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Amazing Fishing Secret Discovered By Pencil-Thin Fisherman That Will Have You Out-Fishing All Of Your Friends... Almost OVERNIGHT!
Now you can finally know exactly how to use your natural ability to load every cast with 200% more explosive power almost overnight, reaching the fish your friends are missing, casting it farther than you've ever dreamed of... while landing your baits exactly where you want them, as accurate as clockwork... 

And if you are like most fishermen, having one of your best days on the water the very next time you fish. 


Not if you believe what full-time fishing guides are now saying...
Dear Fellow Fisherman,

If you ever wanted to outfish your friends, to make explosive, perfect, and masterful casts with your spinning rod, to reach the trophy fish that have no idea you are there... to cast like the pros, all while using less effort than ever before... then this will be one of the most important messages you ever read when it comes to fishing.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Joe Simonds, and until very recently I was your basic "inconsistent weekend warrior" angler. 

As a competitive person by nature, I had a love/hate relationship with fishing - some days I'd be catching inshore grand slams (redfish, snook, trout, flounder), even flirting with the idea of entering fishing tournaments... while the next day on the water I would get completely SKUNKED... my fishing game just disappeared... like a mirage...

I promise you that there were days where I considering just selling all of my fishing equipment and never casting another lure, shrimp, or live bait out there for the rest of my life.

I mean, doesn't the inconsistently drive you nuts some days? 

It sure does for me.

You see, I had absolutely no consistency in my fishing game at all (even after regularly fishing for 20+ years). There was just no way to tell how the day was going to go. 

And it certainly wasn't for a lack of trying, either - I've easily dropped countless thousands of dollars buying everything the "pros" said I needed in the fishing TV shows and the fishing magazines... 

Does this sound familiar?

If only you had this new rod, reel, and lure, you would always catch fish...

Yeah right.
Fortunately, I Am The Kind Of Guy Who Hates Losing So I Started Seeking Answers From Fishermen Who Were Much Better Than Me...
That's what got me talking to my younger brother Luke (a pencil-thin fisherman who was known around town as "The Fish Whisperer"... he always had an uncanny way of catching fish year-round).

At the time that Luke shared his fishing secrets with me, he was still a weekend warrior... working a full-time job in a cubicle... fishing the weekends.

But he's now taken these skills to compete (and win money) in tournaments, and today, Luke get's paid to fish (and to teach other fishermen) full time.

And my talk with Luke was coincidentally when my own fishing game instantly changed forever...

In just a few short weeks after listening to Luke's advice...
  •  I was reaching redfish, snook, and trout that used to be out of my casting rage because I had infused my cast with so much new power that I was consistently getting my lure 15-20 feet farther than I ever had before (not having to risk getting closer and spooking the fish). And you should have seen the look on my buddies faces when I started outcasting them as they struggled to get their lures in the feeding zone.
  •  I saw a 110% improvement in my hook-up ratios (where my old style of fishing was inconsistent at best, I was going out and getting strikes pretty much every single time I hit the water).
  •  Plus - incredibly...
I Was Covering An Extra Football Field Of The Absolute Best Feeding Zone Territory Every Single Hour I Was Out On The Water!

Because with Luke's help, I was reaching an extra 10-15 feet with every single cast (with no extra effort by the way)...

That meant my bait was getting in front of an extra football field of potential hungry fish every 25-30 casts (about every hour while fishing with artificial lures).

And that extra 300 feet is the absolute best territory because it's the farthest distance between you and the fish!

Just imagine how many more strikes you would get if you covered an extra football field every hour (and all 300 of those feet were in the feeding zone where the fish are)!

Well, I'm here to tell you, all it takes is a few tweaks with your cast... (and the best news is you don't have to go out and buy all new gear).

Speaking of casting, can you guess what the answer was when we asked full-time fishing guides what the #1 reason anglers missed fish on their boat was?

Yep. You guessed it.


And not just for newbies either. 

The guides that even experienced anglers like me and you who have been fishing our entire lives were making critical mistakes when it came to our casting...

And it makes sense, right? 

The full-time guides know where the fish are... so they are without a doubt getting their clients on the fish, yet the clients are blowing countless chances at hook-ups because they either can't cast far enough or accurate enough to get the bait in the feeding zone (without spooking the fish).

Don't think for a second you aren't included in this category...


Because countless fishing pros confirmed that...
Casting Is The #1 KILLER When It Comes To Missed Fish (Yet It Hardly Gets Any Attention Because There's No Money To Be Made By The Tackle Manufactures Who Control All Of The Marketing And Advertising...)
If you think about it for a second, it kind of makes sense...

We all know deep down that the BIG PROBLEM with catching fish consistently certainly isn't the bait, lure, or equipment... 

Yet, if you watch a fishing show or read through any fishing magazine, all you see are ads for tackle, reels, boats, kayaks, rods, lures, hooks, cast nets, etc...

Are those things imporant?


BUT... they're not that imporant if you can't make soild casts.


Because what really separates the inconsistent from the consistent fisherman are the small details (like precision casting, NOT some magical lure that doesn't exist).

It's why almost every pro admits that casting can be the most critical skill you can work on (the one with the biggest impact in your fishing game for the rest of your life).

Yet, it's one of the least talked about fishing tactics because most anglers (including me for many years) mistakenly believe they already know how to cast well.

Had Luke not shared his casting techniques and the importance of getting that extra 10-15 feet with me, I'm guessing I'd still be the frustrated, inconsistent angler I used to be...

For me personally, going from inconsistent and frustrated to fearless and confident all from one change in my cast almost felt magical.

But it's not magic at all!

You see, what I learned from my brother Luke had almost nothing to do with me... and everything to do with the amazing and powerful cast he'd developed over the years.

He calls it "The Dart Method," and he got the idea from watching a guy throwing bullseye after bullseye with a dart in a bar one night.

Let me explain.

When you discover the simple tricks to cast farther than you ever imagined (with less effort), you will start to notice that your fluid cast is very similar to a skilled dart thrower.

There is almost zero body movement, you let the rod do all of the work, everything is compact and simplified, and you hit your target with precision almost every time...

Ensuring that you reach more fish, cover more feeding zones, and hook-up more often than an average caster...
It's How My Pencil-Thin Brother Had A HUGE ADVANTAGE Over Fishermen Who Were Twice His Size!
And it just makes sense...

He or she who gets their bait in front of the most fish catches the most fish.


The farther away you can reach a fish, the better your chances of catching it (without spooking or alerting it to your presence).

So you might be wondering, "How can a simple cast do all this for you? 


It's because this cast I want to show you...
Uses Your Natural Ability To "LOAD" Your Rod With Enough Precision Torque To Launch Every Cast While Keeping It Exact And "On Line"... Even As You're Friends Are Wondering How You Are Out-Casting Them By 10-20 Feet Every Single Cast!
Which in turn, helps you catch more fish.

Anyway, there's a good reason I'm telling you all of this.

You see, for years the only way to learn this amazing lock and load "Dart Method" was to be on a boat with Luke and hope he would teach it to you...

And getting on a boat with Luke privately never came cheap (if you were lucky enough to fish with him at all).

But last year, something happened that finally convinced my brother to share his casting secrets with you...
He Caught A Snook From A 3rd Floor Balcony And The Video Went Viral!
If you happened to see the guy catching a snook from a 3rd-floor balcony (with an amazing 100ft left-handed cast), that was my brother, Luke.

And as that video started reaching millions and millions of people, Luke kept getting hit up with requests to reveal how he could make such an amazing cast like that.

At first, he was reluctant because he had worked years perfecting his "Dart Method" cast... but he also knew that by sharing it with select fishermen, he could be changing their fishing game for the rest of their life...

Which is our entire mission here at Salt Strong...

So Luke agreed to reveal EVERYTHING, and he recorded every one of his best tips in an online course called...
Casting Mastery
It's Luke's entire casting blueprint so you can start casting longer, more accurately, and with less effort (so you can start reaching and catching more fish than you ever imagined).
And here's just a taste of what you'll discover when you invest in this risk-free online course today:
  •  How to cover an EXTRA FOOTBALL FIELD of distance every 25-30 casts. Just imagine how many more fish and feeding zones you will cover in your next fishing trip when you can cast an extra 10+ feet every single cast!
  •  The "Dart Method": Discover Luke's "Load & Shoot" Dart Method and watch your casts explode in distance!
  •  Casting Mechanics: You'll discover exactly how to use your rod like a lever so that you will be able to cast farther than ever (with much less effort).
  •  Maximizing Accuracy: You will learn the techniques that fishing pros like Luke and Capt. CA Richardson use to get the most out of every cast (even in bad conditions).
  •  Distance Control: You'll learn how to dial it in for perfect shorter casts when you need to (so that you can catch fish at any distance).
  •  Casting In The Wind: Want to know the trick to getting a bait out farther in the wind? We'll show you exactly how it's done inside the course.
  •  How To Skip Cast Like A Pro: You will discover the exact method Luke uses to skip baits under any type of structure so that you can get more strikes around structure.
  •  Rod Selection For Longer Casts: You'll learn exactly what kind of rod and what rod length you really need (and which ones you can ignore). 
  •  Full Access To The Course For Life: You'll be able to log-in and watch the course from any device or computer for life.
Free Bonuses (If You Act Today)
Here are just some of the free bonus videos you'll receive when you invest in this Casting Mastery Course today...
  •  Pro casting tips from Capt. C.A. Richardson (spinning reel tips)
  •  Pro casting tips from Capt. C.A. Richardson (baitcasting reel tips)
  •  The trick to clearing line twists in your reel
  •  How to pick the perfect rod for any situation
  •  Best fishing knots for every situation
Get Instant Access Today For Just $1.00!

That's no typo.

Just $1.00 to get instant access to the full casting course right now.

Why such an amazing deal?

Because when Luke finally agreed to reveal all of his best casting secrets, he agreed under the following criteria:
  •  That we only charge $1.00 (the minimum our credit card merchant account will let us go) so as many serious anglers can get in and see their fishing game transformed with as little risk as possible (only pay more it works for you).
  •  That you have a FULL 30 days to go through the entire course and bonuses, try it all out, and be 100% sure it works for you (and that you are casting a minimum of 10 extra feet every cast)
  • Then, and only then (after the 30 days - assuming you are absolutely thrilled with the contents of the course) do you pay the full amount ($57)
  •  If for any reason, you don't think this course is amazing, then simply email us at fish@saltstrong.com and you won't be charged another penny.
In other words, you only pay the full amount if it personally works for you like it did for me.

Isn't that an awesome deal!

I know I would have paid thousands of dollars for this valuable information because it's a valuable skill I'll be able to use the rest of my life.

So to recap:

You only pay if you are THRILLED.

And you have a full 30 days to put the entire course to the test for only $1.00!

If it works, keep it.

If it doesn't work, email us at fish@saltstrong.com and we'll make sure you aren't charged at the 30-day mark.

But first, you might be wondering...
Who Is This Online Course A Fit For?
Regardless if you are trying to go pro, trying to start competing in tournaments, or just trying to get a little more distance on your casts, knowing exactly how to cast as far (and as accurate) is CRITICAL to your fishing game.

This course was designed for anyone (at any age) who wants to get more out of every single cast.

If you've ever spooked a fish because you came in too close (so you could get within your current casting range), then YOU NEED THIS COURSE.

Finally, if getting an extra 10 feet (or more) on every cast for the rest of your life is something you value, then you owe it yourself to invest in this course.

On the other hand, if you don't put any value on a long and accurate cast, this course isn't for you... save your money and let someone else learn the secrets to longer and more accurate casts...

Here's the ideal person who's invested in this casting course so far:
  •  Fishermen who use spinning reels (in the 2500 - 4000 reel series range)
  •  Fishermen who value their time
  •  Live bait fishermen
  •  Artificial lure fishermen
  •  Fishermen who want to catch more fish in less time
  •  Fishermen who are competitive
Here’s What Other Fishermen Are Saying:

Justin A. - Largo, Florida

"Never have I been so excited to just get out there and cast after going through this casting course. I now realize that all the problems I’ve been having with spinning gear are due to being self-taught and having bad form – like trying to make a long cast and having to pick up extra line."

Sean A. - Daphne, Alabama

Great course. I am teaching my 11 yo son and your instruction is making me a better educator. Thank you so much for doing a great job, guys.
Your Risk-Free Trial Certificate
Yes! I want to experience casting farther than ever before, reaching fish I never thought I could reach without moving in closer, and catching more fish than I ever imagined.

Please give me INSTANT ACCESS the 100 percent Risk-Free Casting Mastery Course now.

I understand that I only have to invest a mere $1.00 today to see the full course. I also understand that I have a full 30 days to try the course with absolutely ZERO RISK. 

At the end of my 30-day trial, if I am THRILLED with Casting Mastery and want to continue to have access to it, only at that time (and not a moment sooner) will I be billed the remaining balance of my order.

If Casting Mastery isn't EVERYTHING you've promised... or I'm not satisfied for any reason at all, I can simply email fish@saltstrong.com and I won't be billed one cent. One hundred percent of the risk is on your shoulders, not mine.
Unheard Of 365-Day 
100% Money Back Guarantee

YES... you are backed by a DOUBLE guarantee!

On TOP of the 30-day guarantee for just $1.00, you will be able cast AN EXTRA 10 feet (or more) after going through this course or you don't pay a penny (anytime in the first 365 days).

Our goal is to help you reach more fish, to start out-casting and impressing all of your friends, and to be able to sneak up on fish much easier by having super-long casts from farther away.

So if you aren't 100% THRILLED with the course for any reason in the first 365 days, simply email fish@saltstrong.com for a full refund.

No questions asked.

You only pay if it works for you.

What Are You Waiting For?
Take the $1.00 Casting Challenge Today!
P.S: If you want to take your fishing game up a notch... if you want to start WOW-ing your fishing buddies, and if you want to get your bait in front of "football fields" more fish every fishing trip, then you owe it to yourself to invest in this risk-free casting course.
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