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10 DEADLY Redfish Mistakes That No Fishing Pro Would Dare Tell You...

Catching redfish on every trip isn't easy... until now.

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"10 Deadly Redfish Mistakes That No Fishing Pro Would Dare Tell You"

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  • The $10,000 satellite view that’s so crystal clear it’s borderline unfair for finding redfish. (see chapter 1)
  • How pro anglers get an extra football field of casting distance every two hours. NOTE: fishing guides said THIS is the #1 mistake they see recreational anglers making. (see chapter 2)
  • Without Knowing This Oyster Bar Hack, You’ll Always Be Struggling To Find Redfish. (see chapter 3)
  • ​ONE BIRD is almost guaranteed to show you exactly where feeding redfish will be! (see chapter 4)
  • How These 3 Lures Can Out-Fish Live Bait For Redfish. (see chapter 5)
  • The PERFECT Tide & Moon Phase For Redfish! (see chapter 6)
  • ​How To Instantly See Every Ledge & Pothole With This New Underwater Sonar Technology. (see chapter 7)
  • ​This Is The Most Powerful Tool That Full-Time Guides Use To Find Fish - and how you can tap into it for free. (see chapter 8)
  • You’ll NEVER use Google Maps for pre-trip planning your fishing trips again... once you see this! (see chapter 9)
  • The Most Common REDFISH TACKLE MISTAKE... that causes more missed redfish than you can imagine! (see chapter 10)
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