands of dollars and YEARS of your life learning it the hard way... like Luke and Tony did).

But I know these struggles happened for a reason.

And the reason is this:

So that we could PREVENT YOU from going through all of the frustration, heartbreak, and wasted time trying to discover all this stuff the hard way... through trial and error.

That's why even if this course were for sale, the price for Finding Spots Mastery SHOULD be at least $297 (like some people paid).

But it's NOT for sale.


At any price.

However, you can get Finding Spots Mastery as my FREE gift when you join us TODAY in the Insider Fishing Club.
What's The Insider Fishing Club?
It's where the good fishermen come to get great, and the great fishermen come to go PRO.

In a sentence, it's an online fishing club where we share our most valuable fishing tips, reveal new spots and trends every single week of the year, team up with some of the biggest pro fishermen so you can have access to their best tips, give you unbiased and unfiltered product reviews so you can save money, and share everything we've got to take your game up a level.

It's our "inner circle family" where we share all of our hard-won secrets.

And it's called the "Insider Club" because you get "Insider" secrets and trends that can't be found ANYWHERE else on the Internet.

Oh, and it's open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year (so you have instant access to the best tips, tricks, tactics, and even real spots and trends anywhere you have Internet access... any time... anywhere).

If you join us today, here's everything you will receive right now...
Insider Benefit #1 - Weekly Spots & Trends
The first benefit you get as an Insider Fishing Club member is you get to see our EXACT fishing spots (at least one every single week via weekly videos exclusive only to Insiders).

And not only do you get to see exactly where we caught fish on each trip, but you get to see where the bait was, where we missed fish, what lure or bait we were using, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the TRENDS behind the trip so you can REPLICATE it in your area.

So every single week, we pull back the curtain on a new inshore fishing spot... showing you exactly how we PRE-PLAN the trip (and why we picked certain spots based on the weather, tides, etc), exactly where all of the fish were holding up (and we explain WHY they were feeding in certain spots based on the conditions), and how you can find the same spot in your area based on trends.

Every week it's like having a fishing guide or your favorite fishing show host break down the exact spot they were fishing, what was hot, what was working, what wasn't working, and how you can use the same trends to your advantage where you live (or go fish the exact same spot if you want to).

Each week you'll get to...
See Behind-The-Scenes Of Our Best Fishing Spots!
You get to see the base hits, the grand slam home runs (when we catch inshore grand slams), and even the disappointing and humbling skunk strikeouts.

We reveal it ALL to you... practically right as it's happening.

I don't think you'll ever find a more honest, "open book" look into fishing spots and trends that can help you catch more fish faster than you ever imagined.
Just One Idea From These Weekly Videos Could Be The TIP That Alters Your Game Forever!
These are real-time fish catching lessons and trends that are working RIGHT NOW on the water.

And what we've found time and time again is that a Redfish is a Redfish is a Redfish... regardless if you are fishing in Texas, Florida, or up in North Carolina.

That's why these trends have been transforming inshore fishermen in those states (and every state in between) ever since we opened the club to the public.

Bottom line:
The Weekly Spots & Trends Are All About Helping You PREDICT Where Fish Will Be... FAST!
Our goal is that you are able to identify hot feeding zones quicker than you ever imagined... being able to look at an online map and instantly know where the fish will be for any given scenario... even if it's a place you have never fished before.

And it's only one of the benefits you get today for joining the Insider Fishing Club.

You'll also get...
Insider Benefit #2 - Trend Analyzer Tool
We want you to have every possible ADVANTAGE to reach your fishing goals and become a more consistent fisherman.

That's why you'll also get exclusive access to our Trend Analyzer tool.

Because we have so many different fishing reports for our members, we want you to have a SIMPLE way to QUICKLY filter the reports that match your current situation.

Targeting redfish and speckled trout on a cloudy day in the spring on an outgoing tide?

No problem.

We've got the Insider report for you at your fingertips (so you can learn exactly where and WHY the fish were positioned in certain areas... 

Because remember - a fish is a fish is a fish... once you know their BIOLOGY, it becomes incredibly easy to predict their next move.

The Trend Analyzer tool is a favorite among our members and it continues to get more powerful every week as we add in new reports.

But that's not all.

When you join the Salt Strong Insider Fishing Club today, you'll also get...
Insider Benefit #3 - Weekly "Fishing Forecasts"
Another really big benefit you'll receive are the "Fishing Forecast" videos we do for you every single week!

Here's how it works:

Our members tell us actual spots they want us to "dissect" and we get on the different online maps and record:
  • Exactly where we would fish (and WHY).
  • Where certain inshore fish will be holding up depending on different variables such as incoming tide, outgoing tide, cold front, high wind, etc.
  •  Where your best chances are for hooking up.
  •  How we would position our kayak or boat in each spot to maximize the amount of fish you can catch.
  •  Revealing any hidden structure on the maps that many people might miss.
We've "dissected" fishing spots and done these forecasts everywhere from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

And we do a new one every single week (usually on Thursday or Friday so you can watch it before the weekend to find new spots and know where the fish will be feeding).

They are certainly the most DETAILED fishing forecasts you've ever seen!

The real beauty is taking the same tactics you learn from each dissection video and applying them in your area (giving you MORE CONFIDENCE to find spots quicker than ever before).

And that's not all.

You'll also get...
Insider Benefit #4 - Unbiased Product Reviews
One of the BIG PROBLEMS in the fishing world is that there is way too much emphasis on equipment (when in reality, your equipment isn't very helpful if you can't find the fish...)

And part of the issue is that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is either "Sponsored" or is a "Pro Staff" for the endless amount of fishing products that are available out there.

The reason this is a problem is that you don't know who to trust!

How many times have we seen a fishing pro swear on TV that one brand is the best and then the next thing you know he is working for the competitor because they gave him more money...

I get it, it's business.

But it's also frustrating because you never know if you can trust the product reviews out there.

Well, with our product review, the entire goal is to...
Save You Time And Money!
And we do that by having the most unfiltered, unbiased reviews out there.


That's right.

No one on the Salt Strong team has a single sponsor (many have asked, and we've turned them all away).

So we can tell you exactly which products are great, which ones are ok, and which ones you should outright avoid!

And that's anything from reels, rods, line, lures, and other miscellaneous fishing equipment.

But there's more!

You'll also get...
Insider Benefit #5 - Exclusive Content (And Access To) Professional Online Fishing Coaches
How would you like to get exclusive fishing tips from some of the same pros you see on TV (like Capt. C.A. Richardson of Flats Class)?

More importantly, how awesome would it be if you could ask them any fishing question you want... anytime... and know that you'll always get a response?

Well, now you can!

When you become an Insider member today, you'll have access to pros such as Capt. CA Richardson (and many more of your favorite pros being added every year), where you can ask them questions, find out what's working, and discover some of their tactics that they've never shared anywhere else.

You can also expect a new EXCLUSIVE fishing tip every week from these pros like CA.

These are tips for INSIDERS ONLY (can't be found on YouTube or anywhere else).

This alone is worth thousands of dollars.

But there's more.

You'll also get...
Insider Benefit #6 - Deep Discounts On Popular Gear
Yes, even though we did officially stop offering our Salt Strong gear to the public, we still give our Insiders access to our gear at WHOLESALE COST (usually 40% off).

But that's not all.

We've negotiated substantial discounts for you!

Yep, we've also reached out to many of our favorite brands (from spinning reels, to rods, to sunglasses, to pliers, to cast nets, etc) and asked them if they could essentially sponsor YOU... and give you, our Insider family a deep discount on their products.

And most of them said YES!

So as long as you are part of the Insider family, you'll receive anywhere from 10% to 50% off some of your favorite brands.

Many members have told us that these discounts paid for the entire price of the membership in just the first month.

And to make this decision a complete NO-BRAINER, we're going to throw in some FREE BONUSES if you act today (these bonuses won't be around for long - so take advantage of this special offer today).
FREE Bonus #1 
Spots Mastery Course ($297 Value)
You've already heard about the POWER of this amazing course (that you can't even purchase if you wanted to).

This course is one of the first things that our new Insider members go through, and it sets the foundation for your TRANSFORMATION over the next year.

But there's more.

You're also going to get...
Free Bonus #2
Mini-Fishing Courses ($97 Value)
We've put together some really amazing mini-fishing courses for our Insiders to help you become the consistent angler that you want to be.

Most of these "mini-courses" are anywhere from 5 to 10 videos, and we are adding new ones often.

Each mini-course is on a specific topic such as:
  • Live Bait Mini-Course 
  • Kayak Fishing Mini-Course
  • Redfish Skunk Factor Series
But there's more.

You'll also get...
Free Bonus #3
Positioning & Approach Mastery Course ($135 Value)
The only thing more important than mastering finding feeding zones is mastering how to position and approach feeding fish.

Countless fish opportunities are lost because the angler approached them the absolute worst way possible (or positioned his boat or kayak in a way that killed his chances of getting the fish to strike).

As fishermen, we spent so much time and energy finding the fish, so the worst thing you can do is spook them off and kill your chances because you made one small positioning mistake (which is incredibly common - most anglers don't even know they are doing it).

So we hired a professional film crew (and one awesome drone guy) to go out and film us positioning both a boat and kayak in every kind of situation imaginable, like:

Docks, oyster bars, sand bars, grass flats, mangrove line, and more.

And know that this course is NOT for sale.

You can ONLY get it for joining the Insider Club today.

I can assure you that this is well worth the cost of admission by itself!

But that's not all you get.

You'll also receive...
Free Bonus #4
The Insider VAULT ($297 Value)
What's "The Vault" you ask?

The Insider Vault is every single one of our past private reports, our trends, and all of our tips and secrets.

Many memberships only give you the new stuff going forward...

But we open up EVERYTHING to you...

Years of exclusive tips, tactics, SPOTS, TRENDS, and shortcuts.

And the best news is that you'll have instant access at your fingertips when you join today...

But there's one more thing...

You'll also get...
Free Bonus #5
The Private Insider Community (PRICELESS)
Here's the truth:

Almost all of our Insiders tell us that they join because of the spots, the trends, and the exclusive tips.

And we understand why.

But they tell us they renew their membership because of the COMMUNITY.

You see, this Insider community has taken on a life of its own.

The best way to describe it is... A FAMILY.

We've got members doing all of the following:
  • Doing fishing meet-ups with others in their area
  • Hosting parties (for any Insider member to attend)
  • Sharing what's working in their area
  •  And even sharing spots and trends (including a couple of captains who are in the club and reveal some of their spots and tips)
This Insider Community exists in two places:

1) There is an online community inside of the private Insider-only content on where you can comment, ask questions, and share your knowledge.

2) There is a super exclusive Insider Only Facebook group that is incredibly active and incredibly POSITIVE (no negativity, no bashing, no keyboard police saying your fish wasn't big enough...)

And we can't wait to see you in there!
Here's The Bottom Line:
If you are truly serious about investing in yourself to become the fisherman that all of your friends look up to (that your kids and family look up to), then joining the Insider family today can be the master key that transforms your fishing game forever.

And since you made it this far, I want to make this a complete no-brainer decision for you.

That's why - TODAY - I'm going to give you the opportunity to claim your spot in the Insider family...
Risk-FREE... At The Lowest Price Possible!
And not only that, we are really going to put our money where our mouth is and take all the risk off the table for you today.

In fact, you can have everything for FREE... if you choose.

Here's what I mean.

If you take action today and become an Insider member, you'll be backed by our unheard of...
365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!
That's right.

365 days.

And I don't care if it's day 364, with 23 hours and 59 minutes left...

If at any reason you aren't 100% THRILLED with your membership, and if you don't think you are catching MORE FISH than ever before, then simply send us an email at and we'll issue a full refund.

No questions asked.

No haggling.

You'll even get to keep the bonuses and all that you learned along the way.

So by now, you might be wondering how much all of this costs?

Well, first consider that...
The Cost Of A Good Fishing Guide For ONE DAY Is Around $800...
And nothing against fishing guides (we have many full-time fishing guides as Insider members), but their #1 job is to entertain their customers (like making sure you have a good experience, catch some fish, and have a beer or two), not teaching you everything they know...

But even if they did teach everything they could in a day, you'd have to have a photographic memory to remember everything they said...

Because if you didn't record every bit of if, the chances of you recalling everything just a month later are slim to none.

And it still wouldn't help you find new spots and understand the trends like the pros.

So even though we guarantee you'll get more value, we don't want to charge you anywhere near $800.

We don't even want to charge you half of that at $400.

In fact, we don't even want to charge you half of that at $200...

Nope, you'll only be charged...
Just $.27 Per DAY!!!

Just 27 cents per day!

That comes to just $97 for the ENTIRE YEAR!

Keep in mind, you can't even get a cup of coffee for 27 cents these days.

However, 27 pennies per day is all it's going to take to give you instant access to everything for an entire year (risk-free).

It's certainly the best investment you'll ever make when it comes to fishing.

And if you don't agree, simply email and get every penny refunded to you.
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Along with the four other FREE BONUSES worth many hundreds of dollars...

Yours free for joining today.

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First, we have raised the price of the Insider Club THREE times since we opened it up (but don't worry, once you get in, you lock in your price for LIFE).

We've also taken away some of these bonuses (but if you get in today, you are guaranteed to receive everything listed on this page).

Secondly, if you miss out on this deeply-discounted offer, you are going to kick yourself.

The second reason is that I've learned many lessons over the past 40 years...

One of the most important is this:

A year from now... six months from now... heck, maybe even only a few DAYS from now...
You'll Wish You Had Started TODAY!
Because you'll feel the "kicked in the gut" pain of regret... knowing all of the tips, the shortcuts, and the new spots and trends that you missed out on.

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