Salt Strong Insider Club Presents...
The Redfish Spots & Slam Tournament 


Here Are The Prizes!

1st Place - Salt Strong Redfish Championship Belt

Most Redfish Spots On Any Single Side Of ONE Fish

FREE DECAL - For Any Member Who Catches A Documented Inshore Slam In A Single Day

Here Are The Rules!
  • All fish must be caught and posted in the community in the month of August
  • ​Only fish pictures with the token clearly shown in the picture will count for the tournament
  • ​Unlimited amount of fish pictures "catches" you can submit
  • ​Image(s) must be submitted as a fishing report in the Insider Community to count for the tournament
  • ​Inshore slams (either redfish, snook, and trout or redfish, flounder, and trout) must be caught in a single 24 hour day to quality for the slam sticker
  • ​One slam decal per member - however, a member can win both decals if they caught both slams in the month
  • ​The championship belt will go to the member with the most spots on any ONE side of a single redfish.
Here's The Tournament Token

(click the image to get a printable version)

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