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  • Unlimited Access To All Of The Regional Fishing Reports & Private Fishing Club Community (Including App) - ($397 Value)New fishing reports, exact fishing spots, and trends revealed every week
  • Trend Analyzer Tool ($297 Value) - Helps you analyze the best spots in your area so you can find productive spots fast!
  • Product Discounts ($100 Value) Deep discounts on popular rods, reels, lures, and tackle (from big brands)
  • Finding Spots Mastery Course ($297 Value) - You'll receive our most popular online training course revealing the ninja tricks the pros use to find new spots quicker than you ever imagined!
  • Positioning & Approach Mastery Course ($135 Value) - You'll get instant access to the popular positioning & approach course so that you know exactly how to position your boat or kayak in every situation (helping you catch fish like the PROS)
  • Two Free Waterproof Salt Strong Decals - We'll send you 2 free decals (including free shipping) just for posting your first fish catch in the online community
Here's What The Salt Strong Fishing Club Will Do For You:
  •  You'll discover new inshore fishing SPOTS & TRENDS every single week so that you'll always know exactly where the fish are, what they are hitting at any given time throughout the year, and the latest tactics to catch them... helping you AVOID the Dead Zones...
  •  PLUS you'll be able to find similar spots in your own backyard so you can start out-fishing all of your friends after you see exactly how inshore fishing PROS find all of their best honey holes. Think of it like a fishing show that not only shows you exactly where all of their best spots were, but also shows you how they found them, where they found the fish, and exactly what the fish were biting.
  •  You'll receive our very best inshore fishing tips reserved only for Insiders (so that you can take your game to a new level and start out-fishing your friends). If you think our free tips on Salt Strong are good, wait until you see how much better of an angler you become after watching our Insider tips. You'll receive 3-4 new exclusive tips every single week of the year. These tips are from pros such as Capt. C.A. Richardson (from FlatsClass TV), Capt. Peter Deeks, Peter Miller from Bass2Billfish, and other top experts and TV pros).
  •  You'll get instant access to see our unfiltered reviews on popular fishing products (so that you can know which fishing products you can avoid spending your money on).
  •  Amazing DISCOUNTS: You'll receive discounts on popular fishing gear such as rods, reels, line, lures, and Salt Strong apparel
  •  Tight-Knit Interactive Fishing Community: You'll receive instant access to the private Insider community (Regardless if you are logged into our private online Insider community on the Salt Strong site or the completely exclusive Insider only Facebook group, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can get an answer to your fishing questions, to get advice on a new area to fish, or even to meet up with a fellow Insider for a day of fishing).
  •  Free Access To Private Salt Strong Insider Mobile App (on iTunes and Google Play)
  •  365 Day Risk-Free Trial (You have a full 365 days to get in, enjoy the membership benefits, and make sure it's an awesome fit for you) 
Are You Ready?
  •  Are you ready to start catching more redfish, trout, black drum, snook, tarpon, and flounder over the next 12 months than you ever have before in your life?
  •  Are you ready to take your fishing game up a level?
  •  Are you ready to start OUT-FISHING all of your friends?
  •  Are you ready to start saving time and money when it comes to fishing?
  •  Are you ready to start catching more fish in less time (even if you don't own a boat)?
  •  Are you ready to start predicting EXACTLY where the feeding fish will be every time you hit the water?
  •  Are you ready to know the TRENDS of feeding fish (so you can PREDICT the feeding zones quicker than ever before)?
  •  And are you ready to catch inshore fish YEAR-ROUND regardless of the temperature, tides, wind, or moon?
Want More Proof This Fishing Club Is Amazing?
Here's What A Few Other Members Are Saying About The Club

Q: How often do I receive new fishing reports?

We publish new fishing reports DAILY!

And they come in three different forms (so you get tons of amazing intel on what's working)

1) On the water fishing reports from Salt Strong Team Members every week (literally showing you their spots, where the fish were biting, where the bait was, what was working, what wasn't working, etc)

2) Regional fishing reports from full-time pros and charter captains (letting you know what's working for different species in your area every week)

3) Daily fishing reports from the community (anglers helping anglers) where fellow Salt Strong Fishing Club members are sharing what they are catching, what lures and bait they are using, what area they are in, etc all in our private app that you can access right from your phone!

Q. Will this work for me? Are there fishing reports in my area?

We have a WIDE assortment of members who all get benefit from this club.

Some join for the trends and spots, some join for the exclusive tips, some join for the discounts, some join because of the amazing and positive fishing community, and some join simply to support the movement we are causing in the fishing community.

Inside the club you'll find everyone from newbies to weekend warriors to full-time fishing guides.

The best news is that even though we have fishing reports coming in from all over the country, the main focus is on TRENDS... understanding WHY fish move and feed during certain times of the year, certain tides, and certain weather patterns.

Once you know that (which is what we help teach you), the same knowledge applies regardless of where you fish.

It's the same reason we have anglers from Florida who are able to travel to places like North Carolina or Texas and replicate the results... all because they know the TRENDS and what to look for.
Q. What's the ideal skill level for the Salt Strong fishing club?

We haven't really found an "ideal" skill level... the club is for anyone who wants to become more consistent and confident when it comes to fishing.

Sometimes it's a weekend warrior who is trying to get good enough to enter his or her first fishing tournament.

Sometimes it's even a full-time guide who wants to get better at catching fish using artificial lures.

And sometimes it's a mom or dad just wanting to get better so they can create more memorable experiences with their kids.

If you are willing to learn, we're willing to help you get there.

Q: Do I need a boat?

We've got members who fish in everything from 6-figure inshore boats to kayaks to  paddle boards wading boots (and even some 7-figure sport fishing boats).

Our main focus is on TRENDS that you can apply anywhere.

Of course, boats do help in terms of covering more territory, but definitely not a pre-requisite.

One other nice thing is that many of our members share rides and do local meet-ups. It's really a great place to meet like-minded anglers.

Q: Why is the free trial 7 days?

Candidly speaking, we've tried 40 day trials, 30 day trials, 14 day trials, and 7 day trials...

Would you like to know what we discovered?

That regardless of the free trial time frame, most new members only took part in the community and really started taking advantage of the benefits, watching the exclusive tips, checking out the trends, and being a part of the family for the last 7 days (I know, shocking that someone would procrastinate until the last minute...)

So we decided why not just make it 7 so all new members jump right in and start seeing value from day 1!
Q: How is the cost so low? $97 per year only comes to $1.87 per week or $.27 per day. That's a steal!

Yes, our main mission here at Salt Strong is to help and impact as many fishermen as we can. 

We're fortunate enough that we now have so many members where can use the leverage of the group to hire the best pros, create the best content, get amazing discounts, all while making it affordable for pretty much anyone who fishes.

Q: Are there any other charges for the club? 

Nope. There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES or extra fees when you join the Salt Strong Fishing Club.

If you decide to pay upfront for the year (which most fishermen do), then your dues are covered for the next 12 months. 

Of course, if you select the monthly option, then you will continue to be charged each month.

Do note that we offer you discounts and amazing offers throughout the year on certain fishing gear, apparel, courses, and tackle but you are never obligated to invest in anything.

Q: Is this club primarily for inshore or offshore anglers? 

The club started off for inshore fishermen (because it was easier to show spots and trends for inshore fishing than offshore), but it has evolved to help ALL anglers, regardless if you are fishing from shore, a pier, a beach, a grass flat, from a kayak, boat, or 75 miles off shore.

Our ultimate goal is to have all of our members be "Complete Anglers" where they feel confident catching fish anywhere they go.

Q: Are there many freshwater fishermen in the club

The club initially attracted mostly saltwater fishermen, but we now have members in almost every single state (and quite a few out of the country)

As we stated above, our ultimate goal is to have all of our members be "Complete Anglers" where they feel confident catching fish anywhere they go.

Q: Is there really a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee? 


Either you see results and feel like you are getting tremendous value or you don't pay.

No questions asked. No haggling.

Even if it's day 364 with 23 hours and 58 minutes.

Simply send us an email to and we'll refund your money immediately.

That's how CONFIDENT we are that you will absolutely love this fishing club.

Tight lines and hope to see you inside!

We'd love to hear from you!

Phone: (855)888-6494

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