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You're About To Discover The Secret To Effortlessly Catching Live Bait Quicker Than Everyone In Your Area... Year Round... From The Pro Fisherman Who Has Coached Numerous Inshore Anglers To Landing World Record Fish Using Live Bait...
From: Joe Simonds
Co-founder, Salt Strong

Dear Friend,

Were you aware that there are three live bait secrets among professional guides, charter captains, and tournament fishermen?


Three bait catching secrets that no weekend warrior ever learns on their own...

Would you like to see them?

Well, the great news is that these three bait catching secrets are incredibly simple to master (once they have been revealed to you)...

And they INSTANTLY allow you to start loading up your livewell with the absolute best baits for any given day... the same baits the pros use to win tournaments and put their customers on personal best fish...

Ultimately, allowing you to start bagging more trophy fish than you've ever caught (no matter if you are inshore fishing, offshore fishing, or bottom fishing).

Which means you will, on your very next fishing trip:
  •  Find the perfect live bait without having to waste a ton of time (and gas)...
  •  Know instantly if you are in a live bait feeding zone or dead zone (and what spot to hit next if you find yourself in a dead zone)...
  •  You'll be able to add new live baits to your arsenal that you normally pass over (this secret alone could mean the difference between you catching your new personal best fish and getting skunked)
  •  Put you instantly in the right area for the best live bait for every season, species, and depth
  •  You'll know exactly where to find baits such as mullet, pinfish, pilchards, and whitebait for any given day (just like the full-time fishing guides)
  •  You'll be able to load up your bait traps just like the pros do
  •  You'll even be armed with bait shop insider secrets many of the guides use to get the freshest bait before the weekend warriors do...
  •  Ultimately, adding more (and BIGGER) fish to your cooler... 
  •  All while saving a TON of money on gas and equipment (by not having to spend hours looking for bait or wasting your money on stuff you don't need)
The best part is, you don't really need a heavy 12-foot cast net or a fancy boat with countless livewells...

In fact, you most likely don't even need as much bait as you think you do (and you certainly will be shocked to see how close to the ramp you can find ideal bait)....

All you need... is to know what these three secrets to catching live bait are.

What's sad is that many live bait fishermen waste their money on the WRONG things...

You've seen them...

Top of the line super-heavy cast nets that are overkill for the bait they are targeting, mega-nice boat with numerous live wells, and the most expensive rods, reels, and tackle that money can buy... the works.

But those types of fishermen rarely ever catch fish like you think they do...

In fact, most of these "flashy fishermen" end up frustrated and incredibly inconsistent. 


Other guys have to head out to at least a dozen spots just to fill up their live well...

While some find themselves with just one or two baits after hours of searching... only to end up frustrated and missing the best time of the day to fish...

Or even WORSE... not finding any bait all morning and having to head back to the marina to buy shrimp (with their head held low...)

Well guess what?

It all really boils down to just three bait finding secrets...

When you finally learn the THREE REAL SECRETS of blending live bait biology and pro-level live bait catching skills...
You Can Start Catching LIVE BAIT  
As Quick As The Fishing Guides!
And you really don't need all the fancy stuff.

Best of all...
It's FAST & EASY... Once You Know These 3 Insider Short-Cut Secrets!
Here's the deal: 

You might have heard of Capt. Peter Deeks before... 

He has racked up over 30 FIRST PLACE tournament wins, has been featured on popular fishing TV shows countless times, and he's also guided clients to numerous IGFA World Records for redfish, snook, and trout... including the current All-Tackle Length Spotted Seatrout (pic below).

It's safe to say that Peter has been one of the most sought-after "secret weapons" for trophy inshore fish for many years now.

Even the LEGENDS like Bill Dance hire him out when they want to catch trophy redfish, snook, speckled trout, black drum, and tarpon.

In fact, Peter is known in many circles as...
The Captain The LEGENDS Hire When They Want To Catch The TROPHY Fish Of Their Life...
Bill Dance getting some guidance from Peter out on the water
One of many trophy snook Bill Dance caught with Peter as his guide.
A big Gator Trout Bill landed with Peter as his guide.
Bill Dance and his personal best snook that he caught while fishing with Capt. Peter Deeks 
(one of the only mounted fish in Bill Dance's personal office)
And they come to Peter despite the fact that he NEVER advertises his services. 

It's all word-of-mouth... one person and one pro whispering to another.

Why do legends like Bill Dance flock to Peter?
Because He Knows The THREE SECRETS To Consistently Catching The BEST LIVE BAIT... All Year Long.
And he uses those secrets to do things like this... 
This is the IGFA World Record Trout (length) that was caught on Peter's boat
Capt. Peter Deeks and a happy customer doubling up on two bull reds they caught using live bait
One of Peter's happy clients with a stud Gator Trout
Another one of Peter's happy customers with a nice redfish
Capt. Peter Deeks all smiles with this monster speckled trout
The truth is... most fishermen are incredibly inconsistent when it comes to catching live bait.

They burn through countless gallons of gas, waste tons of time and money on equipment they don't use properly, and they come back home frustrated and empty-handed...

On the other hand, Peter has proven time and time again that he can flat out catch the livliest bait fish every single day... over 300 days per year... even under all the stress of high-stakes tournaments where thousands of dollars are on the line.

How does he do it?

Well, professionals like Peter do something DIFFERENT than you do out on the water when looking for live bait.

While many amateurs and weekend warriors run-and-gun to their favorite bait spot hoping and praying that the bait is there (passing right over hidden honey holes for the best live bait - not to mention, burning more gas than they need to), pros like Peter already have a full live well and are plucking off trophy fish while you blow by in search of bait...

Yep, once you know exactly what to look for (based on the biology of the bait fish combined with the temperatures and water flow), you'll never look at live bait the same way again.

That's what seperates the professionals from the amateurs...

To be able to PREDICT where the schooling bait will be every time you hit the water...

And to know...
  •  Secret #1 - How To Quickly Find Schools Of Bait Fish Year Round (Even During Bad Fronts And Windy Days)
  • Secret #2 - How To Predict Which Bait Will Be Best For Any Target Species (And Where They Will Most Likely Be For Every Season)...
  • Secret #3 - Exactly What Net Or Bait Catching Tackle To Use For Every Bait Species, For Any Given Day... At Any Given Depth... In Any Given Area...
The bad news is that Peter has never shared all of his bait catching secrets (the tactics he has used to fill his live well 300+ days of the year) with anyone...
Until Today...
YES...  that's right... you can have instant access to ALL of his best bait catching tactics and secrets... today!

Let me explain.

When Peter finally agreed to reveal his best-kept live bait SECRETS... we were PUMPED!

Not only that, he agreed to let us film him catching every type of bait imaginable (from pinfish to whitebait to mullet), but he walks you through exactly which baits are best for every season and every given situation.

He even goes into a bait shop and we film him sharing the bait shop secrets that only the full-time guides know (so you can get the freshest bait while the others get the leftovers).

And he is finally ready to reavel the tactics behind these three bait catching secrets...

The same dirty little secrets that will change your live bait game forever... 
And Do It Literally Overnight!
If I could just explain it all to you, I would right here.

But you have to SEE these three secrets in action to truly "get" them.

So we went out and filmed for a full three days...

Capturing every single tip, tactic, shortcut, and secret to filling up a live well...

And then we spent a full month breaking down the countless hours of tips down into an entire "interactive" online course with Capt. Deeks  that reveals everything... literally everything... that you need to know about catching live bait (faster than ever before).
Here's the deal:

It will take you a few hours to watch the entire course, and every tip is broken down into it's own video so that you can quickly absorb each tactic (while having the ability to go back and reference it whenever you need to... instantly).

Once you've gone through it just once, you will know these "dirty little secrets" that allow the full-time professionals to catch bait so quickly and effortlessly.

And you will be able to do the same exact thing yourself, the very next trip you take.

It really is that simple.

Your live bait game will be changed forever... just like that.

Here are just a few things you will discover in this Bait Catching Mastery Online Course.
  •  How to find the best baits in your area for each season (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall)
  •  How to catch Mullet (and the ideal conditions to find them)
  •  How to catch Pinfish
  •  How to catch Pilchards
  •  How to catch Pogies
  •  How to catch Threadfins
  •  How to catch Pigfish
  •  How to catch Croakers
  •  How to PREDICT where the bait will be schooling in any given situation. 
  •  The ONE thing you must know about temperature changes and live bait.
  •  The best live bait to target world record fish.
  •  The EXACT nets, sibiki rigs, and other bait catching equipment you must have (and which equiptment you should avoid)
  •  Everything you need to know about BAITS... from netting them like the pros, choosing the right size bait based on what fish you want to target... choosing the spot... and more.
  •  How to keep your bait alive longer.
  •  How to find bottom baits like pogies and pinfish both inshore and offshore (this could be the difference between you having the best bait for the day or just having second-rate bait).
  •  How to get the absolute best bait from a bait shop (these bait shop secrets are the ones that weekend warriors don't know about).
  •  How to quickly know if bait is in the area (and what to do if you don't see this ONE thing)...
  •  And much, much, more...
  •  This is your ONLY CHANCE to get all of Capt. Peter Deeks best kept bait catching secrets so you can start catching MORE fish than you ever imagined...
Like this...
And this...
And this...
And this...
And this...
As I mentioned earlier... this is the first time in Peter's career that he's putting all his best live bait catching strategies, tactics, shortcuts, and secrets into one easy to understand and interactive online course.

Trust me, many professional fishermen simply do not want him to share these bait catching secrets with you or anyone else.


Because these are the exact same bait tactics Peter uses to consistently put his private clients on the biggest fish of their lives (and even win money in tournaments)

So you might be wondering...
Why Is Peter Finally Sharing These Secrets?
He believes it's time to share his best kept secrets with every serious fisherman who will take the time to learn it the right way.

He feels like it's finally his turn to give back and share his knowledge like many pros before him have done once they reach a certain level.

It's his way of "giving back" to the fishing community that has treated him so well over the years.

And don't be intimidated by the fact these are pro-level tactics.

The bottom line is, you can learn these bait catching secret skills and techniques almost immediately...
  •  Even if you've never thrown a cast net before... (and you certainly don't need a 12-footer)...
  •  No matter what your current skill level is (in fact, it's almost better if you're a newbie or weekend warrior, because you won't have to un-learn any of your bad bait habits)...
  •   No matter if you fish on the east coast or the Gulf of Mexico!
  •  And even if you've never used live bait in your life!
It's astonishingly easy... these bait catching secrets are simple to "get"... and, best of all...
You Can See Everything 
For FREE If You Choose!
Here's the deal:

You probably already know our policy here at Salt Strong has always been NO RISK, with a complete, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee of your satisfaction.

If you are not happy for any reason (or for NO reason at all), just email us at fish@saltstrong.com and you'll get a prompt, cheerful refund.

Any time in the first 365 days!

Yep, a FULL YEAR to go through the course and make sure it's transforming your fishing game before you are locked in.

It's the only way we want to do business...

It's the way I wish other companies treated ME.

No risk.

No nonsense.

Either you get tremendous value and catch more fish or you don't pay...

How Much Does It Cost?
Well, it's important you know that Capt. Deeks would charge you upwards of $2,500 for a single day if you wanted a private lesson where he would teach you his best bait catching tips for the day.

That' no typo...


And you don't get a recording of it, either.

You either remember it or you don't...

And even though that may seem like a crazy amount of money for one day of fishing, it's not all that crazy when you consider the 20+ years of bait catching knowledge that you instantly gain (that could help you save countless hours of finding bait and even win money in a tournament).

But we don't want to charge you that kind of money for this (even though many of you lucky enough to get the course will agree it's worth it).

So no, you don't have to pay $2,500...

You don't even have to pay $1,000...

You don't even have to pay $500... 

In fact, you don't even have to pay $250...
You'll Get Instant Access To The Entire Bait Catching Blueprint For Less Than A Single Tank Of Gas!
Because TODAY ONLY, you can get instant access to his ENTIRE Bait Catching Mastery Course for just $147!

Only $147!

That's a massive discount compared to hiring Peter out for a day (or 3 days like we did to film this course).

Better yet, you get LIFETIME access to this incredibly valuable information (with no other fees or charges - even if we add in new tips).

But you have to act now.

The crazy-low price for this never-before-seen courses won't be around long! (a fraction of what Peter would charge you if you wanted to hire him for a single day to learn just some of the secrets contained in this course).

And you can pay using your credit card or PayPal.

Click below now.
As soon as you click the button on the order form, you will have INSTANT ACCESS.

And remember, you do not risk a penny by ordering now.


Because you are covered by our super-generous...
365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
Here's how it works:

Order the course right now.

Watch it, use it, put it to the test on the water, treat it as your own.

If you are not completely blown away by what you've learned, then anytime in the first 365 days (plenty of time to check out everything for yourself on the water)... then I INSIST you send us an email at fish@saltstrong and get a fast refund for the full amount of your purchase price.

No questions.

No hassles, either.

We've been in the fishing education business for over three years now (and helped THOUSANDS of fisherman catch more fish in less time).

We guard our reputation like a bulldog guards his home.

If you're not happy, we're not happy.

And if you want to speak to use in person, call our toll-free number here (855)888-6494.

We'd love to help answer any questions you might have.

You must order right away, however.

This is the FIRST TIME in the history of live bait fishing that anyone has tried to share this type of insider information like this.

It's a risk for Peter -- if he catches too much "heat" for revealing his secrets, he risks ticking off some of the other tournament pros.

Therefore, Peter has placed a strict number of courses that can be sold in this launch.

So don't delay!

Click below NOW to get instant access while it's still on your mind.
Remember -- you do not risk a penny.

If you decide to return the course for a fast refund within your 1-year (365 day) "check it out" period, you will have seen ALL of Peter's secrets for FREE!

That's how confident I am of Peter's course.

I think you are going to flip when you see everything that you discover.

I think it's going to change your fishing game, for life... almost overnight.

Listen, you've probably spent a small fortune on tackle, rods, reels, cast nets, boats, gas, and other equipment already.

Why not invest just a few dollars more for the insider secrets of how to catch live bait that will skyrocket your enjoyment of the sport you love so much... and help you OUTFISH all of your friends.

This is how you become the HERO... the go-to angler everyone is talking about and respects.

Simple. Easy. Change your fishing game literally overnight.

Invest in the course now.

Don't miss out.

And start shaving off tons of time so you can catch more trophy fish just like the pro's.

Tight Lines!

Joe Simonds
P.S. - I almost forgot -- We've got some bonus videos for you as well (if you act today).

They are yours for FREE... just for trying out the course (but you have to order today).

Here are the free bonus videos you will receive when you invest in this course today:
  • BONUS VIDEO #1 - Catching bait on Demand - Spring 
  •  BONUS VIDEO #2 - Catching bait on Demand - Summer
  •  BONUS VIDEO #3 - Catching bait on Demand - Fall
  •  BONUS VIDEO #4 - Catching bait on Demand - Winter
  •  BONUS VIDEO #5 - Finding and Catching bait at night
  •  BONUS VIDEO #6 - How to catch good bait at boat ramps
  •  BONUS VIDEO #7 - The Hermit crab bait secret
  •  BONUS VIDEO #8 - How to keep baits overnight like a pro
  •  BONUS VIDEO #9 - How to aerate portable livewells so your bait lasts even longer
  •  BONUS VIDEO #10 - Keeping baits alive while wade fishing/shore fishing
  •  BONUS VIDEO #11 - How to keep baits alive on a boat like a charter captain
Q: What exactly is Bait Catching Mastery?

A: Bait Catching Mastery is a brand-new (never before seen) video-based course that reveals all of the best secrets to finding live bait FAST (like the full-time tournament pros and fishing guides do). 

It takes around 3 hours to go through the entire online course and you can watch it from any device (computer, tablet, phone). 

The course covers how to catch all different types of live bait (all year long) from pinfish, mullet, white bait, pogies, shrimp, crabs, threadfins, croakers, and more.
Q: What is the cost of Bait Catching Mastery?

A: Bait Catching Mastery is $147 (for lifetime access - no other fees)
Q: Who is Bait Catching Mastery a fit for?

A: Bait Catching Mastery is for ANY serious angler who wants to become more consistent at finding (and catching) live bait quick.

From newbies to weekend warriors to even full-time fishing guides who are looking to save time and money, the lessons and secrets in this course will help YOU.
Q: Do I need to buy a ton of new gear and nets for this?

A: No. The entire mission of this course is to SIMPLIFY your fishing game (and save you money). We show you exactly what you need (and what to avoid) so that you don't have any wasted money on gear or nets.
Q: How long do I get access to the course?

A: When you invest in Bait Catching Mastery, you'll get LIFETIME access to the entire course (and any bonus material).

The best news is that the course is interactive (so you can ask questions to Capt. Deeks and receive quick responses), PLUS you'll also get all updates to the online course for free.

You'll never have to pay another penny for any of it either.
Q: What states do these tips apply in?

A: We created Bait Catching Mastery with the following states in mind (that have all of the same type of baits that we show you how to target):

South Carolina
North Carolina
Q: What if Bait Catching Mastery doesn't work for me?

A: No worries! You are fully protected by our unheard of 365-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Either you are THRILLED with your results from what you learned in the course or you don't pay. Period.

To get a full refund, simply email us at fish@saltstrong.com or call toll-free (855)888-6494 and talk to a live representative for a full refund.
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