"Are You Making One Of These THREE GROUPER FISHING MISTAKES" While Bottom Fishing?
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Here's What One Of Your Fellow Offshore Angler's Recently Said About The Grouper Mastery Course
"Well done Salt Strong. You hit a home run with this course!!! I’ve been grouper fishing for 30 years and go out all the time with other guys that have been fishing that long or longer. At least 50% of what we are doing is either wrong or can be majorly improved upon based on watching this course. 

The fact that you took it far past just bait and equipment and included how to position the boat, trip planning, reading the bottom machine, identifying the right bottom for the right type of grouper species, etc. is pure gold. 

The bottom machine portion alone is worth every bit the price and I can tell you everyone I know does not use their bottom machine correctly including guides that I have chartered. Hubbard is a wealth of knowledge and has a great teaching style - even the most experienced angler will learn something from him. I can’t wait to use his tactics to catch more grouper. 

Thanks for taking the time to produce such a quality product. Anyone that fishes more than once a year for grouper would be a fool not to buy this course."

Josh K - Tampa, FL      
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