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Video #1: Finding Trout Spots
Video #2: #1 Best Trout Lure
Video #3: Fishing New Spots
Video #4: Winter Trout Tactics
Winter Trout Tactics
Introducing The TROUT MASTERY Online Fishing Course
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Here's What You Get Today
  • C.A.'s Entire Speckled Trout Online Fishing Course Blueprint: You get to look over C.A.'s shoulder to see exactly how he pre-plans his trips to target trout, what lures he uses, when he uses each one, how he uses them to attract trout strikes, and the best times, tides, and conditions to catch consistent speckled trout for each season of the year.
  •  Over 50 Detailed Videos (Plus 20 Bonus Videos): Each video contains one tip (or big idea) and we've kept them all between 3 and 10 minutes so you can watch them on your lunch break and never be overwhelmed with too many ideas in a single video.
  • Interactive Course: You'll get instant access to ask C.A. questions, to chat with the community, and to watch the course evolve as C.A. goes out in the field to record answers to your questions. It's like having your own professional fishing coach in your back pocket.
  •  Free Bonuses: If you invest in yourself today, you'll get some free bonuses that C.A. has put together specifically for buyers of this course! In fact, it's over 20 videos that have never been seen before!
  •  Watch It Anywhere: You have unlimited access to the course from desktop, laptop, tablet, phone (or anything with Internet access).
  •  Unlimited LIFETIME Access: Once you are in, you never pay again for the life of the product (even as we add videos and raise the price).
  •  100% Money-Back Guarantee: You are backed by our solid 365-day "catch more trout or it's free" guarantee so you never risk a penny. You only pay if you catch more fish so you have nothing to lose.
The Trout Mastery Course (Outline)
  •  Welcome & Big Idea (1 Video)
  •  Module #1: Know Your Adversary (8 Videos) - An in-depth look at the habits, biology, and feeding patterns of speckled trout from Texas up to the Carolinas
  • Module #2: Finding Feeding Trout Year-Round: Seasonal Movements (9 Videos) - How to find feeding trout year-round based on weather, water temp, and more
  • Module #3: Tides & The Impact On Feeding Trout (8 Videos) - How to use the tides to your advantage to find trout feeding zones
  •  Module #4: Best Trout Tackle & Rigs (16 Videos) - Discover which lures and rigs C.A. uses in every situation to maximize trout strikes
  •  Module #5: How To Cast & Retrieve Like A Pro (9 Videos) - You'll get to see first-hand (both on the water and underneath the water) how C.A. retrieves each lure for certain depths and situations to attract more strikes
  • BONUS #1: How To Consistently Find & Catch Gator Trout (4 Videos) - Get C.A.'s 4-part video series on his best Gator Trout secrets. Filmed exclusively for owner's of this Trout Mastery course (never been seen before).
  •  Bonus #2: How To Position Yourself For More Hookups (4 Videos) - Another never before seen 4-part video series on how to position your boat, kayak, paddle board, or wading boots in the right place
  •  Bonus #3: Trout On Demand (TOD) (1 Video) -  Want to explode your chances of getting trout on demand (like if you are taking your kid out or a boss or business partner and just want to make sure everyone gets a fish), then you are going to love this Trout on Demand bonus video. Worth the price of the course by itself.
  •  Bonus #4: Texas Specific Trout Tips (1 Video)
  •  Bonus #5: Louisiana Specific Trout Tips (1 Video)
  •  Bonus #6: Georgia & The Carolinas Specific Trout Tips (1 Video)
  •  Bonus #7: Alabama & Mississippi Specific Trout Tips (1 Video)
  •  Bonus #8: "The CA Method" Pre-trip Planning To Find Feeding Zones (4 Videos) - Another never before seen 4-part video series where CA shows you which apps he uses to pre-plan, how he looks for spots online, and other tips the pros use to maximize their time on the water.
Catch More Trout Or It's FREE!
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: When C.A. agreed to reveal all of his very best tips (many which he's never shared publically or privately) all in one course, he also agreed that it would come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't see tremendous value and if you aren't THRILLED with the content and the free bonuses inside of the course, then you don't pay. Period.
  •  Risk-Free For A Full 365 Days: Yes, you actually get a full year (365 days) to test out the course, make sure you love it and make sure you are catching more trout than you ever have before. If at any time you aren't satisfied, simply send an email to for a full, no questions asked refund.
  • Price Lock: Once you invest in yourself and buy the course today, you'll never be charged another penny and you'll even get all of the new videos we add to the course for the life of the product (without ever paying again).
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