If you want to learn how to catch fish fast, so you can have a great time on the water... and even teach your friends and family how to catch fish... then you've got to see this!
For The Woman Who Doesn't Have Time To Learn Fishing "The Hard Way"... (And Who Wants To Make Memories Catching Fish With Their Friends & Family)... This Female Fishing Coach Will Teach You How To Fish In Just One Evening
Learn everything you need to know to go out and catch fish... how to find them... the exact equipment you need... and how to get them to bite... so you can start catching fish fast!
Why The Fishing Industry Is Doing A Disservice To Women... And What This Female Professional Angler Is Doing About It
If you've ever seen a YouTube video, or a Facebook or Instagram post of someone with a big fish and thought...

"Wow, that looks amazing... I'd love to be able to do that!"... you're not alone.

And if you've ever seen a YouTube video with a bunch of men on the boat catching fish...

Or women in tiny bikinis showing off their bodies more than their catch, and thought...

"I can't see myself doing that."... you're also not alone.

See, the fishing industry is doing a huge disservice to women.

They're not making real women (you know, the ones who don't wear tiny bikinis for the whole world to see) feel included in fishing.

And it's not fair. 

So here's what we did....

We went and partnered up with Leiza Fitzgerald, a female professional angler (known for her fish-catching skills and not showing off her body), and got her to share everything she knows about how to catch fish fast...

So you can learn to have a great time on the water and catch tons of fish, too.
In This Exclusive Online Video And Text-Based Inshore Fishing 101 Class, Professional Angler Leiza Fitgerald Will Show You...
  • ​How to predict exactly where inshore fish (redfish, snook, trout, flounder, etc.) will be feeding for any given temperature and tide... so you can catch inshore fish on demand!
  • ​When the best times to fish are... so you can maximize your time on the water.
  • ​How to catch fish in every season... helping you have fun all year long!
  • ​Exactly what equipment you need, so you can catch more fish by getting what works...and save money by avoiding what doesn't.
  • ​How to read a new body of water... and discover the ONE thing that will instantly tell you if there are feeding fish nearby!
  • ​The best way to strategically plan your fishing trip...helping you maximize your time on the water and the amount of fish you catch!
  • ​How to tie the strongest fishing knots so you never lose a fish because of a weak knot (this will save you tons of frustration and hearbreak!)
  • How to catch fish with artificial lures so you aren't held hostage by live bait (and so you don't waste time and money catching or buying it)
  • Leiza's favorite go-to lure when she really wants to catch fish (or put someone else on a fish)
All of this (plus much more) revealed to you INSTANTLY... just for testing out Inshore Fishing 101 today... so you can start catching more fish like these (on your very next fishing trip)...
And this...
And this...
And this...
And this...
And this...
Introducing The ONLY Online Fishing Course For Women... Taught By A Woman... That Guarantees You'll Be Consistently Catching MORE Fish Faster Than You Ever Imagined (Even If You're Just Getting Started)
27 Ways Inshore Fishing 101 Will Help You Catch More Fish In Less Time
1. For less than the cost of a few artificial lures, you'll know exactly what the pros know about catching inshore fish... no secrets held back.. and you'll be able to take these strategies and start catching fish today!

2. See exactly how the pros find their honey holes using online maps (this alone is well worth the price of admission)!

3. More fish in the cooler... and more consistency every time you target fish... based on DECADES of fishing experience...

4. A proven pre-trip planning formula for making the most of your day on the water... based on what truly works.

5. It's like having a private fishing charter for multiple days (for a fraction of the price) with the ability to replay, re-read, fast forward, rewind, rewatch, recreate, print out, and even ask questions!

6. No more skunked fishing days... discover how charter captains find feeding fish (even on days when they just don't seem to be biting).

7. How to quickly find potholes and other perfect fishing spots (on and off the water).

8. Maximize your time with every trip... and avoid the dead zones that most weekend warrior anglers get stuck in.

9. Discover how the pros anchor and position their boat (or kayak) on a spot to get more strikes.

10. Dramatically improve your hook-up ratio... so you can have a lot more FUN every trip.

11. Save tons of money by only getting the equipment and lures that are proven to work (and skipping out on the latest fads).

12. Know Leiza's favorite lure that catches fish in every situation.

13. Learn how to predict where the feeding fish will be every season (so you can finally stop getting skunked!)

14. Discover the best artificial lures and when to use each one of them to catch more fish.

15. Get the right tackle & equipment for redfish, snook, trout and flounder... and ignore confusing tips from fishing magazines.

16. Quit losing big fish with weak knots (and learn the quick and easy way to tie the strongest knots).

17. Get rid of pinfish,  catfish, and other "junk fish" stealing your best bait!

18. Know exactly what to do when the bite shuts down.

19. Find out when the best time to go fishing is (and when the worst time is, too!).

20. Get all the best resources for reading tides and weather (so you can have a safe day on the water AND catch a bunch of fish).

21. Save countless dollars on gas (by not having to drive around aimlessly looking for fishing spots, but having an exact plan).

22. Discover the truth about consistently catching keeper fish in all four seasons.

23. How long to stay in a spot before moving.

24. The "must-have" artificial lures... never leave home without these!

25. Finally discover how to predict where feeding fish will be in every tide cycle... like clockwork.

26. More fish. Less time. Period (or you don't pay).

27. A special low early-bird price from Leiza because she wants more women out there fishing right now! (And it's less expensive than a single tank of gas... heck, it's less expensive than a few lures!)
What They're Saying About Leiza...
"It is so refreshing to have a speaker who will simplify the “fishing speak” so that novice anglers such as our group understand. We loved getting a peak into her tackle box." - Nature Coast Lady Anglers

"Many thanks for one of the best presentations on inshore fishing and how to find fish that we have ever had. Our club members really were entertained and learned a great deal. We would love to have you back." - SWFL Fishing Club

"You did a super job of helping the ladies get over the threshold of fishing! Your detail of how and what baits to use in different habitats and for different inshore species was enlightening. The ladies loved your presentation and have requested to have you back again next year." - Betty Bauman, Ladies Let’s Go Fishing

"The detail with which Captain Leiza Fitzgerald describes how to find areas to fish is so helpful. Her approach to tidal movement, habitat and bait is spot on. I used her suggestions and found areas that produced." - Ken Cochran

"Informative, easy to understand and engaging, plus your passion for conservation kept my guests entertained during our fishing seminars." - Capt. Mike Anderson, Reel Animals Fishing
Here's Everything You Get Today (Instantly)
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  •   BONUS VIDEO #3: Mullet School Secrets ($27 Value) 
  •   BONUS VIDEO #4: Expert Kayak Fishing Equipment ($27 Value)
  •   BONUS VIDEO #5: Tips For Being A Good Boat Guest (So You Get Invited Back) ($27 Value)
  •   BONUS VIDEO #6: When Nature Calls On The Water Tips ($27 Value)
Total Value: $359
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We are so confident that you will be 100% THRILLED with Inshore Fishing 101 that we have an unheard of 365-day money-back guarantee on the course.

That gives you an entire year to go through the content, put it to the test, and make sure you are catching more inshore fish than ever before.

In other words, we've taken all of the risk off of you and put it on us to make sure you are 100% THRILLED with everything.

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Q. What if I'm brand new to inshore fishing? Will this course still work for me?

A. Yes! This course was made specifically with you in mind. Leiza goes through everything you need to know, from the right equipment to get, to the best knots and lures to use, and how to find fish.
Q. Who is teaching this fishing course?

A. Leiza Fitzgerald is a professional angler. She was one of the first lady captains in Tampa Bay, and before she retired she was rated the top lady inshore angler.

She has a passion for conservation and getting women out on the water fishing.
Q. Is there really a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee? How do I get my money back if it doesn't work for me?

A. Yes. We treat you exactly how we wish other companies treated us...

If you aren't 100% THRILLED (for any reason) anytime in the first 365 days, you can simply email us or call us and get a full (and prompt) refund with no questions asked.

We've taken all of the risk off of you and put it on to make sure this is an amazing investment for you.
Q. What exactly is in the course?

A. 2 hours of inshore fishing secrets covering everything you need to know to get started fishing (and catching!), and 6 bonus videos with specific situational secrets.
Q. Will this inshore fishing course help me catch more fish if I don't down a nice boat?

A. Yes. Leiza includes several kayak-specific tips, but all tips, tactics and trends are applicable whether you are fishing from a boat, kayak, wadefishing, or from the shore.
Q. Do I get lifetime access? How do I access the material?

A. Yes. You get access to ALL of the Inshore Fishing 101 material for life.

As soon as you complete your order today, you'll receive an email with a custom link that takes you directly into the private online portal. Everything is in this private portal. And the best news is that you can access the portal from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone - anything with Internet access).
Q. Is this course 100% online?

A. Yes. When you sign up today, you will get instant access to everything in a private online portal.

One of the biggest reasons so many of our fishing students love the online only version is that unlike a DVD, the online version is interactive (so you can ask questions), PLUS you receive any all updates to the course for FREE!
Q. Are there any other charges or fees?

A. No. You only have to pay a one-time fee to get unlimited access for life. 

It's an amazing deal!
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