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11 Amazing Secrets Discovered By Top Inshore Fishing Coach Can Help You Catch MASSIVE Amounts Of Redfish, Snook, Flounder, And Trout... Even During Windy, Nasty Cold Fronts!
  •  How to predict exactly where redfish will be feeding for any given temperature and tide... so you can avoid getting skunked on your next trip out!
  •  How to quickly identify the best locations to fish (even if you don't own a boat).
  •  How to make the most out of every fishing trip... helping you attract strikes even if you only have an hour to fish!
  •  Exactly how to match the perfect bait sizes and colors to the situation you are fishing... even in murky water!
  •  How to eliminate the need for live bait... and actually outfish your friends who are held hostage to live bait!
  •  How to read a new body of water... and discover the ONE thing that will instantly tell you if there are feeding fish nearby!
  •  An amazing secret to always know precisely which water temp, tides, barometric pressure, and moon phases will be the best for you catching inshore fish where you live!
  •  Understanding where the fish are feeding during different times of day... so you can start predicting the travel patterns of inshore fish just like a PRO.
  •  How to know the instant you are stuck in a dead zone... and what spot you should go to next!
  •  How to catch redfish, snook, and trout regardless of the temperature... even during cold days and super hot days when no one else can buy a strike!
  •  The TWO RIGS you should ALWAYS have available at all time... plus which rigs you should avoid!
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