Want to maximize your potential to catch limits of fluke of fluke every time you go out...make memories with your family on the water...OUT-FISH your friends...and STOP getting skunked?
How Does A Regular Guy With A Computer Science Degree And Full-Time Job, Consistently OUTFISH Full-Time Guides, Catching Limits Of BIG Fluke On Nothing But Artificial Lures?
The Answer Will Shock And Delight You! It's An Amazingly Simple Approach Backed By Hours Of Underwater Footage Of How Fluke ACTUALLY Behave When A Lure Is Presented... Instantly Giving You Insider Secrets Of How It's Possible To Catch Doormat Fluke While Others Are Catching Shorts... And Guaranteeing You'll Be In The Right Spot At The Right Time For These Delicious Fish. 

Plus... If You Don't Start Catching More Fluke Than You Are Now... These Secrets Are Yours For FREE!
Do You Think Catching Quality Fluke Is Easy?
    If not, John Skinner wants to help you... right here, today...

    The chances are good that you've come across John Skinners fluke work... regardless if it's one of his flounder YouTube videos (that start getting shared the minute he releases them), one of his books (yes, he's a top-selling fishing author), or one of his interviews, John is recognized as one of the country's top fluke experts.

    And he's been proving his fluke (aka summer flounder) expertise for many years, using a simple approach that has allowed him to take all of the guesswork out of how these fish behave...and catapulting him into ranks of the top fluke fishermen in the world.

    No longer is he blowing money on lures or bait that aren't proven to catch loads of fluke...

    And no longer is he wasting time fishing in areas that aren't guaranteed to hold hungry fish...

    Instead of listening to the so-called "professionals" who claim to be fluke experts...

    John went right to the source...
    He filmed fluke in their natural habitat to study their precise feeding behaviors in any situation...
    He filmed actual fluke in their natural habitat when they are presented with lures, live bait, and every possible fluke rig you could imagine...

    He studied their biology and feeding tendencies like a scientist...

    In fact, he has studied hundreds upon hundreds of hours of underwater video of fluke reacting to everything you can imagine...

    And the craziest thing?

    The fluke do NOT behave the way many of the "professionals" said they behave...
    For Years Anglers Have Been Begging Him To Share Everything He Knows In A Step-By-Step, Comprehensive Course. 

    John Skinner has been catching fluke for 30+ years. 

    He literally wrote the book on catching flounder—he's the author of Fishing For Summer Flounder, A Season on the Edge, and Fishing the Bucktail.

    8 years ago he started his YouTube channel, "John Skinner Fishing," which is the most popular fluke channel in the world.

    His YouTube channel is so famous not only because of his incredible underwater fishing videos, but because his tactics work.

    His underwater videos have allowed him to split test different baits and lures against each other, test different jigging methods, and even test when to set the hook (which might surprise you!).

    For years people have been begging him to share all of his knowledge in one comprehensive, interactive course.

    It's a ton of work putting together all of this information, plus John doesn't want the whole world knowing exactly where he's fishing and how he's coming home with a limit of fluke every night.

    But, after years of knowing John, we've finally convinced him to share his best tips and tactics to help you catch more fluke.

    To help you be the one coming home with limits of fluke.

    To help you stop wasting time on the water not catching fish.

    To help you be the guy with the phone full of fluke pictures.

    And to help you take your family out on the water and make memories with a day full of catching fluke. 
    Finally, John Is Sharing All Of His Best-Kept Tactics, Tips And Secrets To Catching Fluke Fast (Even If You Don't Have A Fancy Boat).
    In This Exclusive Online Video And Text-Based Fluke Masterclass, You'll Learn...
    •  How to find hungry fluke fast...without wasting gas or your time on the water.
    •  The best lure to get even the smartest (and biggest) fluke to strike (this is backed by video footage testing different lures against each other!).
    •  The biggest mistake fluke anglers make (which causes them to miss out on loads of fish!).
    •  Exactly how fast you should be drifting (and how to plan your trip so you stay in this "sweet spot") so you present your bait at the perfect speed to catch more fluke. (Drifting too fast or too slow can ensure you don't bring any fluke home.)
    •  How and when to set the hook (this simple tactic is something that nearly everyone gets wrong!) so you can bring more fish to the boat.
    •  The correct way to work your rod tip to maximize strikes...and why it drives fluke nuts (backed with video evidence).
    •  When to replace your baits (so that you're not wasting your time with a dud bait).
    •  The one rig you need for monster fluke...and which ones to avoid.
    •  How to maximize your time in the "feeding zones"...even if you don't have a fancy boat!
    •  How to find feeding fluke fast...so you can catch dinner even if you only have an hour to fish!
    •  How to avoid gut-hooking a fish, so you never kill a fish you don't plan on eating.
    •  PLUS...how to make sure you have the cleanest, tastiest, whitest filets for the dinner table (the whole family will thank you!).
    All of these secrets (and lots more) revealed to you INSTANTLY... just for testing out Fluke Mastery today... so you can start catching more fluke like these (on your very next fishing trip)...
    And this...
    And this...
    And this...
    And this...
    Introducing The ONLY ONLINE Fishing Course That Guarantees You'll Catch More Fluke Faster Than You Ever Imagined.
    Why Fluke Mastery Will Change Your Fluke Fishing Game Forever
    1.  Make memories on the water with your family and friends like you never thought possible. 
    •  No more feeling bad about bringing the family along because you know they'll be bored (now, instead, you might worry that they'll get tired of catching fish!)
    •  No more pictures of sunsets (and pictures of your kids with monster fluke instead!)
    2. You'll have more FUN on the water because you'll be a CONFIDENT angler.
    •  No more wondering, "Are there even any fluke here?" (John will help you identify the best fluke spots in your area!).
    •  No more frantically changing rigs every 5 minutes because you're not sure what the fluke are biting today (you'll know the best rigs for fluke, backed by video evidence).
    •  No more frustrating rides home with an empty cooler, trying to figure out why you didn't catch fish.
    3. You'll stop chasing shiny new lures and trying new fluke catching techniques...and only use what is proven to work!
    •  You'll actually save money because of this course just because you'll simplify the lures you use and stop buying every new lure you see advertised!
    •  No more trying different jigging and retrieving techniques every drop, wondering which will work, and trying to keep track of what you were doing when you do get a bite.
    •  No more aimlessly wandering through the tackle aisle of your favorite sporting goods store, not knowing exactly what catches fluke, and buying too many lures that don't work.
    4. Stop getting skunked and start outfishing your friends!
    •  These simple techniques can mean the difference between getting skunked, or catching a limit of fluke...or when everyone is catching 4-5 pounders, you're catching 7-8 pounders.
    •  Stop gut-hooking fish (so you can save the lives of fluke that you aren't keeping), and get your bait back in the water quickly to catch another one.
    •  Use your bottom machine to find unmarked honey holes full of fluke!
    What Secrets Does John Share In This course?
    1. Learn the same fish finding techniques the pros use.

    2. Know how to predict when and where the fluke will be feeding so you can maximize your time by only fishing those areas at those times.

    3. Discover the best rig for deep water...this can be the difference between a full cooler or chicken for dinner!

    4. How to outfish your friends just by working your rod tip the right way (and watch them jealousy glare at your doubled-over rod).

    5. Discover how the pros set up their drift through an area to get more strikes.

    6. How to quickly assess an area to see whether or not it's worth fishing (and learn the only time when you should leave fish for more fish) to maximize your time on the water.

    7. Learn to catch flounder from a kayak or shore, so you can bring home a cooler full of fish without a fancy boat.

    8. Find the the perfect drift speed "sweet spot" and catch more fluke by not drifting too fast or slow (and how to adjust your drift speed if necessary).

    9. Know what to do when you don't have a full day but you want to catch a bunch of keeper-sized fluke fast.

    10. How to handle double-headers (two fish on one jig happens when using these techniques!) so you don't lose them both!

    11. Know the best type of bottom fluke like to feed on, so you don't waste time in dead-zones.

    12. Have a game plan for nearshore of offshore trips, so no matter what happens you can catch fish and have more FUN.

    13. How to avoid beginner mistakes (like scoping out) and increase your hookup ratio.

    14. Learn this sneaky trick to ethically spy on other people's honey holes (perfect for if you’ve never fished an area before!).

    15. How to overcome catching "interference fish" like sea robins and use it to your advantage to catch more fluke.

    16. Why John never uses squid (even though fluke love it!) and what he uses instead to catch limits of fluke.

    17. The big game-changer to get the perfect drift every time and catch more fluke (something people in the south have been using for years but is just making it's way up north).
    Plus, There's A Never Before Seen Bonus Video...
    For years people have been asking John, "How do you get such amazing underwater footage?"

    Since nobody else has underwater videos that even come close to his, he has refused to share his tips because it gives him a leg up on the competition.

    But since we know people really want to learn how he does it, we presented to him an idea:

    "What if you shared those tips with just the first 300 people who bought the course?"

    This would allow him to keep his secrets to just a few people, AND give the people what they want.

    And guess what?

    He AGREED!

    For the first 300 people who buy this course, John will share:
    •  8 years of video mistakes in one video
    •  How he used to film underwater, and what he does now (this has greatly increased the quality of footage he captures and the amount of strikes he gets while filming)
    •  How you can use underwater video to better understand your favorite species
    •  The exact type of camera he uses and how he rigs it to minimize the chances of losing it on the bottom or to a fish (losing an expensive camera is a little different than losing a $5 jig!)
    •  How to position the camera and jig to maximize the amount fish striking footage
    •  How to stabilize the camera so you get steady footage
    •  His special setup to catching a side angle of strikes (using materials [including the camera!] that you probably already have lying around at home...)
    Here's Everything You Get Today (Instantly)
    • THE FLUKE MASTERY VIDEO MASTERCLASS - 2+ hours of never before seen fluke training from John Skinner ($197 Value)
    •  Fluke Spots Cheat Sheet eBook ($57 Value)
    • Fluke Lures Cheat Sheet eBook ($57 Value)
    •  Live Bait For Fluke Cheat Sheet eBook ($57 Value)
    •  Fluke Rigging Cheat Sheet eBook ($57 Value)
    •  Fluke Jigging Techniques Cheat Sheet eBook ($57 Value)
    •  Fluke Drifting Cheat Sheet eBook  ($57 Value)
    Plus These FREE BONUSES (If You Act Today):
    •  John Skinner's "Underwater Fish Filming Secrets" (8 Years Of Fish Catching Experience In One Video To Learn More About Your Favorite Fish)
    •  16 audio files (2+ Hours of raw "Never Before Seen or Heard"  best fluke tips from John Skinner in .mp3 audio format)
    •  INTERACTIVE Course: Ask questions and get answers directly from John Skinner himself (PRICELESS)
    Total Value: $539
    You Get It ALL Today For Only:
    (That's over 90% OFF!)
    Your Special Offer (TODAY)
    365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    We are so confident that you will be 100% THRILLED with Fluke Mastery that we have an unheard of 365-day money-back guarantee on the course.

    That gives you an entire year to go through the content, put it to the test, and make sure you are catching more flounder than ever before.

    In other words, we've taken all of the risk off of you and put it on us to make sure you are 100% THRILLED with everything.

    Plus, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, PDFs, e-Books, videos, etc without every having to pay again.

    Don't miss out on this special deal!

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    Q. What if I'm brand new to fishing? Will this course still work for me?

    A. Yes and no. John covers some pretty advanced fluke tactics (tactics that he's tested and refined for over 30 years), and many times throughout this course he's made assumptions that everyone investing in this course would have some fishing experience.

    However, if you are able to follow directions and apply these strategies, you will learn to quickly catch fluke.
    Q. Who is teaching this course?

    John Skinner, author of multiple books about fishing for fluke and striped bass, Surf Fishing Columnist and former Editor-in-Chief of Nor’east Saltwater Magazine.

    He is also the creator of the "John Skinner Fishing" YouTube channel, which is the leading YouTube channels on fluke fishing. He has hours of fluke catching tips and tactics, as well as underwater video of fluke behavior and strikes.
    Q. Is there really a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee? How do I get my money back if it doesn't work for me?

    A. Yes. We treat you exactly how we wish other companies treated us...

    If you aren't 100% THRILLED (for any reason) anytime in the first 365 days, you can simply email us or call us and get a full (and prompt) refund with no questions asked.

    We've taken all of the risk off of you and put it on to make sure this is an amazing investment for you.

    Q. Will this course help me in my area?

    A. In this course John teaches trends and behavior of fluke that range from Florida to Massachusetts. If you fish in these areas, then it can help you catch more fluke.
    Q. Will this fluke course help me catch more fluke if I don't a boat?

    A. Yes. Even thought this course was designed for boaters, John goes over tactics to help you can catch fluke from shore or a kayak.
    Q. Do I get lifetime access? How do I access the material?

    A. Yes. You get access to ALL of the Flounder Mastery material for life.

    As soon as you complete your order today, you'll receive an email with a custom link that takes you directly into the private online portal. Everything (videos, e-Books, downloads, etc) are in this private portal. And the best news is that you can access the portal from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone - anything with Internet access).
    Q. Is this course 100% online?

    A. Yes. When you sign up today, you will get instant access to everything in a private online portal (and you can save and print off all eBooks, cheat sheets, PDFs, etc.)

    One of the biggest reasons so many of our fishing students love the online only version is that unlike a DVD, the online version is interactive (so you can ask questions), PLUS you receive any all updates to the course for FREE!
    Q. What exactly is in the course?

    A. Several hours of video where John shares all of his fluke secrets. One ultimate flounder mastery e-book over 140 pages long (broken out by state). 6 different ebook cheat sheets (breaking down everything you need to catch fluke like how to find spots, the perfect lure, and the best jigging techniques). And an exclusive video sharing how he is able to catch stunning underwater footage to learn more about fluke, and how you can too.
    Q. Are there any other charges or fees?

    A. No. You only have to pay a one-time fee to get unlimited access for life. 

    It's an amazing deal!
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