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Here Are The SEVEN Different Step-by-Step Fishing Knot Guides You Will Receive Today:
  •  Knot Guide #1 - Best Braid to Leader Knot (Stronger Leader Than Braid): FG Knot 
  •  Knot Guide #2 - Best Braid To Leader Knot (Lighter Leader To Braid): 6-Turn Surgeon Knot
  •  Knot Guide #3 - Best Leader to Lure (Loop Knot): Non-Slip Loop
  •  Knot Guide #4 - Best Leader to Lure (Snug Knot): Uni knot
  •  Knot Guide #5 - Best Braid to Braid Knot: Improved Double Uni
  •  Knot Guide #6 - Best Mono/Fluoro to Leader Knot: Salt Strong knot
  •  Knot Guide #7 - Best Braid to Swivel Knot: Uni Knot - Improved for Braid
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